Home-made noodles: step-by-step recipes tested repeatedly. Secrets of delicious homemade noodles with chicken and vegetables (step by step)

Home-made noodles: step-by-step recipes tested repeatedly. Secrets of delicious homemade noodles with chicken and vegetables (step by step)

Home-made noodles cooked in rich meat broth are tasty, nourishing, aromatic. Serve this soup can be for lunch and dinner. And even at the holiday table with an abundance of salads and hot dishes, there are those who want to taste really tasty homemade noodles. Therefore, the recipes of this dish must be in the "piggy bank" of every hostess.

Step-by-step recipe for homemade noodles - general principles

Delicious homemade noodles are obtained in meat broth. You can take chicken, beef or pork on the bone. The meat is thoroughly washed, poured with water and boiled until cooked. To taste put roots, herbs, vegetables, spices.

The very homemade noodles are cooked pretty quickly, it can be done both in advance and when the broth is cooked. For its preparation will need eggs, water, flour and salt. Elastic dough is kneaded out of the above ingredients, rolled into a layer, dried, cut into strips of the desired size, thickness, and shape.

In principle, these two components are quite enough to make a tasty dish, but you can also add a variety of vegetables in the soup, fresh or browned.

Serve the finished homemade noodles, hot, sprinkled with fresh herbs.

1. Home-made noodles: a step-by-step recipe with chicken and potatoes


• average carcass (about 1.2-1.5 kg) of domestic chicken;

• potatoes - 3 pcs .;

• ground pepper in ground form, salt - on a pinch;

• Lavrushka - 1 leaf.

For noodle dough:

• egg - 1 pc .;

• purified water - 1 cup;

• salt - pinch;

• flour - 20 tablespoons.

As additional ingredients for homemade noodles with chicken and potatoes, take another half a bunch of fresh parsley and two hard boiled eggs that will be needed when serving.

Cooking Method:

1. First, knead the noodle dough: break an egg in a bowl, add salt, and beat with a fork. Pour the sifted flour in small portions into the mass, stirring the ingredients continuously with a spoon. When the dough becomes dense, place it on a floured table and press it down with your hands until it becomes elastic. You can also knead it with a mixer with a special nozzle for the dough. If you did not have the specified amount of flour, you can add a little flour directly while kneading on the table top. 2. Leave the thoroughly kneaded dough under the towel on the table to rest. “Rested” soft elastic mass once again a little namnite hands, divide into parts. Periodically sprinkle flour, roll each part into a thin layer no thicker than 3 mm. Leave the layers on the table for about 25 minutes so that they dry out a bit. Cut the dough into thin strips half a centimeter thick. When cutting the flour, do not sprinkle, so that your noodles are not then in the flour dust.

3. Rinse your home chicken, cut the tail, cut into pieces. Rinse each bite again, put in a saucepan, cover with two liters of cold water, boil over high heat until boiling bubbles appear, remove foam from the surface, adjust the fire to the smallest one and cook until ready for about 50 minutes.

4. Carefully place the chicken on a plate, strain the broth.

5. Rinse the cleaned potatoes, cut into medium cubes and put in hot broth, cook until the potatoes soften.

6. Separate the meat from the cooked parts of the chicken. Put the meat in the pan to the potatoes, cook for ten minutes.

7. Put noodles in a saucepan, add salt, black pepper, put laurea and boil for four minutes.

8. Let the prepared soup with home-made noodles, chicken and potatoes stand under the lid for about 10 minutes.

9. When serving, pour hot noodle soup into plates, sprinkle with parsley. Put half a boiled egg on each plate. Delicious homemade noodles with croutons or crackers.

2. Home-made noodles: recipe for meat broth with vegetables


• carrot - 2 pcs .;

• onions - 2 heads;

• green string beans - 5 pods;

• tomatoes - 2 pieces;

• Bulgarian pepper - 2 pcs .;

• 10 grams of black pepper and salt;

• half a bunch of dill and parsley when serving.

For broth:

• pork ribs - 5 pieces;

• 3 laurel leaves;

• at the option of one teaspoon of seasoning for vegetables and meat

Also, for cooking homemade noodles, you will need to take an egg, a little water, a pinch of salt and flour. Cooking Method:

1. As in the previous recipe, the first thing to do is to knead the stiff elastic dough based on one egg, a glass of purified water, salt and flour. Knead the dough thoroughly with your hands, let it rest a little under the towel. Roll out the finished dough into a thin cake about 2–3 mm thick, leave it on the table to dry, and then cut it into thin strips (noodles). If you do not like much long noodles, you can cut the strips in half. Separate the prepared noodles with your hands and leave on the table again to dry a little more.

