Cake "Count ruins" with sour cream - affordable luxury! Recipes of the gently-crunchy cake "Count ruins" with sour cream


Dessert has not lost its popularity for more than 50 years.

Whether it is a professional pastry chef, a technologist or a lover of home baking, each contributes to its own flavor.

According to some sources, one, almost curious case formed the basis of the recipe. The confectionery factory spoiled a whole batch of egg white, and to hide this case, technologists gathered the broken pieces of unsuccessfully baked cakes and put them together with cream, lightly decorating the surface of the collected piles of sweet ruins, and came up with an intriguing name.

Perhaps the technologists were still professionals in their field, and just by the way remembered the technology of classic English cake, and that is why they saved the day.

The British, however, collecting their signature cake, also, from different pieces of everything in the kitchen, combine them with whipped cream. But sour cream can serve as a beautiful, light cream.

Cake “Count ruins” with sour cream - the basic technological principles

The technology of the cake lies in the fact that a composition consisting of sweets, sometimes related to various types of confectionery, and even just dried fruits, nuts, fruits and berries is collected on a basis made from any type of dough or other sweet ingredients. All these elements are interconnected with one or more types of cream.

In creating new variations of the cake, some home craftsmen succeeded even more than the technologists of the confectionery factory, who owned the idea of ​​creating a cake.

Moreover, new options for dessert appear more and more rapidly. Sometimes they amaze with their composition and refinement of taste. Such an interest in recipe cake is not surprising.

This recipe is universal in all senses. The complexity of its manufacture is such that if there are any cookies, sweets and fruits in the food supply, even a child can cope with it. To make such a dessert, there is no need to waste time looking for special or special ingredients. It is enough to show the maximum imagination and ingenuity.

1. Recipe of the cake “Count ruins” with sour cream and cherry


Sour cream 440 g

Sugar 250 g

Condensed milk 400 g

Lemon juice 30 ml

Cocoa powder 40 g

Soda 5 g


Flour (high grade) 280 g

Cherry (without stones) 180 g


Milk 1 tbsp.

Icing sugar 120 g

For glaze:

Chocolate bar 50 g

Cooking Procedure

Start baking by preparing the molds and heating the oven. Forms are lined with oiled parchment paper.

Sugar sand with vanilla mixed with sour cream. Add condensed milk, stirring to a uniform consistency. We extinguish soda with lemon juice. Divide the resulting mass in half.

1.5 cups of flour also split in half. Add cocoa to one slice. We combine one part of sour cream with sifted flour. In the other half of the sour cream we add the sifted flour and cocoa flour; add cherry. Thoroughly mix both halves of the dough, separately. In the prepared form we shift the dough. We bake.

Cooking cream. Pour the flour into hot milk with sugar, with continuous stirring to avoid the formation of lumps. Cook until thick and cool. Sour cream mixed with powdered sugar and vanilla. Add sour cream to chilled mass of custard. Ready cream remove at the time of the refrigerator.

Cold cake without cocoa - the basis of the cake. Chocolate cake with cherries cut into pieces. Apply a layer of cream on the base, and gradually, slide the chocolate pieces with cherries in a heap, holding them together with a cream.

For decoration, melt a bar of chocolate and a fine thread randomly apply patterns across the surface. You can also use cherries for decoration.

2. Recipe of the cake “Count ruins” with sour cream and meringues


Sour cream (25%) 200 g


Meringue 200 g

Boiled milk, condensed 400 g


Beat sour cream with condensed milk. The resulting cream lubricates the biscuit base, spread meringue.

3. Recipe of the cake “Count ruins” with sour cream, strawberry-banana

Product Composition:

Eggs 3 pcs.

Strawberry 200 g

Flour 60 g

Banana 1 pc.

Gelatin 10 g

Wafers “Artek” 250 g

Sour cream 700 ml

Chocolate, dark 100 g


Granulated sugar


Prepare a biscuit cake from eggs, 3 tablespoons of sugar and flour. This will be the basis for the cake.

