How to drink vodka

How to drink vodka

Most of our compatriots are deeply convinced that the culture of vodka use is well known to them. In fact, the people who drink this drink correctly are significantly fewer among them than those who deviate from traditions. Mistakes, small or significant, when used or served bitterly, almost everyone admits to the table. So the question of how to drink vodka is not as simple as it may seem at first. If everyone followed these rules, drunken quarrels and fights would be much less, and a heavy hangover would not be an inevitable retribution for the pleasure received the day before.

Basic Rules

Vodka is not just alcohol diluted with water, as some people think. To balance the taste of the drink, it adds citric acid and glucose. In addition, vodka passes several stages of filtration, including the use of coal or even precious stones. Due to this, the drink has its own taste, close to neutral, and it should be drunk according to certain rules.

  • Almost everyone knows that they don't drink vodka warm. But it is not cooled too much. If you put it in the freezer, the water will quickly turn into ice, and the liquid will remain alcohol, and almost undiluted. The optimal temperature for vodka is 10-12 degrees. It gets this temperature if you put the bottle for a couple of hours in the main chamber of the refrigerator. Vodka glasses can be cooled in the freezer.
  • Special glasses are produced for vodka: faceted, expanding upwards, on a short thick leg, with a capacity of 50-70 ml (usually 50 ml). Fill them with a drink not to the brim, and not reaching them 5-7 mm. As a result, 30-35 ml of drink turns out to be in a glass. After the first three toasts, it is acceptable to fill glasses with a smaller amount of vodka. In the absence of suitable wine glasses, stacks of the same volume as above can be used. Piles of 30 ml or less (“thimbles”) do not drink vodka.
  • There are two traditions of using vodka: Russian and European. According to European tradition, a portion of the drink is divided into 2-3 small sips, according to the Russian drink it in one fell swoop. They do this in several stages: first they exhale the air, then overturn the glass into the mouth during a long breath, while allowing the drink to roll around the tongue, exhale sharply, smell a piece of fresh rye bread, then snack. It is not necessary to “zanyuhivat” vodka with bread, and before drinking a drink it doesn’t hurt to admire the steaming walls of the glass.
  • Drinking vodka is not allowed. This mistake is made most often. Not only does it interrupt the taste of the drink, it also contributes to rapid intoxication and a heavy hangover. The fact is that the body perceives the flow of fluid in significant quantities as an attempt to flush the stomach and not trying to cope with alcohol on its own. In addition, carbonated beverages irritate the walls of the stomach, improving the absorption of alcohol. It is necessary to drink a lot of fluids, but only after the libation, including to overcome the hangover. If you are thirsty, it is better to give preference to fruit or vegetable juices, fruit drinks, non-carbonated water.
  • You cannot mix vodka with other alcoholic beverages or alternate it with them for one evening. This leads to a heavy hangover, makes you quickly lose your sobriety of thinking. Cocktails with vodka are made and drunk in order to get drunk quicker after drinking at least a little alcohol. Neutral taste of vodka allows you to combine it with a variety of drinks. The combination of 7 parts of bitter with 2 parts of sour drink (lemon, cranberry or other juice) and one part of sweet component (syrup, liquor) is considered ideal.
  • Vodka glasses filled immediately before raising the toast. Between the first toasts, a break is made minimal, literally three minutes. Between the second and third glasses the interval is 5-10 minutes, after which it increases to 15-25 minutes.

The culture of drinking vodka involves knowing the measure. If you are not able to stop on time, then you cannot drink vodka.

How to drink vodka without hoping

There are several secrets of eating bitter, which allow you not to get drunk longer and to a lesser extent suffer from hangover.

  • A few hours before the supposed feast, drink 50 ml of vodka to prepare the liver for the next libation.
  • Half an hour before the holiday, you can take several tablets of activated carbon - it absorbs alcohol. The number of tablets is calculated depending on the weight of the person: one pill is required for every 10 kg.
  • A good idea would be to eat some boiled potatoes, seasoned with generous butter, some time before the feast. Potatoes, which have a loose structure, will absorb alcohol, and the oil, enveloping the walls of the stomach, will prevent its rapid absorption. For the same purpose, before a feast, they eat sandwiches with bacon or drink a spoonful of vegetable oil.
  • You should not drink various alcoholic beverages at the table, alternating them with vodka, especially with a decrease in their strength.

