Fast pancakes - a favorite treat in the post. The best recipes for making lean pancakes: on mineral water, on tea, on yeast

Fast pancakes - a favorite treat in the post. The best recipes for making lean pancakes: on mineral water, on tea, on yeast

Many people think that cooking pancakes in the post is impossible.

After all, the main components of this favorite pastry since childhood are eggs and milk.

Today we will tell you how to cook your favorite delicacy in a post without using meager products.

At the same time pancakes will turn out to be as tasty as in cow's milk.

Lenten pancakes - the basic principles of cooking

Necessary products for lean pancakes: water, sugar, vegetable oil, flour and salt. The dough is made on a yeast or lean basis. It is kneaded with mineral or plain water, broth from vegetables, fruit or vegetable juices.

You can experiment with flour. Rye, wheat, oatmeal or buckwheat flour will make pancakes with different flavors.

As a filling for sweet pancakes use berries, ground with sugar, jams, honey, a mixture of dried fruit with nuts or pumpkin. It all depends on your imagination and desire.

Unsweetened stuffing is made from mushrooms, cabbage, buckwheat, legumes, greens, or any other vegetables.

Recipe 1. Fasting pancakes on mineral water


highly carbonated mineral water - 600 ml;

some salt;

flour - half a kilo;

sugar - 60 g;

100 ml - sunflower oil.

Method of preparation

1. Sift flour into a wide, deep container. In mineral warm water dissolve granulated sugar and salt.

2. Put the sweetened mineral water gradually into a container of flour and knead enough liquid dough. Leave it to rest for half an hour at room temperature. Pour a couple of tablespoons of hot oil into the dough and mix with a whisk so that it spreads evenly over the dough.

3. Fry the pancakes in a frying pan, in which they heated the oil, without lubricating it, from both sides to rosy.

Recipe 2. Lenten yeast pancakes


a glass of wheat flour;

lean oil - 50 ml;

two art. warm water;

80 grams of granulated sugar;

bag of dry yeast;

some salt.

Method of preparation

1. Combine some flour with yeast and cover with a glass of warm water. Leave the brew for half an hour for the yeast to start working and the flour to swell. 2. Mix the rest of the flour with sugar. Pour a glass of water into this mixture.

3. In the bowl with flour and sugar, add the yeast that started to ferment, mix well with a mixer and leave the dough warm. As soon as bubbles appear on top, you can start baking.

Recipe 3. Fasting pancakes on the water


375 g of flour;

half a liter of water;

on a pinch of salt and baking soda;

two art. l vegetable oils;

30 grams of granulated sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Dissolve salt and sugar in water. Pour the sifted flour in several portions and beat the dough with a mixer until smooth, so that no lumps form.

2. Soda quench with vinegar and lay out in the dough, pour in the sunflower oil and once again mix with a mixer.

3. Heat the pan, grease it once with butter, and bake pancakes.

Recipe 4. Buckwheat Lenten Pancakes


400 ml of water;

sugar - Art. l .;

dry yeast - h. spoon;

refined oil;

75 g wheat flour;

buckwheat flour - 75 g;

a pinch of sea salt.

Method of preparation

1. Yeast diluted in warm water, pour salt and sugar. Then we enter the wheat flour in small portions and beat with a mixer until smooth. The dough is wrapped in plastic and left to warm.

2. When the dough fits, add buckwheat flour, mix, pour in water (100 ml) and stir again. Cover the container with cling film and leave to warm for another hour.

3. Pour in the remaining water, mix well so that there are no lumps.

4. In a well-heated pan, bake pancakes. Served with jam, honey and berries.

Recipe 5. Fasting pancakes on tea


black or green tea - 250 ml;

30 ml of sunflower oil;

flour - six tbsp. spoons (with top);

a pinch of salt;

baking powder - bag;

sugar - 75 grams.

Method of preparation

1. Brewed tea is cooled. Pour it into a deep container, dilute with oil and add sugar, salt. Knead until dissolving bulk products with a whisk.

2. Pour the sifted flour in small portions without stopping to whisk so that the dough does not form lumps. At the end add baking powder and mix. 3. We bake pancakes from two sides to rosy and hot-skinned square.

Recipe 6. Lenten pancakes with berries


raw yeast - 25 g;

sugar - 100 g;

flour - one and a half glasses;

vegetable oil;

blueberries - half a cup;

salt - pinch;

warm water - 250 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Pound the yeast with sugar, pour in some warm water and knead well. We salt, and in small portions add flour and knead the dough. Cover the dough with a clean towel and leave to heat for fermentation.

2. Pour the washed berries in a blender and mash into mashed potatoes.

3. In the risen dough we spread the pureed berries, mix and fry over high heat.

Recipe 7. Lenten pancakes with lemon and apple juice


Art. flour;

apple juice - 100 ml;

sunflower oil;

water - 420 ml;

lemon juice - 20 ml;

half a cup of sugar;

bag of baking powder.

Method of preparation

1. Pour all the bulk products into a deep bowl and mix.

2. We dissolve apple juice with warm water, add lemon juice and lean oil, mix with a whisk.

3. Pour some of this liquid into the flour, knead with a whisk, and only then gradually add the rest of the liquid, without stopping to knead to avoid lumps.

4. Lubricate the pan with oil and heat well. We bake pancakes on high heat.

Recipe 8. Lenten pancakes with potatoes and greens



three art. water;

flour - two and a half Art.

soda and sea salt - 5 g;

refined vegetable oil - a quarter cup;

any greens - 30 g



sweet pepper - 100 g;

unrefined olive oil - 75 ml;

some salt.

