E450 stabilizer: effect on the body

E450 stabilizer: effect on the body

What is a stabilizer?

In the modern food industry, many additives are used that give the products the color, flavor and certain qualities that are necessary to preserve the presentation.

Stabilizers are inorganic compounds with which manufacturers can maintain a product structure for a long time. When using these substances, goods can be stored longer in a ready-to-eat form. The product does not become more slimy and viscous over time, so that it can stay on the store counter longer.

E450 stabilizer

This additive is obtained by the oxidation of sodium pyrophosphate solution. Hydrochloric acid is used as an oxidizing agent. As a result of this reaction, water is removed from the solution, and the resulting compound is able to retain moisture. E450 stabilizer can be found in canned meat, some dairy and cheese products, minced meat, juices, confectionery.

The properties of the stabilizer allow it to be used as a disinfecting and antioxidant agent.

Pyrophosphate E450 is present in the composition of many detergents, preparations for the destruction of insects and substances that prevent the ignition of combustible materials. It is used for the production of various paints and anti-corrosion compounds.

E450 Effects on the Body

The use of this compound in the food industry of the European Union and the United States has long been banned. In Russia, no one has introduced a ban on this preservative. Therefore, the E450 labeling can be seen on every second package of products offered in our markets.

Nevertheless, the regular use of this drug causes serious disruption to the human body. First of all, scientists have noted a serious imbalance of fluorine and calcium in the results of a survey of people who often eat foods containing E450 pyrophosphate. Exceeding the permissible amount of fluoride in the body leads to difficulties in the absorption of calcium. As a result, the concentration of fluoride in the blood increases, and undigested calcium is washed out of the body.

The lack of this mineral causes the appearance and development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The main is osteoporosis. Such a diagnosis is made to people whose bones become fragile, lose their strength and stability. The treatment of this disease is time consuming and difficult. The main doctor's prescriptions will be in proper nutrition, a strict diet, increased intake of vitamin D and calcium, and general physical exercises. Calcium deficiency affects not only the bone, but also the cardiovascular system. Thanks to this substance, rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the heart muscle occurs. Calcium is also necessary for the formation of insulin.

The constant use of foods containing E450 affects the appearance of cholesterol plaques in the lumen of blood vessels. Recent studies have shown that the stabilizer E450 is a carcinogenic substance, that is, contributes to the development of malignant tumors.

That is why physicians have developed recommendations, in accordance with which the maximum daily doses of pyrophosphates entering the body were determined. Thus, the maximum allowable consumption of E450 is 70 mg / kg per day.


Despite all the tolerances, the E450 stabilizer has been and remains an extremely dangerous chemical additive. Excessive use of this substance threatens with the emergence of serious diseases that will not be easy to cure.

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