Homemade soup - 7 best recipes. All the secrets of delicious homemade soups from experienced housewives: soup, kharcho, borscht, ear, okroshka, hodgepodge

Homemade soup - 7 best recipes. All the secrets of delicious homemade soups from experienced housewives: soup, kharcho, borscht, ear, okroshka, hodgepodge

Homemade soups are an important component of a family dinner, they will warm you up and fill you.

But in order to cook a delicious and rich homemade soup, we must not forget about a few tricks.

General principles of cooking homemade soups

Usually soups are divided into three groups. Transparent are called broths in which dumplings are added, small pasta, cauliflower, and so that the soup remains transparent: the broth is “drawn off” for them, that is, cleaned with egg white, and dumplings or macaroons often boiled separately so that the flour does not pass into the broth and does not make it cloudy.

Filling homemade soups are poured with a large number of vegetables, often also cereals, and flour boiling can be used.

Pure soups are becoming more popular now. The contents of the pan at the end of the cooking process must be mastered with a blender.

For cooking soup, especially thick, a pan with thick, slightly rounded walls is best suited: the temperature is better preserved in it, and delicious homemade soup, the 7 best recipes of which we offer, should be thoroughly infused.

Soups can be cooked with meat, chicken, fish, mushroom, vegetable broth, milk or fruit broth, kvass or fermented milk product (in the latter cases, these are cold dishes, of course). And for making good homemade soup you need a good broth - tasty and rich. To make the broth really tasty, meat (or chicken, fish) should be put in cold water, and the products should be cut rather than put in one piece.

It’s impossible to salt broth: firstly, it’s difficult to calculate the right amount of salt right away, and secondly, in this case meat will give less useful substances.

Boil the broth should be on very slow fire: this will preserve its transparency.

In the process of boiling on the surface of the broth is formed foam, which must be removed. This is not dirt, but coagulated meat protein. That is, to throw it away is not what it is, but in the broth it has no place. Foam can be used in the mince for meatballs or gravy. If you treat fans of broth on the bones, then they should be chopped smaller and put in a saucepan in a linen bag or in a bag of double gauze. However, you can simply put the bones in the pan, and then strain the dish thoroughly.

And it is also advisable to use roots, that is, celery or parsley root, as well as whole carrots or a not-so-loved onion, you can use the stems of spicy greens in broth for homemade soup (the 7 best recipes below). All this is also a good idea to cook in a bag, and then you can catch it and strain the broth. Roots are added about 30 minutes before the end of boiling broth, and in chicken, fish or vegetable they are put immediately.

If the meat is fat, the fat from the surface of the broth must be removed and also used in minced meat or sauce.

Recipe 1. Sour soup

Probably the most famous homemade soup. Sour soup can be cooked in different broths, but the most delicious they are obtained with pork, mushrooms, and, as is also a vegetarian version of rich soup, with pearl barley. Take the most popular recipe for pork.

Ingredients (for a volume of about 4 liters)

Pork fatty, such as brisket, ham - 1 - 1.5 kg

White sauerkraut - about a pound, you can and more

Onions - 1 large onion

Potatoes - about 4 medium tubers

Tomato paste - a full tablespoon, you can and more

Carrot - 1 root vegetable (if cabbage is fermented without carrots, then two)

Roots, bay leaf - optional

Method of preparation

Rinse the pork in cold water, then cut into small pieces. Put the meat in a saucepan with cold water, bring to a boil, remove the foam and boil the broth for about two hours. Add carrots and onions, roots, if desired, and cook for another 30 minutes. You do not need to pickle the broth, because there is enough salt in the cabbage. If the soup seems too fresh, they can be dosolit in a plate. Even from cooked soup, it is impossible to determine if they are sufficiently salted: in the process of steaming, the cabbage will still give salt.

Strain the broth, put in it slightly squeezed (and if you do not like sour, then rinsed under cold water) cabbage and put to boil for 30 minutes, and in the meantime, make out the meat, peel and cut the potatoes. If there are no carrots in the cabbage, then it should be cleaned, grated and passaged with oil. Add potatoes and, if necessary, carrots and cook until ready. You can add bay leaf with potatoes.

Put the tomato paste in the soup, stir well and cook for another minute.

Scham should be drawn for several hours, and ideally - a day.

Recipe 2. Homemade Soup “Hodgepodge”

Among the homemade soups a prominent place is taken by the hodgepodge - the soup is refined and historically distinguished and at the same time very practical, for it can be prepared from the remnants of the sliced ​​during the holidays. That is, all the meat ingredients in the list can be replaced by something similar, available. By the way, meat products can be easily replaced by fish products, although not everyone agrees that such a replacement is desirable.


Broth meat or chicken - 3 l

Meat delicacies and sausages (cooked smoked sausage, bacon, bacon, neck, smoked ham or carbonade, half-smoked sausages, sausages, wieners, cooked sausage, smoked pork knob or ribs, slices of boiled chicken or cooked meat. 0.8 kg, however, can be more or less.

Olives - 2-3 spoons

Capers fine - 2-3 tsp

Potatoes - 2 tuber

Salted cucumbers - 3 medium

Onions, bay leaves - optional

Tomato paste - 2 tablespoons

Sour cream, lemon, parsley - in a plate

Method of preparation

Put randomly sliced ​​smoked meats, sausage and potatoes into the broth and cook almost until the potatoes are ready.

Meanwhile, cut the cucumbers into strips and stew a little under the lid, adding the soup broth.

If you decide to put onions, then it can be put out with a cucumber.

Put cucumber, capers and olives (if desired, bay leaf) in the pan and cook for another ten minutes.

