Tomatoes with garlic - two raw materials for hundreds of dishes. A selection of the most delicious garlic tomato appetizers with detailed recipes

Tomatoes with garlic - two raw materials for hundreds of dishes. A selection of the most delicious garlic tomato appetizers with detailed recipes

Tomatoes and garlic - a duet that is hard to resist. Based on these two ingredients created a huge number of recipes. Here are the best snacks from tomatoes with garlic for a festive and everyday table.

Tomatoes and garlic snacks - general cooking

Tomato and garlic snacks are hot and cold. Often they add cheese, eggs, nuts, eggplants, peppers, zucchini and other products. But in order to make the dishes really tasty, you need to select the ingredients correctly.

Tomatoes. You can use both red and pink or yellow. The snack will be more elegant and beautiful. Usually tomatoes are cut into rings, slices. If you need to remove the entrails for stuffing, then this can be done with a spoon. Fresh snacks, like salads, should not be salted in advance, so that vegetables do not give juice. If the recipe is used marinade, it is better to fill it in chilled. So the vegetables will retain their shape, the pieces will remain neat.

Garlic. In snacks, its amount can be changed to your liking. It is important to chop the garlic thoroughly so that it is evenly distributed in the dish. This can be done through a press, grater or cut with a knife. If you use any sauce, you can add garlic immediately into it, mix well and let it brew.

Cheese and curd. They are frequent companions of tomato and garlic snacks, as they go well with these vegetables, emphasize their taste and make the vegetable platter more satisfying. Cheese is usually rubbed on a coarse or fine grater. Cottage cheese before use must be carefully kneaded, you can rub through a sieve or grind blender. If the cheese is dry, then you can add a little sour cream, mayonnaise. The mass will become more tender and pliable. Greens. Snacks from tomatoes with garlic go well with any greens: parsley, dill, basil, cilantro, tarragon. If it is added as a decor of a dish, then so that it does not fade, it is better to do this before serving.

Recipe 1: Korean Garlic Tomato Snack

Korean dishes are famous for their special spiciness and an abundance of fragrant spices. This tomato and garlic snack is no exception. A fragrant, spicy, but very simple dish of the available ingredients is prepared quickly and can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.

Ingredients Required:

• tomatoes 1.5 kg;

• 10 cloves of garlic;

• hot peppers;

• 50 ml of 3% vinegar;

• 100 ml of oil;

• 1 spoon of salt and sugar

• 20 gr. horseradish;

• Korean spice mix 1 spoon.

Method of preparation

Snack consists of tomatoes and pouring. First of all, you need to wash the tomatoes and cut them into neat slices. If the tomatoes are small, then you can simply cut them crosswise into 4 pieces. Large fruits cut into 8 parts.

To fill, you need to clean the garlic, horseradish and pepper. All grind through a meat grinder or blender. Add salt and sugar, knead well until completely dissolved. After that, you can pour in oil, vinegar, add spices. Tomato slices are folded in a plastic container with a tight lid, spilling each layer with a small amount of fill. Put in the fridge. In a few hours the tomatoes will give juice, the container will need to be turned over. Do this several times so that all the pieces are marinated evenly. The dish is ready in 6 hours, but it is better to let it stand at least overnight.

Recipe 2: Tomatoes with garlic and onion in a honey marinade

The main difficulty of this recipe is to forget about the snack. Tomatoes need to marinate for 2 days, but not everyone will be able to resist the incredible aroma and wait for this time. And sometimes by the end of the term there is nothing to try.

Ingredients Required: • tomatoes 0.8 -1 kg;

• 2 bulbs;

• a small bunch of basil;

• 6 cloves of garlic.

For marinade:

• