How to replace wine wine yeast

How to replace wine wine yeast

For millennia, for the glory of wine, odes are laid down, hymns are sung, and songs are sung and deified. Everyone is able to find in wine what he is looking for. If you're lucky, there is truth. And if you're not lucky - a medium sized green snake.

Friend and Interlocutor

Wine as an alcoholic beverage is a fermented grape juice. From a legal point of view, the term “wine” can be attributed solely to the product of grapes.

What is industrial, that home winemaking does not exist without the use of yeast. In the production of wine used spores of mushrooms, causing the so-called alcoholic fermentation. In the process of reproduction, the yeast decomposes the sugars contained in the starting material into alcohols and carbon dioxide.

Wort will never become a noble drink if yeast mushrooms do not do their job. The quality of the wine produced depends on the following factors:

  • on the type of microorganisms used in production;
  • on the quality of the wort;
  • from exact adherence to manufacturing technology.

Artificial wine yeast is sold as a dry powder. They are the stimulators of continuous fermentation, reliable, give a predictable result.

The Secret of Dionysus

The juice of ripe grapes contains all the components necessary for fermentation. These are water, sugars, yeast, enzymes, mineral salts. Since yeast spores are everywhere, when harvesting berries, we also harvest certain types of microorganisms. They, highlighting the ethers, give the wine a distinctive taste and indescribable aroma. Opponents of artificial yeast use wine sourdough. Raspberries or raisins are best for making them, but grapes, currants, black chokeberry, figs and dried fruits are also used.

To prepare the leaven, prepared mashed fruit is poured with water at the rate of a glass of berries into a glass of water, add 3 tablespoons of sugar and send to ferment in a warm place for a few days. For dried fruits use sugar syrup. The finished product is filtered and added to the wort at the rate of 30 ml per liter.

Perhaps the spontaneous fermentation of grape sugars. But to obtain high-quality wine, this process must be regulated. Adding sugar and other nutritional supplements replenishes their natural deficiency in juice and stimulates fermentation. With the same purpose, water is added to reduce acidity.

It is necessary to determine the type of drink that you want to receive. Under conditions of moderately sweet wort, as well as the exhaustion of sugar reserves, the fermentation process will stop, the resulting wine can be classified as dry.

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