Gingerbread with icing - a festive flavor! Painted gingerbread with glaze: protein, chocolate, sugar

Gingerbread with icing - a festive flavor! Painted gingerbread with glaze: protein, chocolate, sugar

Painted gingerbread is a festive miracle that can be prepared by yourself. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Gingerbread dough is not capricious, with respect for proportions it always turns out, and painting of finished products is a real culinary creativity.

Gingerbread with icing - general principles of cooking

Ginger dough can be used dry or fresh, sometimes two kinds are mixed. The dough for gingerbread is often mixed simple with baking powder, fats, dairy products. In the classic version, he needs to stand in a fridge for 24 hours. Very often it goes honey. It is needed not only for flavor. The product gives the gingerbread a special structure, taste, baking turns out soft, the period of freshness increases.

What kind of spices are used for gingerbread:

• badyan;

• cinnamon;

• carnation;

• lemon peel, orange;

• white pepper;

• nutmeg;

• cardamom.

They can be mixed in equal amounts or collect the mixture at its discretion, but do not need to save. Often, recipes are simply spice or dry perfume. It is desirable to grind all the components before kneading dough, then it will turn out very fragrant and fragrant.

The icing makes the usual gingerbread in a wonderful treat. With the help of decorations you can give the baking the spirit of Christmas, Easter or other holiday. Glaze for decoration can be made from protein, powdered sugar, chocolate. Below are all these recipes.

Simple Gingerbread with Glaze

The recipe is very fragrant, but simple in the preparation of gingerbread with protein glaze. Honey dough. You can put in it even the most stale candied honey, which can no longer be used for other purposes.


• 200 g of honey;

• 300 g of sugar;

• 750 g of flour;

• 200 g of oil;

• 10 g of soda;

• three eggs;

• 1 tbsp. l spices (a mixture of cinnamon, cloves, star anise);

• 10 g fresh ginger;

• 1 tsp. orange peel. Glaze needs one protein, 5 ml of lemon juice and 180 g of powder, dyes if desired.

Method of preparation

1. Put the honey in the pan. It is important to take a large pot of about two liters, since then the reaction will proceed with soda, the mass will foam. Put on the stove, start melting on low heat.

2. Add all the spices to the honey. Grind dry spices, grate fresh ginger. Warm up with honey to enhance the flavor.

3. Put the butter. Continue heating and dissolving the ingredients.

4. As soon as all the oil has gone, add soda and stir. Remove from heat, cool.

5. Beat eggs with sugar.

6. Once all the grains are dissolved, you can combine both masses.

7. Add flour, make a soft, sticky dough. Flour all will not go away, a little left for the waiter.

8. Remove the dough for 20-30 minutes in the refrigerator or even in the freezer. It will be cooler, you can roll the ball. Now it can be put away in a bag and left for 10 hours, kept in the refrigerator.

9. Sprinkle with flour on the table, roll out the gingerbread dough. The thickness of raw products is about 4-5 millimeters. Squeeze gingerbread of any form with special cuttings.

10. Put on a baking sheet and immediately in the oven. Baking at 190 degrees for 18-20 minutes.

11. While the gingerbread is baked, you need to beat the whites in the foam, gradually adding powder. The quantity is large, as a stable mass is needed for the patterns. If the glaze was made for cakes, then 130 grams would be enough. Add a dye if desired, pour lemon juice at the end.

12. Put the icing in the bag, make a hole, paint gingerbread.

Gingerbread with icing (dough without honey)

Option gingerbread dough without honey. The icing for decoration will be prepared on the basis of powdered sugar. The easiest option for which you do not even need a mixer, but dyes do not interfere.


• half a kilo of flour;

• 100 g of oil;

• 125 g of water;

• 20 g of Christmas spices;

• 5 g dry ginger;

• 2 yolks;

• one egg;

• 6 g of soda;

• 250 g sugar.

Powder finely ground for glaze.

Method of preparation

1. Pour sugar into the pan, put on the stove, pour in a spoonful of water. Melt, boil until caramel color, then gently drop in drops of water, it is important to use boiling water. Boil the mixture for a few seconds. 2. Add butter, put spices, stir and remove from heat.

3. Add 130 grams of flour to the caramel mass, stir quickly, let it cool slightly.

4. Beat yolks and egg with soda, add to dough.

5. Add another 370 g of flour, knead soft dough. Put in the bag and in the fridge for a day.

6. After a day or at least 12 hours roll out the dough, squeeze gingerbread from it.

7. Put the figures on a baking sheet, bake at 180 degrees.

8. Pour the powdered sugar in a bowl, add water dropwise, stirring thoroughly each time. If necessary, then immediately drop the dye. Grind until the mass becomes a consistency of thick cream. Glaze is ready!

9. Transfer to package, paint or simply cover gingerbread. Unlike protein glaze, the sugar mass should be applied only on cooled products.

