Pork under a fur coat in the oven: with potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, pineapples. Cooking soft, juicy pork in a coat of different products

Pork under a fur coat in the oven: with potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, pineapples. Cooking soft, juicy pork in a coat of different products

Diversify your menu unusual, but such a tasty dish, like pork under a fur coat.

Gentle, soft meat under juicy vegetables, fragrant mushrooms and herbs, delicious crispy cheese crust - the dish is ideal for Sunday dinner and for a large festive table.

Pork under a fur coat in the oven - general principles of cooking

Cooking pork under a fur coat can be, cut the meat into small pieces, twist the meat into stuffing or, cutting the pork steaks, in the form of chops or schnitzel.

Prepared meat is usually placed in the oiled form, and already on top of the pork lay a fur coat - the other ingredients. Then everything at will is poured with creamy, sour cream, mayonnaise or mustard sauce and sprinkled with cheese chips.

• For baking under a fur coat, any part of pork is suitable, except for the one with bones. Take better fresh or chilled pork. Frozen product requires complete defrosting.

• If the meat is baked in pieces, then cut the pork better across the fibers. Large formations can be hammered. It is advisable to pre-marin large pieces by making cuts on them.

• As a fur coat, they use all kinds of vegetables: potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, onions, sweet peppers, and many others. As well as mushrooms, ham. They can be ground, finely or coarsely chopped.

• As a fill, you can take any favorite sauce. If you don’t want to mess around, just mix sour cream with water, herbs and spices.

• For sprinkling, it is better to use hard cheese of solid varieties. It can be grated or cut into thin slices.

1. Pork in a coat of potatoes and tomatoes under the cheese


• kilogram of pork;

• 250 grams of semi- or hard cheese;

• 3-4 potatoes;

• a couple of tomatoes;

• onion;

• garlic;

• mayonnaise;

• greenery;

• salt.


1. Rinse pork meat thoroughly, pat dry with paper towel, cut into slices. Use salt, pepper and other spices to taste. 2. Grate the potatoes on the coarse side of the grater.

3. Cut onions into rings.

4. Cut the tomatoes into slices. If the peel is thick, then it is better to pre-blanch the tomatoes: pour over boiling water, dip into cold water, remove the skin.

5. Grate hard cheese on a coarse grater.

6. Chop greens and garlic.

7. Grease a baking sheet. Put meat, onions, potatoes and tomatoes on it. Spread mayonnaise on top of the tomatoes (you can substitute another sauce to taste).

8. Meat with vegetables bake at a temperature of from 195 to 215 degrees for about 40-50 minutes.

9. 5-10 minutes before the end of the pork grease with crushed garlic, sprinkle with grated cheese, herbs.

2. Pork under a fur coat in the oven: a recipe with cabbage


• pork;

• bow;

• carrot;

• 600 - 700 grams of cabbage;

• 100 - 120 grams of hard cheese;

• mayonnaise.


1. At the very beginning engage in meat, vegetables and cheese. Onion cut into thin half-rings, pork - in small pieces, grate carrots and cheese, chop cabbage. All salt and pepper.

2. Grease the baking dish with a thin layer of butter. Put vegetables and meat layers on the bottom in the following order: pork, onion, carrot, shredded cabbage.

3. Sprinkle the top with grated cheese, brush with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

4. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for about 35-45 minutes. If necessary, cover the pork in a fur coat with foil and continue to tantalize so that all the ingredients are baked at the same time and nothing burnt.

3. Pork in vegetable coat in sour cream sauce


• 500 grams of pork pulp;

• 2 bulbs;

• 2-3 potatoes;

• 2-3 fresh tomatoes or tomato ketchup;

• a pair of garlic cloves;

• sour cream;

• salt, ground black pepper, spices;

• sunflower oil.


1. Cut the meat into slices the size of a palm and up to one centimeter thick, repel, salt and pepper, sprinkle with spices.

2. Brush the top with ketchup or put tomato circles on it. 3. Onion cut into thin half-rings and place on a tomato. Then add salt, pepper. Pork pour the low-fat sour cream.

4. Wash the potatoes, peel and grate on a coarse grater. Put it prepared on the meat. Re-salt, pepper and brush with sour cream.

5. Bake the meat for 45 minutes at a temperature of at least 180 and no more than 200 degrees (the exact temperature value depends on the power of the oven). In the end, it is allowed to add fire, because the “coat” should acquire a beautiful golden hue. To enhance the desired effect of its lubricated with sunflower oil.

