How to replace capers

How to replace capers

Few people know, but creating their legendary salad, Lucien Olivier used capers as one of the ingredients. Currently, hostesses easily replace this exotic product, and not only preparing the salad “Olivier”, but also creating other culinary masterpieces. It is about what to replace the capers, today and will be discussed.

Capers give the dish spice, sourness. Based on these characteristics, it can be concluded that it will be the best alternative to this product. Olives, olives and pickled cornichons are considered the classic variant for replacing capers. Some use home-picked unripe nasturtium fruits or dandelion buds. Third hostesses even consider that there are no hopeless situations, and they easily replace capers with pickled green tomatoes. Guided during the replacement should be what kind of dish you plan to cook.

In a salad

If you decide to make a salad, for example, the same “Olivier”, but there was no caper in the fridge, it’s not worth changing plans at all. Instead of these exotic buds, pickled gherkins can be used.

In fish and meat dishes

Of course, if instead of capers to use an alternative, the taste of the dish will no longer be so unusual as if you prepare the dish according to the original recipe. But if you decide to try a new fish / meat dish, in the list of ingredients which includes capers, if necessary, you can replace them with olives.

In sauces

Capers are very often used for making sauces, in particular, without this product, neither tartar nor remoulade, nor tapenade or ravigot can be created. However, if you do not have pickled buds of an exotic shrub, you can prepare the indicated sauces using chopped olives, poured with lemon juice instead of capers.

In the hodgepodge

There was a desire to pamper your beloved households with tasty salty honey, and capers, considered to be the obligatory ingredient of the dish, are not available? Do not be discouraged, because they can be replaced with both green olives and pickled gherkins, good, the alternative options are quite affordable, and finding them is not difficult in the nearest shop.

Despite the fact that we have offered you the most common alternative options for capers, yet if the recipe includes capers buds, we would advise you to try, but to find and use them for cooking. The fact is that capers differ in nothing with incomparable taste and give the dish such a highlight that pickled gherkins, olives and even nasturtium fruits are unlikely to be given. Perhaps you know other ways to replace capers, we would be grateful if you share them in the comments to this text.

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