French potato - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook potatoes in French.

French potato - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook potatoes in French.

Potatoes in French - general principles and methods of cooking

In pre-Columbian America, the Inca calendar was used. Do you know what method the aborigines used to measure daytime? In Peru, for example, they said that it would take as much time as required for boiling potatoes (approximately 1 hour - that is, the time required for cooking a potato dish). Today it is difficult to find a country in which potatoes are not considered a national product. Alone or as part of various dishes, it has reigned in European cuisines for several centuries.

But there is one dish that all “potato-eaters” recognize as truly French — potatoes baked with mayonnaise and cheese. French potatoes are cooked with mushrooms, vegetables, with or without meat, but the main additional ingredient is cheese. Dusted with grated cheese and baked in the oven, it is breathtakingly tasty, nourishing and appetizing. Ruddy crust creates a festive mood - it turns out a versatile side dish or a full dish.

French Potatoes - Food Preparation

For the basic recipe, quite a bit is required - peeled potatoes, cheese, mayonnaise and onions. This alone is enough to complete the dish. But you can enhance the taste and experiment as much as you want - approximately, as with pizza - only instead of dough for the base, sliced ​​potato circles are used. The main additional ingredient is meat. In some cases, you can get confused in the names: meat in French, or is it still potatoes?

In the case of minced meat, this question does not arise, as the potatoes are laid out on the bottom, and the output is roasted ruddy potato pieces and baked meat on top with cheese. Sometimes potatoes and meat are laid out in layers, with meat at the beginning, and potatoes in the middle. The top layer almost always remains the same - mayonnaise with grated cheese.

French Potatoes - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: French fries with pork

French potato - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook potatoes in French.

This recipe is suitable for those who do not want to eat roasted meat. Beat off the pieces so that they are well baked and remained tender, and “hide” them in the middle of the potatoes. The rest is as usual - on the brazier and in the oven. Ingredients: pork chops (300 grams), onions 1-2 pcs), a can of mayonnaise, hard cheese (200 grams), ground pepper, salt, oil for greasing the roaster.

Method of preparation

Peel potatoes and cut into thin pieces. Split the whole mass in half, grease the bottom of the form and put some of the potatoes. From above there is a layer of chops, then onions and again potatoes. Salt, pepper, sprinkle with herbs and rub cheese on top. All grease with mayonnaise and put in the oven - about 40 minutes. Baking temperature - 180 degrees.

Recipe 2: French fries with tomatoes

French potato - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook potatoes in French.

This festive dish can decorate the table and become the main “hot”. You will be rescued if suddenly a break - friends called and warned that they would arrive in half an hour. Prepare meat and potatoes urgently, fold them on a brazier - and in the oven. And themselves - to meet guests.

Ingredients: potatoes (5 large pieces), mayonnaise (200 grams), tomatoes (2 pieces), mustard, pork (500 grams), onion (200 grams), Dutch cheese (200 grams), water (1 cup), spices and seasonings. You can add to the ingredients and pickled cucumber - then the dish will get a slightly different taste.

Method of preparation

Beat off the meat and grease with mustard. We grease a form (do not forget about sides). Cut the onion into slices and place in the form, then lay out the meat, salt, pepper and season. Next - chopped tomato, cucumber, potatoes, slices and salt again. Pour sauce from above - mayonnaise, diluted with water (so that the dish is not too fat). Bake 45 minutes under the lid in the oven. Approximately 5-7 minutes before the end, sprinkle with cheese and remove the lid. Instead of pork, you can use beef, cut it into small pieces and beat it well, or better still, marinate in mayonnaise.

Recipe 3: French Potatoes with Apple

Try to choose for this dish a pink variety of potatoes, and you will see that it does not boil soft, it turns out tasty and beautiful. Another feature of the dish - it does not use mayonnaise. Mushrooms and so emit a lot of moisture, so mayonnaise will make it too fat. Simply pour the vegetable oil and pour a lot of cheese on top.

Ingredients: potatoes (0.5 kg), mushrooms (champignons, 10 pcs), apple (preferably green, 1 pc), hard cheese (200 grams), garlic, butter, olive oil, nutmeg walnut, salt, some greens. Method of preparation

We will clean the tubers of potatoes and cut them into even circles. Sprinkle with nutmeg, mix. Cut into thick mushrooms. Apple cut into 8 slices and remove the core, chop the garlic. We grease a baking sheet with butter and squeezed garlic, lay out the mixed products and pour some vegetable oil, it should envelop all the ingredients. Top sleep with cheese and put the form in the oven for half an hour. We bake at 180 degrees. Pour greens at the end of the finished dish.

Recipe 4: French potatoes with minced meat

Easy quick recipe that does not require much effort. It is quite possible to train young cooks. The potato, laid out from below, is well-browned, and a delicious crust appears on top. Prepare a delicious dinner and please your loved ones.

Ingredients: minced meat (half a kilogram), onions (250 grams), potatoes (1, 3 kg), mayonnaise, cheese (200 grams). Spices to taste.

Method of preparation

Slice the potatoes and spread on a greased baking sheet. You can close the gaps with small pieces so that there is no “uncovered” territory. Sprinkle with seasoning, salt. Peel the onions and chop finely, lay them on top of the potatoes. Mince salt and mix with spices, then lay it on the onion. If the stuffing is too thick, you can add some water. The last layers are mayonnaise and grated cheese. Preheat oven to 180 degrees and bake potatoes with minced meat for about 30 minutes.

French Potatoes - useful tips from experienced chefs

French potato is a very democratic dish. For example, not everyone perceives a large amount of mayonnaise - you can replace it with sour cream. Then you will have to add less water, but the dish will still be with an appetizing crust. Instead of hard cheese, you can use melted plates - for example, “Hochland” or “President”. For spicy lovers, sprinkle hot peppers and paprika on top. First, there will be a sharpness, and secondly, the dish will become multi-colored, and will bring even more good mood. Enjoy your meal!

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