2. Rinse the pork ribs, put them in a saucepan with lightly salted water, add the bay pepper and boil for 50 minutes after boiling the water on low heat, periodically removing the foam.

3. While the ribs are boiling, prepare the vegetables: peel the onions, cut them into thin half rings, rub the grated carrots for Korean carrots, rinse the string beans, cut the stalks from the bell peppers, remove the seeds, rinse, cut into strips. Parsley and dill, rinse, chop with a knife.

4. Remove the cooked pork ribs from the pan, strain the broth, put all the prepared vegetables into it. If you want, make a fry of carrots and onions in sunflower oil, so the soup will turn out more piquant and satisfying. Divide the cooled ribs into flesh and bones, put the meat in the soup.

5. Boil vegetables and meat after boiling for 10 minutes, if necessary, add salt to the soup, add spices to taste.

6. Add dried up home-made noodles to vegetables, boil for another three minutes.

7. Let the prepared homemade noodles brew under a closed lid. Pour into plates, sprinkle with chopped herbs. Next in a separate plate, put the black bread.

3. Home-made noodles: a step-by-step recipe with chicken in pots


• chicken broth - 3 cups;

• 4 chicken drumsticks;

• onions - 2 heads;

• carrot - 2 pieces;

• 1 parsley root;

• 4 sprigs of fresh dill and parsley;

• allspice - 6 peas; • 2 laurel leaves;

• black pepper and salt - 15 grams.

For noodle dough:

• egg - 3 pieces;

• flour - 14 tablespoons;

• 30 ml of vegetable oil;

• salt - 5 grams;

• water - 30 ml.

Chicken broth you can cook from any part of the chicken. In this case, the soup kits are very good. The broth turns out saturated, it is worth such a product cheap. Add the laurel leaves for the aroma when cooking. If you are going to make vegetable steaming, prepare 30-40 ml of sunflower oil.

Cooking Method:

1. To start, prepare chicken broth. By the way, experienced housewives often prepare broths in their free time, filter and freeze them, then all they have to do is remove and reheat. So, wash the selected parts of chicken, put it in a saucepan, cover with water, add three leaves of Lavrushka, cook until boiling over high heat. Spoon remove the scum, put into the broth one peeled carrot and onion, one sprig of parsley and dill, and well peeled and washed parsley root, salt and boil for about an hour. When the vegetables and meat are soft, transfer them to a flat dish, strain the broth.

2. Remove chicken drumsticks from the fridge in advance so that they are well defrosted.

3. Knead the dough for noodles: in the bowl, beat the eggs with salt, pour in the sunflower oil, whisk well, whisk and slowly add the sifted flour, stirring first with a spoon, then as your hands thicken. Knead the dough well on the table, pack it in a plastic bag, leave for half an hour to lie down. “Rested” dough roll into a thin cake. Cut the dough into thin strips of desired thickness, leave on the table to dry for half an hour.

4. At this time, peel the second carrot and onion, cut the carrot into a cube, and the onion with a thin straw.

5. Rinse thawed thighs, remove the skin, cut out the meat and discard the bones.

6. Put the carrot and onion on the frying pan heated with sunflower oil, fry for three minutes, then lay out the meat, fry for a few more minutes until it is golden in color. 7. Spread in 3-4 pots, depending on their size, roasted vegetables with meat, put homemade noodles on top, pour all the prepared broth with salt, black pepper. Add in each pot two leaves of Lavrushka and two peas of allspice, cover with a lid and place on a sheet in the oven for 12-13 minutes at a not high temperature of 170 degrees, cook until noodles are ready.

8. Remove the ready-made soup with home-made noodles in the pots from the oven, put the pots on flat plates, sprinkle the broth with chopped parsley with dill, and serve hot.

Step-by-step recipe for homemade noodles: tricks and helpful tips

• Delicious broth is obtained from meat on the bones.

• It is important that the water does not boil and seethe, but languish, then the broth will turn out to be a beautiful transparent color.

• To prevent small particles of pits or protein skin from being accidentally caught in the finished soup, it is advisable to filter the broth after cooking meat.

• Not dried noodles during cooking can stick together, so the poet after rolling and cutting it must necessarily stand right on the tabletop.

• Store pre-prepared noodles in canvas bags or plastic bag in a well-dried form.

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