How to replace Greek yogurt

How to replace Greek yogurt

Compliance with the principles of good nutrition is the key to good health and good health. Dairy products - a necessary component of a healthy diet of a person of any age. They are produced from whole milk and its derivatives by ripening with the help of lactic acid bacteria or yeast. Such products are well absorbed due to the special structure of the protein, normalize the work of the organs of internal secretion, possess antiviral properties. The lactic acid content inhibits the growth of putrefactive bacteria, contributing to the complete digestion of food, and organic fatty acids stimulate the intestinal motor function.

The consequence of ripening whole milk is the increased content of vitamins of group B, magnesium salts, calcium, phosphorus

Dairy products - a find for those who can not tolerate whole milk. The presence of specific bacteria makes possible the breakdown of lactose and complex milk sugars.

Our guest from sunny Greece

Greek yogurt is considered to be part of the Mediterranean cuisine known all over the world and is traditionally made from sheep's milk. A feature of the recipe is to remove excess serum when filtering through a paper filter or cloth. The product is a cross between the usual yoghurt and soft cheese. On an industrial scale, its production is carried out by partial evaporation of water or the addition of milk powder. Production of filtered yogurt is relatively expensive, including due to the high demand for milk.

Greek yogurt is a source of indispensable protein, which determines its nutritional value. This is true for people experiencing heavy physical exertion. The body's need for protein increases significantly after diseases involving high fever.

The growing popularity of Greek yogurt is due to the low content of fats and carbohydrates due to filtration, as well as the successful marketing policy of some companies.

Filtered yogurt is used as the basis of traditional snacks, a wonderful addition to meat dishes. Adding honey or pieces of fruit will make such a yogurt a dessert, garlic and spices will be turned into spicy hot sauce.

Replacing it in cooking can be low-fat sour cream, plain yogurt, in some cases - kefir.

Recall that in the manufacture of yogurt is used lactic fermentation, and this causes its soft creamy taste. In the production of kefir, along with lactic fermentation, alcohol fermentation occurs with the release of carbon dioxide. This makes the finished product more liquid and increases the content of lactic acid.

Tear of a Vegetarian

For several reasons, fermented milk diet is not suitable for everyone. With increased acidity of gastric juice, the use of such products should be limited.

There is no complete substitute for animal protein and whole milk products. Proteins of plant products are absorbed worse than animal proteins. It is not difficult to explain: the cell walls in plant products consist of cellulose, which almost does not change under the action of digestive juices.

Milk replacers consider soybean, rice, almond milk and other types of similar products from vegetable raw materials. They contain vitamins and minerals necessary for humans and, of course, are useful, but they cannot compete with whole milk in terms of protein content and quality.

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