Special home baking - buns without eggs. Cottage cheese, yeast, kefir and milk dough for buns without eggs

Special home baking - buns without eggs. Cottage cheese, yeast, kefir and milk dough for buns without eggs

Muffins love, perhaps, everyone! Simple pastries are well known to everyone since childhood. Who does not remember the buns that were served with compotes or tea in kindergarten and school?

Recipes for homemade, no less tasty, and equally airy buns without eggs, in our selection. They are simple and come to the place when you want a tasty baked, and eggs, by chance, are not at hand.

Egg-free Buns - General Cooking Principles

• Buns can be any. The dough for lush baking is kneaded on dry yeast, no more airy buns are produced without eggs on kefir or cottage cheese with a ripper, baking on milk will come out a little tighter. Buns can be rich and lean, with or without filling.

• The most commonly used toppings: apples, cinnamon, jam. The dough is flavored with vanilla, for taste, melted cheese or apples can be added to it.

• Kneading technology is no different from a similar dough with eggs. The absence of such a component necessary for baking as eggs practically does not affect the finished product. Buns are equally tasty and fluffy, but with a denser structure.

• Eggs are not even used to lubricate the surface of products. Lean buns are covered with starch diluted in water and sprinkled with sesame. Top baked pastry greased with sugar syrup or milk. You can not lubricate the buns at all, the taste will not suffer, only the appearance will change a little - the crust will not be so rich-ruddy.

Fast fast buns without eggs on kefir with sesame


• three and a half cups of flour;

• 300-350 milliliters of kefir;

• 60 gr. natural sweet cream butter;

• sugar - 50 g .;

• A spoonful of salt “Extra”;

• spoon of starch;

• half a glass of water;

• sesame seed;

• three spoons of powder ripper, factory made.


1. Sifting flour, pour half of it into a bowl. Add salt, baking powder and sugar, slowly stir whisk. It is also possible with a spoon, but with the first method all components will disperse evenly.

2. Coarsely rub the butter over the flour, intensively rub it all over with your palms into a fine crumb. We form a small hillock and in the center we make a wide, deep funnel. Fill it with warm kefir. 3. Spoon, moving the flour from the sides, mix it with kefir. Then, adding parts of the rest of the flour, knead the dough. It should turn out abrupt and soft, not hammered by flour. We split kefir dough into balls, about 8 cm in size.

4. Lubricate the bottom and walls of the pan with refined oil, unfold the blanks of future buns. Lubricate the surface with starch diluted in cool water, sprinkle with sesame.

5. Bake at 200 degrees to a pleasant blush for about twenty minutes.

Airy buns without eggs on dry yeast with jam


• full glass of kefir;

• 11 gr. “Fast” quality yeast;

• half a cup of frozen oil;

• 10 gr. fine salt;

• three glasses of high-grade flour;

• any thick jam;

• a teaspoon of sugar in the dough, and a tablespoon for the syrup;

• a quarter cup of water.


1. Mixing kefir with vegetable oil, put in a water bath and warm up a little. Constantly stir the mixture to warm it evenly. We monitor the temperature, it should not be above 39 degrees.

2. Having crossed the flour for the first time, add salt, yeast and sugar, repeat the procedure. Gradually pouring kefir mass to it, knead the dough. Not too tightly cover the container with the canvas and leave, waiting for the rise, in a warm room.

3. After about half an hour, when the dough will double in volume, lay it on the table. Pouring flour and slightly crushing hands, we split into balls.

4. We roll blanks on rectangles, eight centimeters thick. Put jam on the center and press it lightly. We first wrap one free edge on the stuffing, impose a second edge on it and make a two-centimeter cut in the center, cutting both layers of dough to jam.

5. We tuck the edges down, tightly pinching and slightly turning, we form an oval-shaped blank. We transfer them to the baking sheet, after having pre-lubricated it with vegetable oil.

6. Formed buns leave under the cloth for up to a quarter of an hour, then send in a hot oven.

7. Dissolve the sugar selected for the syrup into quarters of a glass of water.

8. We bake buns for about fifteen minutes, then, removing and smearing the syrup, put in the oven for another seven minutes.

Lush buns without eggs on kefir - “Cheese”


• processed cheese - 300 gr .;

• oil, lean, frozen;

• two spoons of purchased ripper;

• kefir - 300 ml;

• 16 gr. sugar refined sugar;

• wheat flour - 350 gr.


1. In warm kefir pour oil. Heat the mixture well, stir in sugar, melted cheese and salt.

2. In a separate flat bowl, sift the mixture of the cultivator with the flour, pour the kefir with the butter and knead the dough. It turns out a bit sticky, but if you moisten your hands with oil, it will be easy to work with it.

3. Covering the bowl with a napkin, wait 20 minutes. Then roll the round buns, place them on the buttered chafing dish. We bake in a hot oven, heating - 190 degrees, duration - 25 minutes.

