Carob: Benefit and Harm

Carob: Benefit and Harm

Carob is a powder from dried carob fruits (pods). In appearance, it is very similar to cocoa, but differs from it in a light pinkish hue. Karob is very sweet - pods acquire this property after lying in the sun. Fresh fruit is absolutely inedible.

Carob has a lot of dietary fiber and practically no fat. The sweet powder is rich in minerals, especially potassium and calcium. It also contains a lot of phosphorus, sodium and magnesium. Carob contains plenty of B vitamins, PP and C vitamins.

Carob calories 222 kcal per 100 gr. powder.

How is carob useful?

With regular use, Carob effectively reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. Substances contained in it, have a beneficial effect on the skin and hair. Carob pods are great for preventing acne and rashes.

Carob is able to “neutralize” and remove toxins and harmful substances from the body. It has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora, and 2-3 teaspoons of powder will help with indigestion. A warm drink from carob is a great sedative. It improves the quality of sleep, is indispensable for insomnia and helps with excessive excitability of the nervous system. Carob hypoallergenic is a real find for people with allergies to sugar and cocoa beans. It can even be used by diabetics, small children and pregnant women.

The most harmless sweet

Kerob is widely used in cooking, as a natural substitute for cocoa or chocolate. Brown powder has an amazing feature - it does not change the color and taste of pastries.

Carobes are made with sweets and cakes, cakes and sweet fillings. Many are probably familiar with one of the most common ingredients of most sweets - carob gum. This is nothing but a carob acting as a thickener. It is added to ice cream, glazes, creams and desserts.

Carob used in the manufacture of chocolates. If you are addicted to natural chocolate, replace it with chocolate and carob. The taste of the tile is the same, but there will be no dependence. This is due to the fact that there are no addictive substances in the pods.

Confectionery with carob - salvation for sweet teeth, who want to lose weight. They do not add sugar, so their caloric content is much lower. In addition, the natural sweetness of carob allows people who care about their shape, it is a full-fledged delicacy.

Something about the harm of carob

Is carob harmful to health? To date, no negative effects on the human body have been noted. The exceptions are cases of individual intolerance, leading to nausea or vomiting.

However, scientists have not fully studied all the properties of the "sugar cones" and did not reach a unanimous opinion about the complete safety of this product. Therefore, even if you are crazy about carob - observe the measure.

Having decided to try a carob for the first time, do not abuse it - eat a small spoonful of powder or bite off a small piece of the pod. And yet - the pods are better to buy dried, not roasted. They are sweeter and healthier.

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