Squash caviar with mayonnaise - a taste familiar from childhood. The best recipes for squash caviar with mayonnaise

Squash caviar with mayonnaise - a taste familiar from childhood. The best recipes for squash caviar with mayonnaise

Zucchini is not only an affordable and cheap product, but also useful and low-calorie. Caviar from this vegetable is popular with everyone, both adults and children. We will reveal to you all the secrets of cooking natural and tasty zucchini caviar.

Squash caviar with mayonnaise - the basic principles of cooking

To make caviar useful and nutritious, you need to choose the right zucchini. Vegetable should not have dents and rotted spots. It is advisable to take young zucchini with soft, smooth skin and unformed seeds. If you use large zucchini for caviar, you will definitely need to remove the skin, cut and remove the core with seeds.

The remaining vegetables used for cooking caviar are cleaned and washed.

If instead of tomato paste, use fresh tomatoes, they need to remove the skin. It will be easy to do if you pre-douse them with boiling water.

Onions and carrots are twisted separately through a meat grinder, or crushed with a blender. Then, separately from each other, they are fried to ruddy.

Zucchini grind similarly and combine with roasted vegetables. The mixture is placed in a cauldron and put on a small fire. Cook, stirring regularly, for two hours.

Then add chopped fresh tomatoes or tomato paste, spices and pour in vegetable oil. Prepare another 20 minutes, pour in vinegar and, after three minutes, lay out on a sterile dry glass container.

Recipe 1. Squash caviar with mayonnaise


three kg zucchini;

ground black pepper;

half a pound of onion;


half a kilo of carrots;


a pack of mayonnaise;

dried basil;

sugar - 75 g;


salt - 30 g;

Table vinegar - 50 ml.

Method of preparation

Peel the onions, courgettes and carrots and rinse them. If the zucchini are large, cut them in half lengthwise and remove the core with the seeds. Peeled vegetables cut into not too large chunks. We twist the carrots and zucchini through a meat grinder and place in different bowls. Onion chop small pieces. Put the cast iron pan on the fire and heat the oil in it. Putting carrot and onion in it. Stew, without covering, for about eight minutes until soft. Stir regularly so as not to burn.

Zucchini grind through a meat grinder and put in a cauldron. Add to them fried vegetables and mix. To taste, salt and season with spices. Stir once again.

We send the cauldron to the stove and turn on the slow fire. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 60 minutes.

Now we add mayonnaise and sugar to the cauldron with caviar and pour table vinegar. Stir and cook another ten minutes. Remove from the stove and immediately interrupt with a hand blender until smooth. Re-send the cauldron to a low fire and boil again.

Wash glass container with soda, rinse and sterilize. Fold the hot squash caviar on the prepared container and cork with sterile caps using a sealing key. Turn and cool under a warm blanket.

Recipe 2. Squash caviar with mayonnaise and tomato paste


bay leaf - two pcs .;

three kg zucchini;

ground pepper - 3 g;

onions - 1/2 kilogram;

salt - 60 g;

a small pack of mayonnaise;

half a glass of sugar;

tomato paste - 250 g;

lean oil - 150 ml.

Method of preparation

Remove the peel from the washed courgettes and remove the seeds. Young vegetables can be left with the skin.

Free onions from the husk. Cut each onion into four pieces.

Grind vegetables using a blender, meat grinder or food processor.

Place the resulting vegetable mass in a cast iron pot. Put tomato paste and mayonnaise into it, pour in vegetable oil. Mix well.

Put the cauldron on the stove and turn on a small fire. Boil from the moment of boiling for 60 minutes. Do not forget to mix, so that the caviar is not burnt.

Now add spices, sugar, bay leaf and salt. Cook another hour. Then remove the bay leaf and spread hot in sterile glass containers. Roll up a special key with sterile caps. Leave overnight under the covers.

Recipe 3. Squash caviar with mayonnaise in Ukrainian


one squash;

kitchen salt;


ground pepper;

three slices of black bread;

apple vinegar;

mayonnaise - 50 g;

lean oil.

Method of preparation

Wash my zucchini and, without peeling, cook for 15 minutes until the skin is soft. We take out the vegetable from the boiling water and cool it. Remove the peel and cut along in half.

Between the halves of the zucchini we put the slices of black bread, after cutting off the crusts. We fold the halves and put it under oppression. As soon as the bread absorbs the moisture released from the zucchini, grind everything in a meat grinder together with the peeled onion.

Season the resulting mass with pepper, salt, put mayonnaise, pour in vegetable oil and apple vinegar. We mix, we shift in jar and we send in the refrigerator. Caviar in this recipe store not long and only in the cold.

Recipe 4. Squash caviar with mayonnaise and bell peppers


sweet Bulgarian pepper - eight pods;

three kilograms of zucchini;

ground black pepper;

a pound of carrots;

mayonnaise - 250 g;

1/2 kilogram of onions;

fine sugar - a glass;

refined oil - 150 ml;

salt - two tablespoons.

Method of preparation

Wash the zucchini. If you use small young zucchini, just cut them into small pieces. With large fruits, remove the peel and cut the core with the seeds.

Wash peeled onions and carrots.

Rinse the sweet pepper, remove the stem and clean the seeds.

All vegetables cut into small pieces and chop using a meat grinder, combine or blender. Place the vegetable mass in a cast iron cauldron. Pour in vegetable oil and add mayonnaise. Put on low heat and cook for 60 minutes. Stir to prevent caviar from burning.

Add salt, pepper and sugar to the vegetable mixture. Stir and boil for another hour. Package hot caviar in glass jars, pre-sterilized, and seal with boiled lids with a special key. Cool, leaving overnight under a warm blanket.

Recipe 5. Squash caviar with mayonnaise in a slow cooker


zucchini - one and a half kg;

1/2 stack vegetable oil;

onions - 250 g;


100 g of tomato paste and mayonnaise;

ground pepper;

30 grams of sugar fine.

Method of preparation

Wash and grind the peeled onions using a food processor or blender.

Put chopped onion into the container of the device. Season tomato paste with spices and salt, pour in vegetable oil. Stir.

Start the “quenching” program and cook for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Put the fried onions in a plate. Rinse the container and wipe with a towel.

Washed zucchini peel and cut the seeds. Cut the vegetable into small pieces and twist in a meat grinder. Put the squash into the container, add mayonnaise and mix. Cook for two hours in quenching mode.

About forty minutes before the end of cooking, add the onions, sauteed with tomato, to the squash mixture, mix and continue to simmer, closing the lid.

Wash glass containers with soda, rinse well and sterilize in a convenient way for you. Hot squash caviar in a prepared container and roll up sterile covers. Turn and cool under a warm cloth.

Recipe 6. Squash caviar with garlic mayonnaise


100 ml of refined oil;

three kilograms of zucchini;

ground black pepper;

an average pack of mayonnaise;

90 ml of table vinegar 9%;

garlic - 100 g;

salt - 60 g;

onion - 400 g;

sugar - half a glass;

Tomato Paste - Stack.

Method of preparation

Onions and garlic free from husk. Zucchini peeled. All vegetables are washed.

Grind vegetables with a blender or meat grinder. We place a vegetable mixture in a cast-iron cauldron and mix. We put on a small fire and cook for an hour. Constantly mix, so that the mass is not burnt. Add seasonings to the vegetable mixture according to the recipe and cook another half an hour.

Now put in a mixture of tomato paste and mayonnaise. Stir and cook another ten minutes. Pour in the vinegar and cook for three minutes.

Wash glass containers with baking soda, rinse and sterilize in the oven or above steam. Put the hot squash caviar in the dried jars and spin them tightly with sterile covers. We turn over, we cover with warm fabric and we leave for the night.

Squash caviar with mayonnaise - tips and tricks

Especially delicious caviar is obtained from young zucchini.

Mayonnaise for caviar is better to take 67%.

Add vinegar for a couple of minutes before the end of cooking. If you do not cook caviar for the winter, you can replace it with lemon juice.

Tomato paste can be replaced with fresh tomatoes.

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