Achma from pita with cheese - yes, yes, yes! Easier no pie! Recipes and build lazy pita from pita with cheese

Achma from pita with cheese - yes, yes, yes! Easier no pie! Recipes and build lazy pita from pita with cheese

Achma - Georgian cheese cake, which with its flavor will drive anyone crazy. The classic technology is quite complicated, requires kneading dough, but there is also pita!

With him, cooking achma is simplified, while the taste of the cake remains as worthy. Interestingly it turns out, the Georgian pie from the Armenian lavash.

But we are still not capable of this!

Pita with pita cheese - general principles of cooking

Lavash is used for making cheesecake thin, that is, Armenian. The approximate number of sheets is usually indicated in the recipe. But the size of the pellets may be different, so it is better to buy with a small margin.

Used for the filling of cheese, rarely alone. Often greens, garlic, cottage cheese are added to it, there are even recipes with potatoes and meat, you can see a little lower. Always achma prepared with pouring, which makes baking special, single, juicy.

Approximate composition of the fill:

• kefir or other dairy product;

• eggs;

• salt.

The cake is collected in layers. How to form it from pita, you can see in the recipes below. The top is usually watered with the remnants of kefir chatter, sprinkled with pieces of butter. Hachma is baked most often in the oven. The optimum temperature is 180, the average cooking time varies from half an hour to 45 minutes. It all depends on the number of layers and the type of filling.

Lazy pita from pita with cheese

To make a lazy cake, you will need pita bread and any Adygei type cheese, you can take suluguni or cheese.


• 2 eggs;

• 2-3 pita bread;

• 300 grams of cheese;

• 500 grams of kefir;

• 50 g of oil;

• 1 bunch of greens.


1. Break eggs into a bowl, add kefir. If salty cheese is used in the filling, then you can not put salt. Beat with a whisk so that the eggs are completely dissolved in the yogurt.

2. We rub cheese with rather large chips, put greens in it. But you can do without it.

3. Spread one pita in the form so that the edges hang out. 4. Pour the bottom with kefir mixture with egg, sprinkle with cheese filling.

5. Now you can simply cut a piece of pita to the size of the form and put a layer, but it is better to tear the cake into several pieces of 5-10 cm in size. Then each dip into the kefir mixture and lay out a layer of them.

6. Sprinkle cheese again.

7. We lay out pieces of pita moistened in kefir pouring. We collect the whole cake until the filling is over. Usually it turns out 3-4 layers in the form of medium size.

8. Fold the edges of pita bread, which hang from the form, inward, covering the cake.

9. Pour the remnants of the kefir mixture, scatter small pieces of butter on top, set to bake.

Pita bread with cheese, cottage cheese and green onions

For that baking, you need not only cheese, but also cottage cheese. The cake is special, very tender. Cottage cheese can be taken of any fat content, cheese of any sort, but the taste will depend on it and each time will be different.


• 0.3 kg thin pita;

• 400 grams of kefir, ryazhenka;

• 1 bunch of green onions;

• 3 eggs;

• 150 grams of cheese;

• 200 grams of cottage cheese;

• salt, oil.


1. Pound the curd until smooth, add grated cheese.

2. Enumerate green onions, cut and ship into the filling, stir, try. If salt is not enough, then you need to immediately fill up.

3. Mix eggs with kefir, preferably fat. You can take ryazhenka.

4. Putting the cake. We lay one pita in the form.

5. The remaining lavash cut into squares. Dip the pieces in the egg and lay out one layer at the bottom for compaction.

6. We smear the curd filling.

7. Again comes a layer of pieces soaked in kefir, then cottage cheese. We put a little stuffing, slightly grease the layer.

8. Close the cake with the edges of the cakes that hang down. If they are not enough, then you can leave a hole, do not worry.

9. Pour the remains of kefir, rub on top of a piece of butter 30-50 grams.

10. Bake for half an hour. Focusing on the crust on the surface, it should be well roasted. Temperature 180.

Pita bread with cheese and meat

From this cake achma with cheese and meat is really difficult to refuse. Any ground beef is added to the filling. Also feature of this recipe is that the filling is prepared without fermented milk products. Ingredients

• 3 pieces of pita bread;

• 1 egg;

• 1 carrot;

• 300 grams of minced meat;

• 2 onions;

• 30 ml of oil;

• 200 grams of cheese;

• 50 grams of butter;

• greens, spices;

• 180 ml of broth.


1. Cut vegetables into cubes, fry with 30 ml of butter. Add to them the minced meat. Cook for another ten minutes, season with spices.

2. Mix the broth with the eggs, beat a little with a fork.

3. Chop a bunch of greens and divide into two identical parts. We send one to the stuffing.

4. The second part of the green mixed with grated cheese.

5. We collect acma. As usual, we lay the bottom of a convenient form.

6. Spread half of the meat filling. Bottom shed for it is not necessary. If pita bread is very thin, then you can even strengthen the bottom of the cake with an additional layer.

