Our exoticism is green walnut jam. Cooking matchless walnut green jam with peel

Our exoticism is green walnut jam. Cooking matchless walnut green jam with peel

Walnuts are perhaps the most common in their family. They are simply called nuts, without specifying the Greek origin and, as a rule, everyone immediately understands what it is about. Technology of cooking jam from these fruits, one of the most unusual and complex. And in general it is difficult to imagine what made the author of the first recipe take up its development.

Well, the experiment was a success! If you have time, patience and, of course, to have all the necessary products, the result will fully meet the expectations.

Green walnut jam - general cooking principles

• From two unripe walnuts, two completely different jams are made - black (dark) and light. In order to make light jam, the peel is necessarily removed from them; the dark is obtained if the peel is not removed.

• Green fruits collected for jam should be milky ripeness. If such a nut tries to pierce a toothpick, it will freely enter it.

• Cooking jam is a long process that requires a long preparation of “raw materials”. Freshly harvested nuts must be soaked in plain or lime water, and often in both.

How to soak the nuts in ordinary water:

1. Cut off the edges of the green flesh - from the tail and opposite to it. Make deep punctures in several places with a knife edge and insert a nail into the holes.

2. After that, fill with clean water and soak in it for 10 days. Be sure to change the water every 12 hours.

3. On the tenth day, remove the nuts, put them in clean boiling water and boil for ten minutes. Drain broth, and again fill the fruit with clean water for 24 hours.

How to soak nuts in lime water:

1. Without removing the skin and not cutting off the edges, soak the green fruits for 2 days in cool water. Be sure to change the water every five hours. 2. On the third day, replace the usual water with a lime solution. To prepare it for five liters of ordinary water take half a kilo of slaked lime. Bred lime in water, incubated for several hours. Then the lime mortar is drained from the sediment, nuts are poured over it and kept for at least four hours.

3. Fruits reach, thoroughly washed, in two or three places pierce and pour clean filtered water. Stand in it for 48 hours.

• Soak green nuts so that all bitterness comes out of them. If this is not done, the jam will turn out bitter.

• To enhance the flavor and aroma, cinnamon, cloves, lemon juice and spices are added to the jam. An original and unusual is such a dessert with cocoa or almond nested inside a walnut.

• Green walnut jam is easy to prepare for the winter. Tanks for it do not need to be sterilized, it is enough to wash them thoroughly with soda, then rinse with boiling water and dry well. After bottling the jam on the banks, it is immediately rolled up with boiled lids.

Green walnut jam with peel


• one kg of young nuts;

• kilogram of refined sugar;

• 300 ml of water;

• 40 gr. cocoa;

• a mixture of ground spices: ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves.


1. Prepared soaked nuts, rinse well and boil in cold water for three hours. Drain broth, and nuts cool.

2. Pour water into the granulated sugar, stir and put on moderate heat. Boil with continuous stirring until the grains of sugar are completely dissolved.

3. After the syrup is cooked, put boiled walnuts in it and cook the jam for at least two hours.

4. Two minutes before the end of cooking, pour a little syrup and dissolve the cocoa powder in it.

5. Add spices and cocoa to the jar. Mix well and, after boiling for another minute, pour the hot jam into jars.

Light green walnut jam


• walnuts, milky ripeness - 3 kg;

• cardamom - 5 grains;

• 10 gr. carnations;

• two kilograms of sugar;

• 10 gr. cinnamon;

• allspice peas - 5 pcs.


1. Remove the top coat from the fruit and process it with one of the appropriate methods.

2. Rinse the prepared nuts thoroughly and pierce them in several places. Fill with water and boil for 10 minutes from boiling over low heat.

3. Move the nuts to cold water for an hour.

4. Prepare syrup from granulated sugar. Put all the necessary seasonings on gauze, tie them in a “bag” and put them in the hot syrup along with the nuts. Boil for about five minutes and set aside for 24 hours. Then, again, just boil and leave for another day. Repeat this procedure the next day.

5. Remove the bag of spices from the jam, and put the cinnamon. Stir well, boil the jam for another two minutes and pour it over the jars.

Green walnut jam with peel


• young walnuts - 1.5 kg;

• two glasses of granulated sugar.


1. Put the nuts soaked in lime mortar and boil in cold water. After boiling, boil for three minutes and, turning off the stove, let it brew for two hours.

2. Then change the water, and boil the nuts again for three minutes and just leave to stand. Change the water again and also boil the nuts, but do not insist anymore, but transfer them to cool in a separate dish.

3. Dissolve granulated sugar in a liter of warm water and put on medium heat. Once the sugar is completely dissolved, add the nuts to the syrup and continue cooking, without changing the heat for three hours.