Chocolate gingerbread with icing

The recipe for delicious gingerbread, dough for them with cocoa, but with real white chocolate frosting. Very tasty and fragrant ginger delicacy.


• 0.2 kg drain. oils;

• 2 tsp. ground ginger;

• 2 tbsp. l honey;

• 0.45 kg of flour;

• two eggs;

• four spoons of cocoa;

• 10 g ripper;

• 0.2 kg of sugar.

Additionally, you need 250 g of high-quality chocolate without additives, as well as 70 g of butter with 65% fat.

Method of preparation

1. Melt the honey along with ground ginger. You can add chopped orange zest.

2. Put the chopped butter, warm it all together, throw a pinch of salt. Stir, remove from heat, let the mass cool slightly.

3. Mix 400 g of flour with cocoa powder, add baking powder.

4. Beat eggs until foam with sugar.

5. First pour a little flour mixture into the honey mass, then pour the eggs, stir. Add the rest of the flour with cocoa, knead the dough.

6. Cover the bowl, put in a refrigerator for a couple of hours.

7. Roll out the chocolate dough, squeeze out the figures, about half a centimeter thick. Put on a baking sheet.

8. Bake 15 minutes at 190 degrees.

9. Break white chocolate, put in a bowl with butter, put on a saucepan with hot water, turn on the stove. Melt the icing. 10. Decorate the gingerbread with a painting or simply cover it with white chocolate on top.

Gingerbread with dark icing

Recipe for light gingerbread from simple dough for kefir. For drawing using regular melted chocolate. Simple and quick recipe.


• 0.2 l kefir;

• four glasses of flour;

• one egg;

• 0.12 kg of oil;

• 0.16 kg of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. soda;

• 1 tsp. ginger;

• a little peel;

• 0.13 kg of chocolate;

• 0.03 kg of butter (in the glaze).

Method of preparation

1. Kefir combine with soda, set aside.

2. Beat the egg with sugar, pour in the melted, but already cooled butter, then shift it all over to the yogurt.

3. Add flour with ginger and zest, knead the dough. Put in the freezer for fifteen minutes.

4. Roll out, cut curly gingerbread, up to one centimeter thick, put it on a baking sheet.

5. Bake until cooked. Temperature 200, time 15-18 minutes. Then cool.

6. Melt the chocolate with butter, put it in a bag.

7. Paint gingerbread with thematic patterns.

Soft gingerbread with icing (dough on sour cream)

Another option is soft and tender gingerbread, they are made from dough on sour cream. You can take the sour cream in half with kefir, but then the flour will go a little more.


• 0.4 kg sour cream;

• 10 g of ginger;

• two yolks;

• 0.16 kg of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. cinnamon;

• protein;

• 1 tsp. peel;

• 0.18 kg sakh. powder;

• 0.39 kg of flour;

• 6 g of soda.

Method of preparation

1. Sour cream mixed with soda.

2. Mix yolks with prescription sugar, send to sour cream. Add ground dry ginger, put cinnamon, zest, add a ripper with flour. Knead the gingerbread dough.

3. Roll out the layer with a rolling pin, squeeze out the figures. Bake at 190 degrees for 18-20 minutes.

4. Beat the protein, gradually falling asleep granulated sugar.

5. Transfer the icing to the bag, paint the gingerbread. Or just cover them with a mass on all sides.

Gingerbread with icing (dough without eggs)

The icing for such gingerbread can be made sugar or protein at its discretion. The dough is kneaded without eggs, has a pronounced aroma of cinnamon and ginger. Sugar for the test need brown. Ingredients

• 0.15 kg of any flower honey;

• 0.2 kg of sugar;

• 0.57 kg of flour;

• 0.07 L of water;

• 5 g ripper;

• 5 g cinnamon;

• 0.25 kg of oil;

• 8 g of ginger.

Method of preparation

1. Combine brown sugar with water, stir a little, add honey. Send to the fire, cover cinnamon, ginger.

2. As soon as the mixture boils, remove from heat. Add chopped butter, stir until completely dissolved.

3. Fill the flour with rippers. You can pour a little cocoa, if you want to get dark gingerbread with chocolate flavor.

4. Knead a soft, slightly sticky dough. Keep in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours.

5. Roll it out. Cut out cuts or cups of gingerbread, thickness 5-7 millimeters.

6. Bake the figures for 15 minutes at 200 degrees, but watch out. Sweet dough, cooked quickly, can burn.

7. Paint any protein or sugar icing.

Gingerbread with icing - useful tips and tricks

• Lemon and orange zest can be dried, it is beautifully stored. Another option is to add sugar at the rate of 2 parts of sand to 1 part of crushed citrus peels. Then put it all in a jar, put it in the fridge. Fragrant mass for desserts will always be at hand.

• Chocolate glaze will quickly harden on chilled products. You can hold the gingerbread in the refrigerator before decorating.

• Protein masses harden well on warm pastries. In this case, gingerbread can be decorated immediately on the baking sheet, until they have cooled.

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