7. Cut a piece of lavash piece in shape, cover the meat stuffing, pour broth, not very much, slightly moisten. Sprinkle with cheese filling. Half should go.

8. Make another layer of minced meat, then with cheese.

9. Close the cake edges. If the pita is left, then you can moisten the pieces and spread out on top.

10. Pour broth, if he stayed.

11. Take butter and grater. Rub a piece on top of the pie.

12. Meat achma is also baked for half an hour, we look at readiness.

Achma from pita with assorted cheese

To make such an achma, you will need several types of cheese. An example is given in the recipe. If there is no feta cheese, then you can replace it with a similar product.


• 6 pieces of pita;

• 200 grams of hard cheese;

• 500 ml of kefir;

• 350 grams of Suluguni;

• 150 grams of feta;

• 3 eggs;

• 50-60 grams of oil;

• greens, garlic.


1. Immediately prepare the fill, so as not to be distracted. Mix eggs and kefir, whip a little and set aside.

2. We are engaged in cheeses. Rub them on a coarse grater, mix everything together. Add garlic, greens. The filling is ready!

3. Spread lavash into shape. Pie get a lot. If necessary, you can reduce the number of products, but we do it in proportion.

4. Lubricate the bottom of the form with lavash kefir and lay out a layer of cheese toppings. 5. The rest of all pita we cut into squares, as for lasagna. Throw in a bowl of kefir in small portions. We take out the pieces and lay out the layers.

6. We form a puff construction until the cheese mixture is finished.

7. As usual, close the top of the cake with the edges of the cakes that hang down.

8. Water the remnants of the egg mixture.

9. Cut the butter, scatter the pieces on top and send to bake.

Pita bread with cheese and milk

No kefir? You can use ryazhenka, yogurt, yogurt. If there is no fermented milk drink at all, feel free to take milk. You can also make wonderful, even lazy, cheesecake with it.


• 4 sheets of pita;

• 500 ml of milk;

• 200 g of hard cheese;

• 400 g of cottage cheese;

• 30 g of oil;

• 3 eggs;

• 0.5 buns of dill.


1. Beat the eggs. Here it is desirable to beat them well, until frothy and then add milk, a pinch of salt. We set aside.

2. We prepare the filling according to the general principle. Grind cottage cheese, mix with grated cheese. Chop dill, you can add garlic. We try the filling, be sure to salt, so that the cake does not turn out to be bland.

3. We collect the product according to the general principle, lay out the first leaf of pita on the bottom, hang the edges. Then sprinkle with cheese filling. Bottom in this embodiment, do not need to lubricate with milk, otherwise the bottom will limp before time.

4. The remaining cakes we tear pieces into pieces or cut. Immerse in milk, remove and gently shake off the droplets. We spread the layers, alternating the filling.

5. Wrap the edges inward, pour out the milk mixture, sprinkle with oil.

6. That's it! We bake for half an hour, served warm or cold.

Pita bread with cheese and potatoes

Option economical and hearty baking based on the popular cake. Potatoes need to be pre-boiled in uniform or in peeled, but not shredded form.


• 3 pita bread;

• 3 potatoes;

• 250 grams of cheese;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 70 grams of oil;

• dill, salt;

• 400 ml of kefir;

• 3 eggs.


1. Beat eggs and kefir, as already mentioned, you can take another dairy drink. Mix a little salt. 2. We rub the peeled, boiled potatoes large.

3. Also rub cheese, send to potato chips.

4. Now you need to split a piece of butter in half and part and rub with chips, add to the filling. If the oil is softened, then we throw just like that, then stir it.

5. Do not forget to add garlic and greens. Stir thoroughly, salt.

6. We assemble the pie according to the knurled pattern, which has been repeatedly described in recipes above.

7. Top with the remnants of kefir and rub the other half of the oil.

8. We bake half an hour. Serve the cake while it is hot.

Cheese pita bread with useful tips and tricks

• Achma will be especially appetizing if you sprinkle the top with a thin layer of grated cheese, but always hard. It will melt and turn into a wonderful crust.

• It is believed that this achma is served only hot. Therefore, you should not wait for the cake to cool completely and it is better to send it immediately to the table from the oven.

• If the pita is dried up and crumbled, no problem, it will still fit for cheese pie. Just sprinkle the ode cakes, cover with a towel and wait a bit.

• You can bake the ashma not only in the oven, but also in the slow cooker. In this case, the cake is going right in the bowl, but it is advisable not to make the structure too high.

• Any cake can be varied. Add sausage, chopped tomato or some browned onions to the cheese. Especially this technique will help out if the fillings are small.

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