4. After that, drain the syrup and dip the nuts in the newly cooked hot syrup and continue cooking the jam until done.

Green walnut jam with lemon juice


• 2 kg of walnuts, milky ripeness;

• one kilogram of granulated sugar;

• carnation - 10 umbrellas;

• two large lemons;

• cinnamon.


1. Remove the peel from the nuts and process in one of the ways indicated in the principles.

2. Then rinse them thoroughly under the tap and boil until soft.

3. Sugar spread out 400 ml of water and put on low heat. When sugar dissolves, boil syrup quickly and remove from heat.

4. After it cools completely, dip cooled blanched nuts into it and pour in freshly squeezed lemon juice. Boil the jam with a slight boil for five minutes and leave, covered with a linen towel, for a day.

5. Boil the jam in this way three times, and for the fourth cook it until cooked.

Black vanilla jam from green walnuts with skin


• unripe nuts - one kilogram;

• a pound of sugar;

• a small piece of vanilla.


1. Pour the granulated sugar into the bowl and on the lowest heat with constant stirring, boil until the crystals disappear. After that, dip the vanilla into the syrup and cool it slightly.

2. Soaked blanched nuts pour warm syrup and leave. Boil is not necessary.

3. The next day, remove the nuts, and put the syrup on a moderate heat and cook until it thickens slightly. Again cool a little, and again fill them with nuts.

4. Repeat the process three more times.

5. On the fourth day bring the thick syrup to a boil. Put the nuts in it and boil the jam for at least ten minutes with a slight boil. After that, pour into containers and close.

Green walnut jam with citric acid


• one kilogram of milky ripeness of nuts;

• three and a half cups of sugar;

• filtered water - 600 ml;

• 1/4 spoonful of lemon.

Preparation: 1. Arrange the fruits on paper and leave for a day so that they slightly “dry”. Then soak them in water. How to do it in water without lime is described in the general principles of preparation.

2. Soak the nuts thoroughly, rinse, and blanch in boiling water for about five minutes. Drain the water and remove the peel from the cooled nuts.

3. After that, soak them again, but in lime water.

4. After two days, rinse the fruit, nadolite with a sharp knife and again soak in ordinary water for two days, changing it every six hours.

5. After that, nuts, re-blanch for a quarter of an hour and cool.

6. From the specified amount of water and sugar, boil the syrup and dip chilled nuts into it. Boil the jam for 10 minutes on low heat, then cool and let stand for a day.

7. After that, add “lemon” to the jam, bring to a boil and, after turning down the heat, continue cooking until ready. At the end add vanilla or cinnamon.

Black jam from green walnuts with peel - “Golden Middle”


• one kilogram of young nuts;

• granulated sugar - 1.2 kg;

• carnation umbrellas - 10 pieces;

• medium lemon;

• a small piece of orange peel;

• almond kernels.


1. Soak nuts with the peel for four days in plain water.

2. After soaking, remove the green skin from the fruit and soak for a day in lime water, as described in “general principles”.

3. Carefully wash off the nuts from the remnants of lime water and dip in boiling water.

4. After 20 minutes, remove, cool slightly and pierce each in the center of the tail with a sharp knife. Insert the almond nut into the “slot” and fill it with hot syrup.

5. Squeeze the juice from the half of the lemon into the jam, add the cloves and boil for five minutes.

6. After two hours, bring the jam to a boil again and continue cooking for 10 minutes. on minimal heat. Set aside for an hour again. So repeat three times. 7. In the last brew, put a small piece of orange zest in the jam and cook the jam until fully cooked.

Useful tips and tricks to make green walnut jam with skin

• Young walnut peel is excessively saturated with iodine. If the fruit is processed without gloves, the skin of the hands will become dark brown.

• If you still decide to work without gloves, wet your hands in vinegar - the skin will not stain.

• It will be easier to remove the green peel if the fruit is slightly “wiggled”, leaving it spread out on a paper sheet.

• To make jam, do not use aluminum or copper containers. It should be cooked only in enameled basins or stainless steel utensils.

• Selection of suitable fruits will have to lead ahead of time. Pick up the tree, giving the appropriate nuts, it is best for the year. Nuts need to be seen in the process of ripening in order to have an idea about the thickness of the outer layer of green flesh. Kernels worth trying ripe, dried and even slightly fried.

• Best suited nuts, which, being ripe, look large, quite elongated. Their shell is thick and light, with a large pattern. The kernels are large, strongly elongated, in outline resembling a chicken egg.

• Very good jam from very different fruits, small, almost spherical, with a thin dark shell. Their ripe kernels are sweet, but the jam will require a little more sugar. These nuts are less suitable for jam with the peel, soak them in water will also have a little longer.

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