How to cook condensed milk at home in 15 minutes. Recipes for homemade condensed milk: in a multicooker, microwave, on gas

How to cook condensed milk at home in 15 minutes. Recipes for homemade condensed milk: in a multicooker, microwave, on gas

There is hardly a person who will remain indifferent to condensed milk.

This is such a familiar taste of childhood, which is a favorite delicacy of our children.

You often thought about cooking condensed milk at home according to recipes from natural products.

But they believed that this is a very complex and long process.

And if this can be done in 15 minutes and according to the best recipes?

Tempting? Let's try.

Condensed milk at home - principles of cooking

The most important rule for the successful preparation of any condensed milk recipe at home is the strict observance of the technology of the whole process. Any deviation in quantity, preparation time, required constituents, and not their substitutes may lead to unsatisfactory results.

The ingredients, that you need I, are mostly the same. Only variations of usage change. It:

Milk - use home-made milk or high-fat milk, i.e. 3.2%. It must be fresh! It is also recommended to use whole milk from which water was not removed and the fat content was not reduced. You will have a very liquid condensed milk, if the milk had a high water content.

Powdered whole milk (do not use a substitute) is a powdered food product, which is obtained in the process of drying milk. On its basis, milk mixtures are prepared.

Sugar. Instead of sugar in some recipes you can use icing sugar.

Butter. Be sure to keep it fresh. Oil is necessary in order to give fat to condensed milk.

Cream - preferably homemade or with a high percentage of fat.

The very process of cooking condensed milk at home for 15 minutes is the boiling of milk with sugar with simultaneous evaporation of excess liquid. In production, special vacuum evaporators are used for this. In them, the milk begins to boil very quickly, which leads to the evaporation of excessive moisture and the gradual condensation of the liquid. At home, according to the recipes, condensed milk is prepared in an open way, by boiling and evaporating the water with constant stirring. Therefore, if the product is liquid, it means that there is still a lot of water in it. Of great importance is the method of cooling it. To obtain a homogeneous mass, immediately after cooking, the container with the hot product should be dipped in cold water and cooled, stirring, to room temperature. And after that condensed milk can be put in the refrigerator for thickening.

Also, the successful result depends on the quality of the products, the thickness of the pan, the intensity of the fire. Consider all these factors when cooking.

For such a delicacy as condensed milk, it is impossible to bypass the question of caloric content.

Remember: 100 grams of condensed milk contains approximately 320 kilocalories.

The range of use of condensed milk in cooking is very diverse: from just using it in its natural form to adding cakes of different ways of cooking to creams.

These can be: pancakes, pancakes, rolls, apple pie, cookies in molds, biscuit, wafer cake cake with condensed milk, as well as a huge number of cakes, which use plain or boiled condensed milk for making cream.

Consider the most popular recipes.

1. A simple recipe for condensed milk from whole milk


• Milk - 200 ml or one glass.

• Sugar powder - 200 grams (a glass to a strip).


1. We take a wide and high pan. The wider the surface, the faster and more evaporation of milk will be, that is, it will quickly become more concentrated.

2. Pour all the milk into it, pour the icing sugar.

3. Put the container with the contents on a small fire.

4. After the milk boils, the fire is reduced even less. Stir milk constantly. The whole procedure should take 10 minutes.

5. Then in the prepared container with cold water we lower our saucepan. With constant stirring, cool condensed milk. Try to keep the water cold all the time (ice can be added).

2. A simple recipe for condensed milk from powdered milk


• Powdered milk (whole or skimmed) - 200 grams.

• Milk (with a small percentage of fat, about 1.7%) - 200 grams. • Sugar - 200 grams.

The amount received is 380 grams.


1. In a separate container, mix dry milk and sugar. It is better for this to immediately take the pot, which you will put on the fire.

2. Gradually add milk and mix thoroughly so that no lumps form. Use an ordinary whisk for this.

3. Put the mixture in a saucepan over low heat to bring to the boil.

4. With constant stirring, boil condensed milk over low heat for exactly 10 minutes.

5. Then turn off the stove and cool the saucepan with condensed milk in cold water.

6. Now you can pour condensed milk in a regular jar and put it in the fridge.

3. Recipe from Julia Vysotskaya (“Eating at Home”)


• Milk (preferably whole) - 200 grams.

