Salmon salmon at home: affordable delicacy! Recipes salty pink salmon and the secrets of salting it at home

Salmon salmon at home: affordable delicacy! Recipes salty pink salmon and the secrets of salting it at home

Is it possible to eat plenty of red fish? Of course! If it is pink salmon, which is salted independently.

In this case, the cost of this delicacy is many times lower than in the store.

From it you can cook not only sandwiches, but also a lot of delicious dishes. But how to pickle pink salmon at home?

It turns out that you can cook salty pink salmon very simply and quickly, if you have good recipes.

Salty pink salmon - general principles of preparation

Of course, the most delicious dishes come from fresh fish. But it is not always possible to purchase it. In this case, use the frozen product. Before cooking it needs to be thawed, but not in hot water or a microwave, it is better to allow the carcass to slowly move away on the lower shelf of the refrigerator.

Then the fish is cleaned from the outer husk, remove the tail, fins, head and washed the internal cavity. For salting rarely use a whole carcass, most often cut into fillets. The tail about 10 cm is not used. Fillet can be left with or without skin, at its discretion.

Salty salmon is prepared in two ways:

1. Dry. For this purpose, the prepared carcass is simply sprinkled with salt and spices. The fish will put the juice in, salt will dissolve and soak the product.

2. Wet. For this purpose, marinades, juices, brines are used. Pieces of fish are immersed in the cold fill and wait for readiness.

How best to pickle pink salmon at home, everyone chooses himself. But it is possible to try two or three ways at once from one fish and choose the option you like the most. Moreover, the process itself usually takes a little time and, apart from pink salmon, primitive spices are required, which are in any kitchen.

How to saline pink salmon at home using the dry method

Dry pickling is the easiest way, requiring a minimum of food and time. On the preparation of fish and the whole process will take no more than 15 minutes. In a day you can feast on salted fish, in three salty. Ingredients

• 1 pink salmon about a kilogram;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• 3 tablespoons of salt.


1. Clean the fish from the remnants of scales, if it was frozen, we thaw it beforehand. Cut off the head, fins and 10 cm of the tail. All this can be used on the ear. We take out the ridge, large bones and get 2 fillets with skin. If there is a long container, you can leave it as it is. Or cut each in half.

2. In a bowl, mix salt with sugar and sprinkle with a mixture of pieces of pink salmon. Put it in the container with the skin down, just pour the rest of the spices from above.

3. We remove the fish in the fridge, after 5 hours the pieces are turned over, you can swap the top and bottom. After another time, you can flip one more time.

4. As soon as the pink salmon is salted, it is necessary to take a paper towel and blot the surface well. For juiciness, the pieces are lubricated with vegetable oil.

How to pickle pink salmon at home in the marinade

Salty pink salmon prepared according to this variant can be tasted after 8 hours, but it is better to let it stand for at least 12. Unlike the dry method, the fish turns out to be more fragrant, thanks to the spices that make up the composition.


• one pink salmon;

• litere of water;

• 3 tablespoons of salt;

• bay leaf;

• 10 pepper peas;

• 2 spoons of sugar;

• A spoon of dry mustard.


1. We cut the fish into fillets and cut each into pieces, 5 cm wide.

2. For brine, mix all ingredients, let boil, turn off and cool to room temperature.

3. Fill the pink salmon with the cooled brine, close the lid and remove the pickle.

4. Wiped the finished pieces with a towel. Do not keep fish in brine for more than three days. Then it is better to remove, put in a clean container and pour oil on it.

How to pickle pink salmon at home with tangerines

Oranges can also be used instead of mandarins. Salty pink salmon turns out to be very tender, juicy, to taste very similar to salmon. Salting takes 24 hours. Especially well this fish is suitable for sandwiches.


• 4 mandarins or 2 oranges;

• 2 pink salmon fillets, with or without skin; • salt.


1. If the fillet is ready, then simply wash the pieces and dry them with napkins. If a whole pink salmon is used, we cut it into fillets, as described in the first recipe.

2. We clean the orange or tangerines from the peel, disassemble into slices and cut each into 5 mm pieces across.

3. At the bottom of the container put a piece of fish, sprinkle with salt and lay out half of the oranges. Put the second fillet on top, sprinkle liberally with salt and lay out the rest of the oranges (tangerines).

4. Now you need to close the container with a tight lid and leave for 24 hours. During this time, fish and oranges under the action of salt will release a sufficient amount of juice, pink salmon will acquire a unique aroma and taste.

How to pickle pink salmon at home with onions

Recipe for a savory salty pink salmon, for the preparation of which you will need mild vinegar. Apple, wine or rice will do. The advantage of this recipe is the rate of salting. The first sample can be removed after 3 hours.


• large onion;

• half a kilo of pink salmon;

• 2 tablespoons of vinegar;

• half a cup of oil;

• Spoon of salt.


1. Onion bulb clean and cut into half rings. We fill in with boiling water, we maintain 5 minutes, we recline on a colander.

2. Give the fluid to drain.

3. Add vinegar to the onion, rub it well with your hands, then pour in the vegetable oil, better without the smell and just mix it. Divide the onion harvesting into two parts.

4. We are engaged in pink salmon. To do this, cut the fillet into strips half a centimeter thick, sprinkle with salt on all sides.

5. We spread on the bottom of the container half of the onion, on top of the pieces sprinkled with salt pink salmon. Cover everything with the second part of the onion and pour the remaining oil from the bottom.

6. Cover with a lid and remove for 3 hours in the refrigerator. You can keep such fish with onions in the refrigerator for 3 days.

How to pickle pink salmon at home with vodka

Another option is dry salting of pink salmon, which will certainly please with taste and bright color. And all this thanks to the addition of vodka. Contrary to fears, the smell of alcohol will not.


• 400 grams of fillet; • 1 teaspoon salt;

• spoon of vodka;

• 1 tsp. Sahara;

• 0.5 tsp. Pepper mixes.


1. Mix all the spices together in a small bowl, add vodka and rub well with a spoon. Instead of a mixture of peppers, you can take just a fragrant or black pepper, at its discretion.

2. Use the pink salmon fillet without skin. Rub a piece from all sides with spicy mixture. We put in a container, top cover with a lid, smaller in diameter, and put a small load.

3. We send in the fridge for a day and you can enjoy a delicious pink salmon.

How to pickle pink salmon at home with mustard and coriander

Mustard and coriander give the salty pink salmon an original taste. For cooking it is better to use mustard with seeds, not very spicy.


• one pink salmon;

• 3 tablespoons of mustard;

• 2 spoons of sugar and salt;

• teaspoon of coriander;

• 80 ml of oil.


1. Cut the fish into two fillets, remove the skin.

2. Crushed coriander seeds in a mortar, mix with salt and sugar.

3. Sprinkle the fillet from all sides with the resulting mixture.

4. Mix mustard with vegetable oil until smooth.

5. Put a piece of salted pink salmon in the container, pour half of the sauce on top. Put the second fillet, pour the remnants of the sauce.

6. Close the container lid, send it in the fridge for 6 hours. Then we change the fillet places, send the top one down and leave for another 12 hours.

7. Before serving, wipe the fillet with a napkin, cut the pink salmon into slices.

Salad of salty pink salmon with tomatoes

Bright and juicy salad with red fish, tomatoes and lemon dressing. It is better to use dense and fleshy tomatoes, pieces of which will keep the shape well.


• 250 grams of pink salmon;

• 350 grams of tomatoes;

• half a lemon;

• salt;

• 4 spoons of butter;

• bunch of green onions;

• black pepper.


1. Cut cubed pink salmon, put in a salad bowl.

2. Cut the tomatoes in half, remove the seeds with liquid. Cut the flesh in the same way as pink salmon.

3. Squeeze juice out of half a lemon, mix with oil and black pepper. 4. Wash, dry and finely chop the feathers of green onions.

5. Mix fish with tomatoes, onions, dressings and can be served on the table. If the salmon is salted, then the salad can be salted.

Appetizer of salty pink salmon with cheese

Excellent substitute for sandwiches. For the preparation of such a snack, in addition to products, you will need skewers or toothpicks.


• 200 grams of light-salted pink salmon;

• egg;

• olives;

• 2 spoons of mayonnaise;

• greens, lettuce.


1. Rub finely cheese, also egg. Add chopped greens, mayonnaise and mix.

2. We cut pink salmon in thin strips. Put the stuffing on the center of each piece and wrap the roll.

3. We put the olive on the skewer, we pierce the roll from above, thereby fixing the edges of pink salmon so that they do not unwind. Similarly, we make rolls from all fish and stuffing.

4. Lay out lettuce leaves on a dish, then rolls and serve to the table.

Appetizer of salty pink salmon and pita

Preparing such a snack simply and quickly, it turns out tasty and elegant. It will decorate any table. For the preparation we use thin Armenian lavash. The number of products we take "by eye".


• pita breads;

• pink salmon;

• soft cream cheese;

• dill.


1. Cut pink salmon into thin slices. The thinner the better.

2. Dill chop finely.

3. We grease pita bread with cream cheese. If the product does not want to be smeared, you can add a bit of mayonnaise and mix with a blender. Mass will become more pliable.

4. Sprinkle the surface with chopped dill.

5. Fold the pieces of pink salmon.

6. Fold the roll and send to the freezer for 15 minutes so that it “grabs”.

7. Cut into pieces of 2-3 cm, preferably at an angle of 45 ° C and served on the table.

Appetizer of salty pink salmon in tartlets

For this snack you can use ready-made tartlets, which can be purchased at any supermarket or baked on your own. For decoration, we use canned olives, but you can take red caviar and place half a teaspoon in the center, it looks even more spectacular.

Ingredients • 20 tartlets;

• 200 grams of pink salmon;

• 2 eggs;

• 80 grams of cream cheese or mayonnaise;

• fresh cucumber;

• greens and olives for decoration.


1. Boil eggs beforehand, let cool, clean and rub on a fine grater.

2. Cut pink salmon into small cube, combine with eggs.

3. Remove the tips from the cucumber, cut it into several layers, then into a small cube. Add to the bulk.

4. Fill the resulting salad with cream cheese or mayonnaise. You can use both, focusing on the density of the mass.

5. We start tartlets with mass, which is prepared. Put greens on top and stick an olive in the center.

Salmon salmon - tips and tricks

• Glassware, plastic or earthenware can be used to pickle and store the pink salmon, but not metal. Otherwise, the fish will acquire an unpleasant taste that does not disguise.

• If you are lucky to get a gut of pink salmon with caviar, then you can pickle it. To do this, the product is cleared of films and placed in a marinade of 200 grams of water, two teaspoons of salt and a spoon of sugar. All ingredients need to be mixed and boiled, then cooled. In three hours the delicacy will be ready.

• If brine is used to prepare pink salmon, then a load is required. It will help the fish to fully submerge and marinate evenly.

• To prevent the fish from becoming too salty, remove it from the brine and wipe dry with paper napkins, place in a clean container and pour in oil. You can immediately cut into slices.

• Too salty pink salmon can be reanimated. For this, the pieces are soaked in fresh milk and kept for 2-2 hours. Then wipe dry, oiled and served on the table.

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