Yeast buns without cinnamon eggs - “Rosettes”


• milk - 250 ml;

• 2 spoons of “instant” yeast granules;

• sugar - 50 g .;

• a pack of good margarine;

• three and a half glasses of high-grade flour;

• salt - 0.5 spoons.

For the filling:

• butter - 2 spoons, high quality, sunflower;

• sugar;

• cinnamon, ground to a state of powder.


1. In a saucepan, with minimal heat or water bath, melt the chopped margarine. Cool the oily mass to air temperature.

2. Mixing the yeast with sugar, salt, pour into warm milk, carefully stir completely dissolving bulk products. Add the cooled margarine, bring to homogeneity.

3. Gradually pouring flour into the yeast mass, slowly knead. It will turn out well doughy, not heavy dough. After collecting it in a ball, put it in a bag and put it in the fridge for four hours. It is preferable to leave overnight.

4. The dough that has settled in the cold rolls out into a rectangular layer, centimeter thick. Moistening it with vegetable oil, sprinkle liberally with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. We roll the dough and stuffing into a thick roll, cut into pieces of five-centimeter width.

5. We cover the brazier with parchment, apply vegetable oil on it. We take slices of roll, tightly pinch from one side and put this side in a baking sheet. Twenty minutes we stand warm under a towel. 6. Bake for about 20 minutes, visually watching the crust.

“Apple Roses” - fragrant cottage cheese buns without eggs


• high-quality refined oil - 120 ml;

• milk - 150 ml;

• low-fat cottage cheese - 300 gr .;

• 160 gr. sugar;

• two spoons, no slide, factory ripper;

• 600 gr. wheat flour;

• a teaspoon of vanilla powder.

In the filling:

• two spoons of white sugar;

• 40 gr. homemade, frozen cream;

• two teaspoons of ground cinnamon;

• sweet and sour apples - 300 gr .;

• four spoons of dark sugar.


1. First, prepare the filling. Peel the apples, cut them in small pieces, into cubes. In a skillet or thick-walled pan melt the butter. Put apples in it, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Stirring occasionally, simmer for about five minutes, then fold back onto a sieve or colander.

2. Cooking curd dough. On a sieve we grind cottage cheese into a wide bowl, add milk, sugar and vegetable oil. Thoroughly whisk and then cross the flour with the ripper, knead.

3. The resulting soft dough roll out a five-millimeter layer, trying to give it a rectangular shape. Spread brown sugar evenly over the surface and roll it slightly with a rolling pin. Then evenly distribute stewed apples, but not over the entire area, we occupy only half. Starting from the apple filling, turn.

4. The resulting roll cut into pieces, a width of about 5 cm. Form the buns, take one of the pieces, tightly pinch one of the cuts and set, dropping this side down into a well-oiled shape. At a short distance lay out another, the same billet preparation. About 20 buns come out of the specified amount of products.

5. Place the roaster in the hot (170 degrees) oven, prepare apple buns, about 40 minutes.

English buns without eggs with apples - “Skony”


• sweet apples with dense pulp - 450 gr .;

• 80 ml of milk, you can home;

• wheat flour - 450 gr .;

• 110 gr. butter medium fat;

• two tablespoons of sugar in the dough and some for sprinkling;

• 10 g baking powder bag; • a teaspoon of vanilla powder;

• cinnamon powder.


1. Sift flour with ripper into a spacious container. Add the chopped butter into small pieces and rub it into a crumb. Add a quarter teaspoon of salt, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla, mix.

2. Peel the apples. Some of the fruits are rubbed on the coarse side of the grater, while others are cut into small pieces in cubes or cubes. If the grated apples gave a lot of juice, it is better to drain part of it.

3. Put the chopped apples in a bowl with mixed products, add milk, knead. Then we transfer it to the table, kneading it with our hands, make it more uniform and plastic.

4. Roll out the apple dough into the formation, at least 1.5 cm thick, with a glass cut out from it blanks of buns, which we shift to the baking sheet. Do not forget to pre-rub the bottom with vegetable oil and lightly powder the oil layer with flour.

5. Lubricate the surface of the skove with milk, lightly sprinkle with sugar and set to bake in a preheated oven. We bake about half an hour.

6. Chilled pastries can be lightly powdered with powdered sugar, as a decoration.

Buns without eggs - useful tips and cooking tricks

• It is not necessary to form large buns. Small products will not only rise better, but they will be baked more quickly.

• Do not try to spread buns on a baking sheet tightly. Let them fit less, but the products will bake evenly. Leave a gap of at least one and a half centimeters between blanks.

• Bake only at recommended temperature conditions. Any deviation can only hurt. If the temperature is higher, the buns can turn out to be clenched; at lower temperatures they will dry.

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