Pork stew in sour cream with vegetables, mushrooms, cheese. Cooking pork stew in sour cream in the oven, pan, multicooker

Pork stew in sour cream with vegetables, mushrooms, cheese. Cooking pork stew in sour cream in the oven, pan, multicooker

Rich, juicy pork is a traditional kind of meat for Russians. Housewives love it for fast cooking and ease of processing, and consumers for the excellent taste and appetizing.

Meals can be cooked a lot, but pork stew in sour cream is one of the most popular.

Whatever way it is cooked, it turns out fragrant, juicy and tender. In a sauce of sour cream with pork are good and vegetables, and mushrooms, and cheese.

You can cook pork stew with sour cream in portions, in large pieces, in several ways and accompany with various side dishes.

Pork stew in sour cream - general principles of cooking

To cook a delicious pork dish, it is important to choose the right meat. For a dish as simple as pork stew in sour cream, if possible, take a low-fat fillet. If the animal is young, then almost any piece will be soft.

The meat is washed, dried on a napkin, cleaned from the veins, cut off all the fat. You can chop the way you want: cubes, cubes, "cakes". But the basic rule of successfully cooked meat is to cut across the grain. It can be cooked in different ways: immediately pour sauce or fry in the pan first. In the second case, the calorie content will increase.

Pork goes well with different seasonings, so rosemary, basil, thyme, marjoram, garlic, any of the peppers can be added to sour cream sauce. Not bad behaves in combination with meat aroma and creamy sour cream taste nutmeg. It is important to observe moderation and not to interrupt the basic taste of juicy pork, sprinkling it with all kinds of spices at once. Choose two or three, and this will be enough to give flavor to the dish.

Pork stew in sour cream can be cooked in a skillet with a thick bottom, in a cauldron, in heat-resistant form, in a slow cooker. The main task is to ensure that the sauce in the pot remains sufficient until the end of cooking, and the meat is not dry and not burnt.

Pork stew in sour cream with mushrooms

The amazing flavor of this dish will be more pronounced if you use wild mushrooms. Shop mushrooms and oyster mushrooms do not smell so much, but do not spoil the dish. Cooking pork stew in sour cream is needed on a stove, in a thick-bottomed frying pan or cauldron. Ingredients:

• seven hundred grams of pork fillet;

• three hundred grams of fresh forest mushrooms or champignons;

• a cup of sour cream;

• one hundred grams of soy sauce;

• two tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• three cloves of garlic;

• medium bulb;

• a mixture of peppers and salt to taste.

Cooking Method:

Rinse fresh mushrooms, throw in boiling salted water and boil for 15 minutes.

Throw in a colander, cool, cut into small pieces.

Cut a piece of pork into long thin strips.

Chop the garlic cloves chopped with a knife.

Finely chop the onion bulb.

In a skillet, pre-heat the butter, fry the onion cubes with garlic until soft.

Throw pork in the pan, fry for three minutes.

Pour with soy sauce, simmer on low heat, covered for about fifteen minutes.

Salt meat, add pepper to taste, put sour cream.

Close the lid again and simmer for twenty minutes.

Serve with a side dish.

Pork stew in sour cream in a slow cooker

Home Assistant-Multivarka copes with the extinguishing of meat. Cooked in it, braised pork in sour cream will melt on the tongue, will not burn, will not dry out. In general, it will turn out perfectly.


• six hundred grams of pork tenderloin;

• two small bulbs;

• one carrot (small);

• two tablespoons of flour;

• a cup of sour cream;

• vegetable oil;

• spices (a mixture of dried herbs for pork);

• pepper and salt.

Cooking Method:

Prepared dried piece of pork fillet cut into cubes of about three centimeters.

The bulbs, rinsed in cold water, cut into rings (can be diced, if desired).

Grate fresh carrots for Korean carrots (this way the feed will be more spectacular) or on a regular grater (finely).

Pour the oil into the bowl, warm up on the frying program.

Throw in the heated oil pork, fry for ten minutes, without closing the lid of the device.

If the frying program is not regulated, after turning off the appliance, it will turn on frying again, put carrots and onions in the slow cooker, mix, fry for five minutes.

Salt, add seasonings, sprinkle with pepper and flour, fry meat for five minutes.

Add water (about a third cup), mix.

Put sour cream, mix again. If sour cream is thick, pour in more water. Snap the lid and simmer on the appropriate program for an hour.

Pork stew in sour cream with potatoes

If you do not want to think about the side dish for meat, this recipe will help you out. A pleasant refreshing shade gives the dish celery, and piquancy - garlic. Cooking pork stew in sour cream is convenient in a large thick-walled pan


• a pound of pork pulp;

• liter of ready broth (meat);

• a pound of potatoes;

• two small bulbs;

• a piece of stem celery (50 grams);

• small carrot;

• two hundred grams of sour cream;

• one hundred milliliters of milk;

• two cloves of garlic;

• half a spoonful of salt;

• pepper to taste, salt;

• two tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• tablespoon flour.

Cooking Method:

From the pulp cut into thin bars.

Peel and chop the garlic.

Chop the bow.

Finely grate the carrots.

Cut potatoes in the same slices as meat.

Celery finely chopped.

Heat the oil in a large volume skillet.

Throw garlic, fry for a minute.

Add meat, fry for ten minutes, without closing the lid.

Put the vegetables, pour the broth, cover the dishes with a lid.

When the broth boils, add celery, salt, pepper.

Reduce fire to a minimum, stew meat twenty minutes.

Dissolve the flour in warm milk, pour under the frying pan lid.

Add sour cream, sprinkle with sugar, mix.

Stew until the sauce thickens, about seven minutes.

Pork stew in sour cream with mustard and spices

Mustard gives pork a spicy shade and a slight bitterness that does not spoil the sweetish taste of this meat. Turmeric, specified in the recipe, you can not add, if its flavor is not like.


• seven hundred grams of pork;

• a tablespoon of mustard;

• large onion;

• a glass of sour cream;

• vegetable oil for the pan;

• a pinch of red pepper and turmeric;

• fresh or dried basil (two tablespoons);

• salt to taste.

Cooking Method:

Pork cut into bars no more than a centimeter thick.

Bulb neatly chop rings.

In hot oil, fry the pork meat without lidding the pan.

Ten minutes later add the onions, fry for another five minutes.

Add half a cup of hot water, cover with a lid and simmer for about half an hour. Combine mustard and sour cream, put in meat.

Salt, add spices.

To languish under the lid fifteen minutes.

Pork stew in sour cream with sweet pepper

This dish is very tasty to cook in portion pots. Thanks to sweet pepper, the flavor will be fantastic, and the potatoes in the composition will allow you not to think about a side dish.


• three hundred grams of pork fillet;

• two carrots;

• two large bell peppers;

• one onion;

• half a cup of sour cream;

• some cooking oil;

• salt;

• pepper;

• fresh or dried herbs;

• Bay leaf;

• four medium potatoes.

Cooking Method:

Cut pork fillet into small pieces.

Preheat pan with butter.

Throw meat, pepper and salt.

Fry for 10 minutes, stirring.

Oven included at 250 °.

Cut the peeled carrots into beautiful rings or cubes.

Onions and greens finely chop.

Bulgarian pepper cut into strips or small cubes.

Cut potatoes into small cubes of the same size as carrots.

At the bottom of each pot, put a piece of bay leaf, put the fried pork.

On the same pan fry the onions with carrots so that you get a beautiful golden color.

Put potato cubes on top of the meat layer.

Put the peppers on the potatoes, then the carrot roast and the greens.

In each pot put sour cream and pour about a third cup of hot water. If there is too much water, it will begin to boil in the oven. If too little - the dish will turn out dry.

In the hot oven to keep the pots until the water boils. Then reduce the temperature to 180 °.

After half an hour, remove the lids from the pots so that the sour cream is baked into a delicious crust.

Potatoes and meat will be ready in an hour after the start of quenching. You can leave the peas in the oven at the minimum temperature so that the dish can taste well.

Pork stew in sour cream with cheese

Another version of pork stew in sour cream in the oven is meat under a cheese crust. Just preparing, and the taste is amazing. Be sure to try.


• a pound piece of pork pulp (you can take a little less);

• one and a half cup sour cream;

• three or four onions;

• tablespoon flour; • vegetable oil for the pan;

• a mixture of peppers;

• salt to your taste;

• a little nutmeg;

• two hundred grams of semi-hard cheese.

Cooking Method:

From pork fillet cut into thin slices with a very sharp knife no thicker than a centimeter.

On hot oil, fry each plate on both sides until a crust forms.

Put the prepared meat slices on a baking sheet, salt and sprinkle with pepper.

Meat juice (if it turned out a lot), pour into a plate.

Cut the onion into thin half-rings and fry it until transparent in the same pan, lightly salt it.

Fry the flour in a clean pan for a minute.

Sour cream with half a glass of water, pour into the flour and stir until all the lumps disperse.

Dressing sauce with salt, nutmeg, pepper.

Pour the meat with sour cream sauce.

Cook in preheated oven for half an hour at 200 ° C.

A piece of cheese grated into crumb.

Sprinkle with cheese and keep in heat until crusting.

Pork stew in sour cream - tricks and helpful tips

  • Pork with a yellowish fatty layer will have a bad taste. Choose the piece, which shows the fat layer of white or pinkish color.
  • For the preparation of pork stew in sour cream, tenderloin, loin, fillet, and pulp from the neck are best suited. The dish will turn out gentle.
  • To make the meat pieces melt in your mouth, you can beat them off first (especially if you are cooking meat under cheese using the latest recipe).
  • To cut the pork into thin slices, it needs to be frozen in the freezer.
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