Okroshka calories

Okroshka calories

Okroshka is one of the national dishes of Russian cuisine, cold soup. The word okroshka means “cut, chop”, so all the ingredients (potatoes, cucumber, sausage, etc.) are chopped and mixed with the base to taste (water, whey, kefir, beer, kvass), sometimes greens are added to the soup. This dish is perfect for both holidays and for everyday life.

Okroshka is especially relevant in the summer heat, when it replaces hot soups and borscht on our tables. In the warm season, the problem of harmony is actual for many people, so let's try to figure out what the calorie content of this popular and beloved by many people is. Okroshka from a standard set of ingredients contains about 60 calories, although the calorie content of a dish depends mainly on the ingredients included in it, and not on the selected dressing.

How many calories in okroshka per 100g

So, in kefir okroshka contains about 100 Kcalories, and 80 Kcalories in a water dish (in the recipe includes potatoes, sausage, sour cream, mayonnaise and egg), the calorie content of vegetable okroshka is only 34 Kcalories. Such a dish makes it easy and happy to lose a few pounds, not particularly starving. It is useful to know that in 100 g of traditional okroshka, kvass contains 2.7 g of proteins, 3.66 g of fats and 5, 34 carbohydrates. Cook okroshka, and you cleanse the body and treat it with vitamins, fiber and minerals. Better diet, perhaps, is not easy to find. You will not feel tired, dizzy, hungry. By changing the cooked sausage to the boiled chicken breast, you can significantly improve the beneficial properties of this soup, almost without losing the taste, chopped chicken breast will give the meat taste and flavor to the dish. For pouring traditional kvass base is considered, but other drinks are suitable as a dressing - for example, whey, ryazhenka, cabbage or cucumber pickle, meat or fish broth, kefir. Those who want to lose weight can dilute sour milk or kefir with carbonated mineral water. Popular cooking method, where instead of kefir use mineral water and sour cream, with the addition of mustard or vinegar. Some fill the dish with oxalic broth. In general, there are many options, the main thing is to cool the fill.

It is great to enjoy your favorite delicious dish and not worry about the extra kilocalories, there is at least them in this soup. Extra pounds will go without much suffering. In addition, this dish is practically not boring, and he has a great variety of variations. So do not stand in the heat of a hot stove - cook okroshka.

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