Method of preparation

1. Peeled and washed potatoes cut into slices. Dip it in boiling water and cook until soft. Water is drained, and mash boiled potatoes in mashed potatoes, adding the liquid in which it was boiled. Wash and clean the seeds of sweet peppers. Cut it into small cubes and lay in a puree, pour in olive oil, salt and mix everything well.

2. We touch and rinse the greens under the tap. Put it on a disposable towel so that it dries. Finely chop up the greens and lay out in a bowl, pour water, add oil, salt and baking soda. Gradually add flour, whipping continuously with a whisk, to avoid the appearance of lumps. The consistency of the dough should be like that of thick cream. 3. We bake pancakes in a greased pan until golden. On a little cold pancakes put a little stuffing and wrap the envelope.

Recipe 9. Lenten pancakes with soy milk


a glass of flour;

5 g of salt and sugar;

water and soybean milk - half of the article;

50 g of honey;

lean oil - 60 ml.

Method of preparation

1. In a deep bowl, mix the flour with salt and sugar. Pour in sunflower oil, soybean milk and water, add honey and knead the dough. Cover the container with the dough film and put in the fridge for two hours.

2. Heat the pre-greased pan, pour in some dough and distribute it over the whole bottom of the pan. We bake on both sides until rosy.

Recipe 10. Lenten pancakes with cherry sauce



flour - a glass;

baking soda and salt - on a pinch;

turmeric - h. spoon;

warm water - half a liter;

lemon juice - 10 ml;

lean oil - 40 ml;

sugar - 70 g


200 g frozen pitted cherries;

water - 20 ml;

cornmeal - h. spoon;

sugar - two tbsp. spoons.

Method of preparation

1. In a bowl, sift flour, combine it with bulk ingredients and mix well. Water diluted with vegetable oil and lemon juice. Pour half the liquid into the flour and knead the dough, rubbing the lumps. Gradually add the rest of the liquid and knead enough liquid dough.

2. Lubricate the pan with oil, heat it and bake ruddy pancakes. Put them in a pile on a plate.

3. In a small saucepan lay out the berries of the cherry, fall asleep with sugar and set on a very slow fire so that the sugar is completely dissolved. In a separate plate, mix the flour with Art. a spoon of flour. With a thin stream we introduce the mixture into the cherry syrup, stirring continuously, and simmer on the fire until thick. Pancakes served, pouring cherry sauce.

Recipe 11. Lenten millet pancakes on the dough


flour - three glasses;

vegetable oil, unrefined - half a glass;

millet flakes - a glass;

salt - 5 g;

water - 5 glasses;

sugar - 50 g;

dry yeast - a small bag.

Method of preparation 1. Fill boiled water with millet flakes, set on low heat and cook for three minutes. Cool the resulting porridge.

2. Take a third cup of water and dilute the yeast with two pinch of sugar in it.

3. Pour the flour into the cooled porridge, mix, add a glass of water, continuously stirring, salt and add the yeast and sugar. Knead the dough, cover with film and set for an hour in the heat so that it rises. After this time, pour in another glass of warm water and vegetable oil and mix everything again.

4. Heat the greased pan well and bake pancakes.

Recipe 12. Lenten oat pancakes


flour - two and a half glasses;

vegetable oil - 80 ml;

oatmeal - two items;

baking soda - pinch;

water - liter;

salt - 5 g;

60 g of sugar;

starch - 20 g.

Method of preparation

1. In the evening, pour oatmeal with water. The next day, filter the resulting mass. It should be about a liter of oatmeal milk. Pour lean oil into it, add sugar, soda, salt and starch. Stir. Now pour the flour in small portions and whisk with a whisk to make the dough without lumps.

2. Heat the oiled frying pan and bake pancakes. Serve pancakes with honey, berry sauce or jam.

Recipe 13. Lenten semolina pancakes


semolina - glass;

turmeric - pinch;

water - one and a half glasses;

salt - 5 g;

carrot - 2 pcs .;

onion head.

Method of preparation

1. Peel the head of the onion, rinse, chop finely and fry in a heated pan with turmeric until rosy color. Add to the onions cleaned and finely grated carrots and fry until soft.

2. Mix the semolina with water, spread the fried vegetables into the dough and bake the pancakes in a hot frying pan.

Recipe 14. Lenten Chocolate Pancakes


flour - 250 g;

vanillin - bag;

whole grain flour - half a glass;

cinnamon and salt - on a pinch;

oat flakes - 1/3 of a grade;

sugar - 50 g;

water - one and a half glasses;

baking powder - three tsp;

vegetable oil - 70 ml;

50 g of cocoa powder.

Method of preparation

1. Fill the oatmeal with water in the evening. The next day, put the whole oatmeal in a blender and beat well. Strain the mixture. The dough will go and milk and flakes. 2. In a separate deep container, mix the flour with the other bulk ingredients. Pour in small portions of oatmeal milk with particles of flakes and whip a homogeneous batter. At the end, pour in vegetable oil and mix so that it spreads evenly throughout the dough.

3. Pour the dough on the bottom of the hot oil in a frying pan, distribute it evenly along the bottom and bake the pancakes until rosy. Putting pancakes in a pile. Served with jam or honey.

Lenten pancakes - tips and tricks from chefs

  • Due to the lack of milk and eggs in the dough, lean pancakes can turn out to be pale. To make a delicious color, add turmeric or cocoa to the dough. In unsweetened pancakes, you can add chopped greens, it will add bright colors.
  • To make pancakes taste more interesting, dilute the water with fruit juice.
  • If you plan to cook pancakes with vegetable filling, pancakes can be made on the basis of vegetable pickle or juice.
  • To make the pancakes turn out with holes, start the dough on highly carbonated mineral water.
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