• Icing sugar - 200 grams.

• Butter - 20 grams.

Amount received: 280 ml.


1. Mix in a saucepan all the necessary ingredients.

2. Over a slow fire bring the milk, powder and butter to complete dissolution. Use the best is not the most powerful ring.

3. When the mixture begins to boil, i.e. foam appears, screw the temperature to moderate.

4. Continue cooking, stirring continuously.

5. The time from the moment before boiling until the end of cooking - 10 minutes.

6. Remove the saucepan from the heat and place in a container with cold water to thicken.

7. After the condensed milk has cooled, pour it into a dry jar and put it in the fridge.

4. Recipe for condensed milk with cream


• Fresh cream - 200 grams.

• Sugar - 100 grams.


1. Beat fresh cream in a saucepan, gradually adding the required amount of sugar.

2. Pour the mixture into a saucepan moistened with cold water. This is done so that when heated, your condensed milk, made at home for 15 minutes, does not burn.

3. This mass must be kept on low heat, stirring constantly with a whisk. The required time is 10 minutes. 4. When the cream with sugar is brought to a boil, it is necessary to stir for another two minutes and turn off the burner. The cream at this time will be a nice yellow color.

5. After the mixture has cooled, it must be whipped a little. If the mixture is too thick, put it on fire for a while.

If the whipped cream is boiled more until thickened, you get a clay mass. From it you can make decorations on the cake. To taste, such condensed milk resembles candy bars.

5. Condensed milk in the slow cooker


• Milk 3.6% - 200 grams

• Powdered milk - 200 grams

• Sugar - 200 grams


1. Mix all the products in the multicooker bowl. The mass should be homogeneous, without lumps.

2. Turn on the “Soup” mode and bring the prepared mixture to a boil. At the same time we leave the lid open, since the milk can simply run away. Do not forget to stir all the time so that nothing burns.

3. After boiling, transfer the slow cooker to the “Baking” mode. The cooking time here depends on the consistency of which thickness you want to receive. The more time, the thickened condensed milk. In our case, the cooking time is 15 minutes.

4. After the condensed milk has cooled, you will most likely have to use a blender to give the condensed milk a homogeneous mass.

6. Condensed milk according to Dyukan, those who are on a diet

This recipe for cooking condensed milk at home is intended for people who are dieting or for diabetics. This condensed milk has an interesting coffee taste. It is prepared in the microwave.


• Skimmed milk powder (dietary product) - 3 tbsp.

• Corn starch (food additive for thickening) - 1 tbsp.

• Instant coffee (you can take any to your liking) - 1 tsp.

• Skimmed milk (0.1%) - 200 ml.

• Sugar substitute.


1. Make coffee in milk, in other words, dissolve coffee in warm milk.

2. Mix all other dry ingredients to taste. 3. Add dry foods to the prepared coffee and milk mixture. Mix everything and add sugar substitute to your taste.

4. It is necessary to cook in a microwave oven at a power of 800 W, 5-6 times one minute each. Stir the mixture in between.

5. After the end of the process, the resulting product is cooled and placed in the refrigerator.

Condensed milk at home in 15 minutes - useful tips and tricks

• Remember that condensed milk after cooling thickens greatly. Consider this fact when cooking.

• Do not digest condensed milk, as it will crystallize in a few days.

• If you don't cook enough, it will harden worse.

• If to replace granulated sugar with sugar, then condensed milk will turn out watery;

• Before using sugar for condensed milk, prepare light sugar syrup from it. For example, dissolve 180 grams of sugar in 100 mo of water. This will help the sugar to completely dissolve, leaving no grains, and condensed milk will be of better quality.

• If you are worried about strong foam in milk, then add soda at the tip of a knife to 1 liter of milk.

• If the cooked product cools slowly, then sugar crystals may form on its surface.

• When cooking, it is advisable to use enamelware.

Condensed milk can be bought, and you can cook at home in just 15 minutes!

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