Omelet in the package: recipes for an unusual dietary dish. Cooking boiled omelet in a package of meat, berries, vegetables, greens

Omelet in the package: recipes for an unusual dietary dish. Cooking boiled omelet in a package of meat, berries, vegetables, greens

Omelet is a traditional “morning” dish, very tasty, healthy and low-calorie. Having a high nutritional value with a minimum of calories, it gives strength, but does not harm the figure. Boiled omelette has a particularly delicate flavor in the package.

The benefits of the omelet in the pact and its differences from the traditional dish

Traditional options for omelette cooked in a griddle, in the oven, in a double boiler or a slow cooker. The fact that you can make boiled omelet in the package, few know. Meanwhile, an unusual dish is different from the classic, and significantly.

An omelette made in such a strange way is completely free of butter. It is not necessary to fry it, so a crisp crust that is out of place in an omelet is not formed. It is harmful and even dangerous to health. Adults can make decisions on their own, but the child's body must be protected. Therefore, the omelet in the package is ideal for baby food.

In addition, an unusual method of cooking solves the most important problem of this delicious omelet: it makes the dish high, airy without any flour or semolina. To achieve this in a skillet or a slow cooker is very difficult. Even if a piece of lush, beautiful omelet gets on the plate, a modest egg cake often gets to the table.

The omelette in the package is guaranteed to turn out lush, maintaining a pleasant fullness and after cooling in the plate. Given the ease of preparation, this is a nice bonus to the undoubted benefits. There are other advantages: in boiling water, the dish will not be able to burn and does not require special supervision when cooking.

Like an ordinary omelette, an unusual boiled one can be complicated. For example, add meat, chicken, herbs, vegetables and other ingredients.

Omelet in a packet: general principles of cooking

Omelette base is prepared in the same way as for the preparation of a classic omelet. Milk is whipped with eggs and salt using a hand whisk, mixer, blender or the old fashioned way, by hand. Everything is very simple, and subject to the proportions of the taste of the dish will remain unchanged.

The technology of thickening boiled omelet in the package is special. Here is what you need to get excellent delicious dishes: • pan with boiling water;

• dense food package (it is best to take special plastic bags for freezing food, they are stronger and guaranteed not to tear);

• eraser clerical.

Here, in fact, all the simple set that is needed for the culinary experiment. The omelette mixture is left to be placed inside the bag, firmly tied it up and dipped in boiling water.

Cooked Omelet Recipes in a Package

The first experience of making an omelet in a pact should be pleasant, so you should master the classic recipe. In the future, you can switch to more complex dish options.

Classic Omelet

A minimum of ingredients make this recipe the perfect base for breakfast or dinner. It is possible to combine an omelet cooked according to the classic recipe with anything: ham, fresh vegetables, cheese, meat will do.


• three chicken eggs;

• 160 ml of fresh milk of normal fat;

• salt;

• one and a half liters of water.

Cooking Method:

Eggs must be washed first. The shell can be stained with honor, particles of dirt and feathers. All this needs to be washed off under running water, and then blot the eggs with a dry cloth.

In a perfect dry bowl, break the eggs.

Pour the rate of milk.

Beat vigorously by hand or with a mixer.

Salt and beat again.

Open a tight plastic bag and attach it to a deep plate so that you can not worry about the fate of the egg-milk mixture, that is, do not be afraid that it will spill out.

Pour the omelet base into the package.

Tighten the edges tightly and grab with a rubber band.

Put on the fire a small saucepan, pouring water into it.

Put the package with the future omelet in water and bring it to a boil.

Boil an omelet for ten minutes until thick.

The readiness of an omelet is determined by its consistency. As a boiled omelette in the package will be dense, it is ready.

Remove the bag with the prepared dish from the boiling water, put on the plate and allow to cool slightly.

Cut off the top of the bag with the rubber, trying not to burn your hands.

Put a lush, very tender omelet in plates and serve.

Omelet in a cauliflower bag

A more complex omelet recipe in a package includes various ingredients. For example, cauliflower. It contains many vitamins and minerals that are good for the body, it helps to fight skin problems, it is indicated for diabetes and gastritis. Ingredients:

• one hundred grams of cauliflower;

• three eggs;

• 140 ml of milk;

• salt;

• greens (optional).

Cooking Method:

Cut the cauliflower into thin slices.

Chop the dill with a knife as small as possible.

Break eggs into a bowl, mix with salt and milk and beat well until thick foam bubbles appear.

Add cabbage and greens to the omelette base.

Carefully pour into the bag as described above.

Boil an omelette after boiling for about half an hour.

Remove from boiling water, cut the bag and arrange into plates.

Sweet boiled omelet with berries

Surprise and delight a child with a sweet berry omelet - what better way to start a new happy day? As a filler for the egg-milk base, any berries are suitable: raspberries, sliced ​​strawberries, blueberries. If the berry miracle is prepared on a low-calorie diet, you can not put sugar in it. But the milk for this dish is not necessary.


• two eggs;

• two spoons of sugar;

• a handful of berries;

• a pinch of salt;

• half a spoonful of lemon juice.

Cooking Method:

Separate the whites from the yolks and beat until dense.

Squeeze lemon juice and add to proteins along with sugar and salt. Beat it all up again.

Pour the yolks and mix gently with a whisk.

Wash berries, lightly dry on a paper towel and pour into a bag.

Pour omelet base.

Tie a bag and boil for twenty minutes.

Omelet in a bag of meat and tomatoes

Very tasty and hearty dish will turn out if you cook an omelet with tomatoes and pieces of meat. Such an omelet can replace a full meal. Preparing quickly, which is especially nice after a busy day. Meat can be any. Boiled beef or poultry, a piece of baked pork, and high-quality shop ham will do as well. If desired, you can add your favorite spices in the dish.


• three eggs;

• half a cup of milk;

• one hundred grams of boiled meat;

• one small tomato;

• tablespoon chopped greens;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Cut meat into small cubes. If it is too wet, put on a paper towel so that the moisture is absorbed. Cut the greens and tomato.

Beat eggs, milk and salt, until bubbles appear.

Throw the meat and greens into the bowl with the egg base, mix.

Pour into the bag and cook in the main recipe for about half an hour.

Scrambled eggs in a package - tricks and tips

Boiled omelet can diversify shrimp, meat, vegetables, herbs and even berries. For the sweet version of an omelet, dried fruits are suitable: they do not give excess liquid. For a child, you can make a sweet dish by simply adding a teaspoon of sugar instead of salt.

By the way, boiled omelet is convenient to do in the morning, raising the child after sleep. While the package with the omelette base independently and perfectly boils in the pan, you can wash the baby, put it on, put the bed in order. When the morning business is over, all that remains is to get the finished omelet from the bag and arrange it into plates.

Instead of bags for freezing, you can take two ordinary plastic bags to insure against trouble. First, tightly tie one, then the second. This design is unlikely to break. In addition, be sure to check and tight package for freezing products, whether there are holes in it.

It is possible to lower a package into boiling water only if there is confidence in its strength. Resistant to thermal drops bags will safely survive swimming in boiling water. If there is no confidence in the strength of the package, it is better to dip it in warm water.

Cutting the package, you can severely burn yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to act very carefully so that the steam jet does not damage the skin.

A boiled omelette cooked according to any recipe is an easy, tasty, healthy dish. It ideally fits into the concept of children's, sports and dietary food and will suit everyone who adheres to a healthy diet.

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