6. If desired, pork under a fur coat can be sprinkled with a thin layer of cheese chips

4. Pork under a fur coat in the oven: a simple recipe


• pork chops;

• carrot;

• onion;

• 100 grams of milk;

• 100 grams of sour cream;

• salt;

• pepper;

• vegetable oil.


1. Pork rinse thoroughly and cut into small steaks. Beat off the meat on each side, salt and season.

2. Then fry the meat quickly, literally within two to three minutes, in a well-heated pan until golden brown.

3. Place roasted pork in a baking dish, pre-covered with foil.

4. Fry chopped onion and carrot, put on the meat.

5. Mix sour cream and milk. Pour meat with this mixture. Add salt, pepper.

6. Cover the form tightly with foil.

7. Chop pork under a carrot coat bake for about half an hour at a temperature of 200 degrees.

5. Pork in a mushroom coat under cheese and tomatoes


• 600 grams of pork neck;

• 200 grams of fresh or canned champignons;

• 300 grams of hard cheese;

• 3-4 tomatoes;

• salt and pepper to taste.


1. Cut the pork meat into slices, discard and place on a baking sheet. Season with salt and pepper.

2. On the meat, lay out sliced ​​mushrooms, sliced ​​tomatoes.

3. Pork with mushrooms and tomatoes, sprinkle with grated cheese.

4. Bake the dish in the oven, preheated to 190 degrees, for half an hour.

6. Unusual recipe: pork under a fur coat in the oven with pineapples


• 500 grams of pork;

• bank of canned pineapples;

• 2 tomatoes;

• bow;

• 80-100 grams of grated cheese;

• 200 grams of mayonnaise;

• salt;

• pepper;

• olives.


1. Rinse the pork, dry and cut into portions. Meat repel. Season with pepper and salt. Then put the pork on a baking sheet, which are pre-greased with vegetable oil.

2. Onion cut into rings, put on pork.

3. On top of vegetables, apply a thin grid of mayonnaise.

4. Put sliced ​​tomato slices on the onion. Place the pineapple rings on them. Pork gently grease with mayonnaise, sprinkle with grated cheese. In the middle of each ring of pineapple, put an olive.

5. Bake the pork under an unusual fur coat at 180 degrees for about half an hour.

7. Pork under a fur coat in the oven with cucumbers in mustard-mayonnaise sauce


• 500 grams of pork tenderloin;

• 5 pickled cucumbers;

• 100 grams of cheese;

• 2 tablespoons of mustard and mayonnaise;

• vegetable oil;

• ground black pepper;

• salt.


1. Rinse the meat at the very beginning and cut it into portions. Pork slightly beat off with a hammer. Then salt and pepper the meat and leave to soak in spices.

2. The next stage - the preparation of a cucumber-cheese coat for meat. Cucumbers and cheese rub on a coarse grater.

3. Then the ingredients for the “coat” are put in one bowl. Add mayonnaise to them. Mix everything thoroughly.

4. Place the meat on a refractory baking sheet greased with vegetable oil. Each piece smear with mustard, "fur coat". Cover the meat with foil.

5. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 40-50 minutes.

8. Pork in a coat of champignons and sweet pepper


• 800 grams of pork fillet without ribs;

• 200 grams of champignons;

• 200 grams of sweet pepper;

• 150 grams of hard cheese;

• salt;

• pepper.

Cooking: 1. Cut the pork fillet, beat off, salt and pepper.

2. Fry the meat in a pan in hot vegetable oil from both sides for one or two minutes.

3. Slice the champignons, lightly salt and fry to a soft state.

4. Peel and chop the sweet peppers into rings.

5. Place chops on a refractory baking sheet. Put mushrooms and pepper on top. Complete the preparation with generously sprinkled with grated cheese.

6. Bake the pork in a fur coat in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees, for 10-15 minutes. Sprinkle with chopped herbs.

Pork under a fur coat in the oven - secrets and tricks

• Using tomatoes, give preference to dense, fleshy varieties. It is advisable to pre-peel the vegetables before cutting.

• Using eggplants, do not forget that this product can be bitter, therefore, cut into pieces, soak the pieces in saline, then drain the water, and squeeze the eggplants themselves slightly.

• Marinade will help make the dish even tastier and juicier.

• If you fry the pieces of pork before baking in well heated oil over high heat for 2-3 minutes, the meat will be juicier.

• You can use not only fresh, but also pre-fried mushrooms.

• Do not forget about the spices, they will enhance and complement the taste and aroma of pork.

• To prevent the pork chops under the fur coat from drying out during baking, pour a little broth or water to the bottom of the pan.

• Combine different ingredients, thus obtaining new dishes each time.

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