The effectiveness of the described methods is not scientifically proven, but popular experience is preparing for their effectiveness. All these activities are not mandatory, but it is not difficult to take such actions.

How to bite vodka

It is necessary to have a snack on vodka, and a snack is required. The first glasses are seized with hot dishes, then they go over to cold snacks, fruit.

  • Fried and stew meat is considered suitable as a hot snack to vodka, especially if pickles and hot pepper are included in the recipe. Go well roast, stew, steak, aza, chops, dumplings. You can eat vodka and the first dish, but not with a thin soup, but thick. Not bad goes vodka under soup, solyanka, pickle. It is not recommended to serve vodka with lamb dishes, boiled fish.
  • Cold pork dishes are considered to be the ideal snack for borscht. It can be bacon, smoked bacon, bacon, aspic. You can offer guests aspic from tongue or beef. Sausages to vodka to give undesirable.
  • A popular bitter snack is pickles. Well go pickles, tomatoes and other vegetables, mushrooms, sauerkraut. Well suited salty watermelons, pickled apples. Do not confuse pickles with pickled vegetables. They are perceived by the body differently and can play a cruel joke with you.
  • An unusual, but suitable snack to vodka is cottage cheese. From it you can make spreads for bread, mixing it with garlic and herbs.
  • Salted herring or other fatty fish make a harmonious union with vodka. Smoked mackerel, caviar and other salted seafood are suitable for it.
  • From lighter products to vodka, fruits can be offered, citrus fruits are especially well combined with it. Apples are also considered a suitable option. You can eat vodka watermelon.
  • An unusual option for vodka snacks is ice cream. An option for an amateur, but has the right to life.

It is important to remember that a snack is not food. Snacking vodka, it is important not to overeat. An oversaturated body sluggishly resists the effects of alcohol, with all the ensuing consequences.

Appetizers for cocktails are chosen taking into account their ingredients. Some of them (weak, long drinks) can be served and drunk without a snack.

Bloody Mary Cocktail


  • vodka - 50 ml;
  • tomato juice - 25 ml;
  • lemon juice - 5 ml;
  • salt, pepper - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Cool the ingredients of the cocktail in a cool way.
  • Pour tomato juice at the bottom of the cocktail glass.
  • Be careful not to mix the layers, fill the glass with vodka. Bartenders put it on the juice with a special spoon. At home, you can pour it on the blade of a knife.
  • Just carefully pour lemon juice on top.
  • Pepper and salt drink to taste. Serve without stirring.

Cocktail came up in 1920 with French bartender Fernand Petiot, calling it after the English Queen Mary I Tudor, famous for her bloody temper. The cocktail is drunk in small sips, but not too slowly, so that he does not have time to warm up before the glass is empty.

Cocktail “Impudent Monkey”


  • vodka - 20 ml;
  • dark rum - 20 ml;
  • freshly squeezed orange juice - 75 ml;
  • ice cubes - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Fill the glass with ice cubes.
  • Drinks pour into a shaker vessel, shake for 30 seconds.
  • Pour into a glass.

For decoration, you can use a slice of orange or a spiral of orange peel. Cocktail served with a straw.

Cocktail “Morning with the beloved”


  • vodka - 50 ml;
  • coconut syrup - 30 ml;
  • milk - 75 ml;
  • pineapple juice - 100 ml;
  • ice - 50 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Mix all ingredients in a shaker tank.
  • Shake vigorously shaker for 30-40 seconds.
  • Strain the cocktail and fill it with a tall glass.

The ladies like the cocktail very much, so it has this name. It turns out gentle and easy, something reminds “Pina Kolada”. The taste of vodka in it is almost not felt. Coconut syrup in the composition of the cocktail can be replaced by “Malibu” liqueur, but then the drink will be stronger.

California Screw cocktail


  • vodka - 30 ml;
  • grapefruit juice - 45 ml;
  • orange juice - 45 ml;
  • orange - 1 slice;
  • ice cubes - 100 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Shake vodka with grapefruit juice and orange juice in a shaker.
  • Fill a tall glass with ice, pour a cocktail into it.

It remains to decorate with an orange slice and insert a straw. Drinking a cocktail is easy, but after a while you can feel yourself as if screwed to a chair.

Habitual to everyone and affordable, when compared with other alcohol, vodka also has its own culture of consumption. If you drink it properly, you can avoid a heavy hangover. Neutral taste of vodka allows you to use it for cocktails.

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