Natural dyes for Easter eggs

Natural dyes for Easter eggs

Multi-colored dyed eggs - Krashenki - are considered, perhaps, one of the main symbols of the main holiday of Christians, the Great Passover, loved by the people. The tradition to present on Sunday family and friends with Easter eggs, according to church traditions, comes from Mary Magdalene, who gave the egg to the Roman emperor Tiberius and told him about the Resurrection of Christ. After this story, the egg in the hands of the pagan emperor turned from white to blood red, and then Tiberius believed the news.

Now the chemical industry offers many paints for coloring Easter eggs, of course, they are all bright and beautiful, however, everyone has the right to decide for himself how harmless they are to health. The people from time immemorial used natural dyes, and although the eggs were not so bright, the housewives tried to decorate them with love with various patterns and paintings.

How else can you paint Easter eggs?

The most popular paint for krashenok is onion peel. It was poured with water, boiled or insisted for 6-8 hours, and then eggs were cooked in this infusion. Depending on how much husk was taken, the color of the eggshell varied from light yellow to saturated brownish red. In the same color you can paint eggs and strong tea.

Light yellow color can also be obtained from turmeric, pharmaceutical chamomile or grated carrot.

  • 3 tbsp. Spoon turmeric with hot water, boil and boil eggs in it.
  • Into a liter of water, pour out 4 bags of chamomile, hold on low heat for about half an hour, and then boil eggs in the resulting broth.
  • Pour 3 tbsp. spoons of turmeric and the same amount of grated carrots with a liter of hot water, boil for 30 minutes, and then place the future eggs in the resulting paint.

Gentle pink color will give beetroot juice or sprigs and bark of a cherry tree; to do this, place boiled eggs in pressed juice from beets or hot broth of cherry bark for a while. Natural coffee and pomegranate peel will color the shells in a brownish color.

Orange or mandarin zest, paprika, carrot juice - each individually give the seed a beautiful orange color.

  • For half an hour, boil 6-8 teaspoons of paprika in a glass of water, then place eggs in this decoction.
  • Dip the already boiled eggs into fresh carrot juice, optionally adding turmeric to it, the hue will depend on its quantity.

Blue will help you get red-headed cabbage. To do this, finely chop small forks, add half a liter of water, 5-6 tbsp. spoon vinegar and let stand overnight. In the morning, put boiled eggs in this solution and hold until the desired shade.

In purple, blue or grayish colors, eggs will decorate broths of blueberries or blueberries harvested from autumn. The intensity of the color depends on the number of berries in the broth.

Lime color is obtained from dried tops from carrots, spinach or parsley.

  • A handful of dried grass Fill 0, 5 l of water and put for 30 minutes. on a slow fire, and then boil eggs in this broth.

A few more tips that may come in handy when dyeing

To prevent eggs from cracking during cooking, hold them outside the refrigerator for at least an hour, and wash them in warm water just before dyeing.

  • After dyeing, wipe each dye with sunflower oil, then the shell will become shiny and bright.
  • Before dyeing, soak the egg and sprinkle the surface with rice, buckwheat, or millet groats, carefully wrap a piece of gauze so that the grains do not crumble, and put in the broth. Egg will turn out in a speck.
  • If, before dyeing, we wind multi-colored threads on each egg, after painting, beautiful stains are formed on it.
  • Tightly apply onion peel to the egg to be painted, wrap with gauze and get an interesting “marble” pattern.
  • Replace the onion peel with a birch leaf or a sprig of parsley, and the egg will appear with the same pattern.
  • Original patterns can be obtained by tightly wrapping an egg before coloring with a lace rag.
  • Already painted egg blot with a napkin, put in a small pile or stand for eggs and paint with a thin brush watercolors. Drawing depends on your skill and imagination.

As you can see, all methods are fairly simple and completely harmless.

Get ready for the holiday, make beautiful daughters and Light Easter to you!

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