Tofu Cheese: Benefit and Harm

Tofu Cheese: Benefit and Harm

In the middle of the last century, a completely new product of Chinese origin - tofu cheese - hit the shelves of our country's stores. The unusual dish at first caused restrained interest, because there was very little information about it. But over time, the cheese began to enjoy good demand and moved from the category of "strange" delicacies to the category of vegetarian and dietary products.

Origin, caloric content, composition

Tofu cheese (cottage cheese) is made from curdled soy bean milk. This is one of the most common foods in a number of Asian countries, as well as Japan and China. In appearance, tofu resembles soft pressed cottage cheese. His taste is neutral - this is one of the reasons for his popularity in cooking. The calorie content of soy cheese is very low - no more than 76 kcal per 100 g. product.

In small white pieces there is a large amount of vegetable protein and no cholesterol at all. Tofu is a source of readily absorbable calcium, B vitamins and vitamin C. It also contains: iron, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, sodium, potassium and manganese. Cheese is rich in amino acids, beneficial microelements.

Who can use tofu?

The composition of tofu allows you to completely eliminate meat from the diet, without experiencing a shortage of necessary substances. That is why vegetarians buy it especially often. Tofu cheese is a very good alternative to natural dairy products. For people who are allergic to milk of animal origin, it will become an indispensable dish.

There is very little fat in tofu: everyone who wants to lose weight can freely eat it. Cheese is easily absorbed by the body, saturating the cells with nutrients and not causing a feeling of overeating. This quality of products is especially valuable for those who play sports for keeping fit. To such people tofu cheese makes it possible to diversify the menu without harming the results of hard workouts.

Diabetics use tofu helps to correct carbohydrate metabolism, and the elderly - to balance the diet and get all the necessary substances without overloading the gastrointestinal tract. Tofu has a beneficial effect on skin, teeth, nails and hair. Many experts recommend eating this cheese for women with menopause, as it alleviates their condition.

Harm of tofu cheese and contraindications for consumption

Soy products, including soy cheese, should not be eaten by persons with metabolic disorders of uric acid. It is not recommended to use tofu to adolescents, because soy provokes a hormonal surge and can lead to very serious health problems. For the same reason, it is contraindicated for women who want to become pregnant and nursing mothers.

As much as you would like to try an unusual cheese - better refrain if you are allergic to legumes. In some cases, allergies occur solely on soy cheese. Excessive consumption of tofu can lead to inhibition processes in brain cells, and also cause severe intestinal upset.

A separate topic is tofu from genetically modified soy. Opinions diverge here: some say that this product is completely harmless, others just the opposite. In any case, while the question remains open, it is better not to buy GMO soy tofu cheese.

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