Add tomato paste and boil for a minute. Let the soup stand under the lid. When serving, put in each plate a circle of lemon, a spoonful of sour cream and chopped parsley.

Recipe 3. Borsch

This homemade soup is certainly on the list of the best recipes: it is extremely popular and useful. There are many recipes for borscht, here is one of them.


Broth from beef with a stone - 3 l

Beetroot - 3 root vegetables Potato - 4-5 tubers

Carrot - 1 piece

Sweet pepper - 1 piece

Tomato paste - 2 tablespoons

Shredded cabbage - 2 handfuls

Vinegar - 1 tablespoon

Method of preparation

From the broth to get the meat and disassemble it: throw the bones or treat dogs, and cut the meat into pieces and set it aside.

In boiling broth put chopped potatoes, peppers and cabbage and cook until done.

Carrot grate. Beets cut into thin strips or grate, put in a saucepan and stew with a few spoons of broth, oil and vinegar. You can also add greens or finely chopped onion. At the end of cooking, put the tomato paste in the skillet and stew for another couple of minutes.

Put the contents of the saucepan into the pan and bring to a boil, but do not boil. Serve with sour cream and donuts with garlic.

Recipe 4. Kharcho

Spicy and hearty, this homemade soup will decorate the TOP of the best recipes. There are as many recipes of kharcho as borsch recipes, we offer one of the easiest to prepare.


Beef brisket - 700-800 g

Rice (preferably ordinary long grain, not steamed) - about half a cup

Tkemali - 2-3 tablespoons

Garlic - about a third of the head

Onion - 1 piece

Walnuts - half a cup (less)

Hops-suneli - to taste

Method of preparation

Boil broth from beef brisket broth, get meat and cut into pieces.

Pour rice in boiling broth and cook until half cooked (10 minutes).

Meanwhile, finely chop the onion and fry for several minutes. Put in the soup. At the same time add tkemali, if you like, hop-suneli and chopped nuts with a rolling pin. Cook for another 10 minutes until rice is cooked.

Finely chop the garlic, put it in the soup and turn it off immediately. Leave it to soak in the aroma for another 15 minutes, and then pour it into plates, put a piece of meat in each and add greens (cilantro, parsley).

Recipe 5. Pea with smoked ribs


Water - 3 L

Smoked ribs - 0.7 - 0.8 kg

Potato - 3 tuber

Peas - to taste, 1 - 2 glasses

Onion - 1 piece

Carrots, parsley root and greens are optional Method of preparation

There are several ways to make this homemade soup from the list of the best recipes, according to our rating. All of them allow to achieve different degrees of “pureness” of the resulting dish. So, if you like pea soup, then put the peas right in the boiling broth. If you like too much peas, soak the cereal for a couple of hours. If you want a puree, you must grind the peas into flour or puree in a welded state in a saucepan; then you must first boil the meat and vegetables, remove them from the broth, boil the peas, puree, and return everything you got to the pan.

In any case, the ribs should be washed, chopped or cut into small pieces, put in a pan with cold water and cook (you can put parsley root in the pan).

Strain the broth and put the peas in it (dry or soaked). When it almost reaches the degree of cooking you want, put potatoes into slices in a pan.

Shred the onion and fry with a little oil. You can add grated carrot. Put the vegetables in the soup and boil for a couple of minutes.

Meat disassemble and return to the soup, you can put chopped greens, bring to a boil and turn off. Let it stand.

Recipe 6. Salmon (ear) soup

Of course, homemade soups are not only meat soups, but also fish ones. They know a lot, because fish dishes were popular in Russia. However, there is a lot of work with fish, so we offer quite quick and easy to prepare salmon soup.


Water - 2 l

Salmon (piece) - about 700 g

Cream 20% - 0.2 - 0.3 l

Greens - at will

Method of preparation

Cut and boil the salmon for about 10 minutes. Get fish, free from skin and bones, cut into pieces. Broth strain.

Part of the fish (up to half of the total) return to broth and puree with a blender; You can add parsley at this stage. Season the soup with cream, bring to a boil, return pieces of fish to it.

Recipe 7. Okroshka

In the summer there is no more suitable homemade soup than okroshka. It is prepared in the most diverse options, adding various products and pouring it with kvass, kefir, whey, etc. We offer the most common variant of okroshka with kefir. Ingredients

Kefir - 1.5 L

Potato - 4-5 tubers

Cucumber - 2 pieces medium

Radish - a couple of bunches

Green onions - bunch

Eggs - 4 pieces

Boiled beef (chicken; in extreme cases - boiled sausage) - half a pound

Method of preparation

Boil the potatoes in a uniform, cool, peel and cut into small cubes.

Wash cucumber and radish, if necessary, cut off the skin and chop or even grate. Eggs also chopped, for example chopped with a knife. Cut meat (sausage) into cubes.

Chop the green onions, put them in a bowl, sprinkle with salt and mash with a spoon or pestle for potatoes. Put the rest of the ingredients there and mix.

Already on the table, arrange okroshka on plates and pour kefir.

Homemade soups - subtleties and useful tips

  • If it is necessary to put olives in the soup, it is usually advised to prefer with stones: more taste from them. But in this case it is necessary to warn everyone about the need to eat very carefully so as not to damage the teeth on a hard bone. And pitted olives are safe in this regard, you can simply put more.
  • If the beets are not sweet enough, you can add some sugar in the borsch. If you are cooking soup for children, do not add vinegar - instead, rub the sour apple into the beets.
  • To make the broth color more beautiful, the onion when it is boiled should be put in the husk.
  • Before chopping the garlic, crush the clove with a flat knife.
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