Make puree out of a banana, but pre-hold the sliced ​​pieces in acidic water so that it does not darken. Melt the gelatin and add it to the banana puree. Then in the same puree add sour cream, combined with sugar and vanilla. Break the waffles into two - three parts. On the biscuit base quickly spread, alternately, slices of waffles and strawberries greasing each layer begin to harden with banana-sour cream.

When the cake is completely frozen, decorate it with melted chocolate, wafer crumbs and strawberries.

4. Recipe of the cake “The Count ruins” with sour cream and marshmallow, without baking


Shortbread 500 g

Chocolate Marshmallow 300 g

Cranberry Jelly 150g

Marshmallow, pink 350 g

Sour cream 470 g

Agar Agar 25g

Powder 115 g

Amaretto 50 ml

Oil, 170 g

Whipped cream 120 ml

Cranberry Syrup

Milk 350 ml


Crush vanilla cookies, and fill it with milk (150 ml). Wait until it swells, perebite blender with butter. Prepare the basis for the cake in this way in a form lined with parchment. In the remaining hot milk, dissolve the agar-agar and add warm milk to the sour cream, pre-mixed with powder and Amaretto. ” Put pieces of dense cranberry jelly, halves of two types of marshmallow alternately on the frozen sandy-creamy base, fastening each layer of ingredients with sour cream jelly. After about half an hour, get the frozen cake out of the mold and decorate it with cream peaks and a thin string of cranberry syrup.

5. Recipe of the “Grafskie ruins” cake with sour cream on a protein-nut basis


Proteins 12 pcs.

Powder 240 g

Flour 120g

Walnut (ground) 320 g


Roasted peanuts (peeled)

Cocoa 25 g

Yolk 6 pcs.

Oil 150 g

Milk 130 ml

Sugar 270 g

Sour cream, fat 300 g

Rum 30 ml

Melted chocolate 80 g


From cooled proteins whipped into strong foam, a mixture of ground walnuts, 100 g of flour, prepare nut-protein, airy dough and bake it at 140 ° C for 45-50 minutes. Boil in 150 ml of milk 20 g of flour, combined with cocoa, 130 g of sugar and vanilla. In the cooled cream, add the softened butter and that butter and beat the Charlotte cream with a mixer. Baked airy dough cakes, when cool, remove from the molds. Take one cake for the foundation of the “Count of the Ruins”. Break the other two cake in pieces. Combine the cream "shallot" with sour cream and nuts; add rum to flavor. Lay slice of aircake on the base, connecting them with a creamy mass. Decorate the cake with chopped peanuts and melted chocolate.

6. Recipe of the cake “Count ruins” with sour cream and refreshing mint flavor


Sponge Cake 2

Candied 150g

Oranges 500-550 g

Candy, mint caramel 200 g

Essence, mint

Spinach 100g

Mint, fresh (leaves for decoration)

Candy “Bird's milk” or “Winnie the Pooh” 250 g

Sour cream 450 ml (25%)

Sugar 120g

Agar-Agar 25 ml

Milk 120 ml


Pour spinach leaves with a small amount of boiling water, add mint essence and melted mint caramel (150 g). Smash the resulting mass thoroughly with a blender and combine the mint, sweet paste with sour cream and sugar. Mix well.

One biscuit cake, chocolates with a dairy filling break into pieces. Peel the oranges, freeing them from the membrane film, and also break them into pieces. Dissolve the agar-agar in the hot milk and enter it into the cream, mint cream. Quickly start to collect the cake, until the cream has not had time to harden. Place the prepared ingredients on the second sponge cake: candy pieces, candied fruits, oranges, sponge cake. Spread each layer with a refreshing cream, with mint flavor. Decorate the cake with fresh leaves and caramel thread, stretched from the remaining caramel.

Cunnings and useful tips on cooking the cake “Grafskie ruins” with sour cream

  • For sour cream creams, choose thick, greasy sour cream to always get a good cream.
  • Do not buy cream product for cream.
  • For the manufacture of confectionery products, special attention should be paid to the quality of the products used.
  • There are so many sweets in the world that it is impossible to even recognize and remember their name, not to try. But if it comes to the passion for baking art, then real inventors cannot be stopped.
  • They will definitely find new ingredients and create hundreds more recipes for a universal cake. Keep track of pastry news in the recipe section called “Count ruins”.
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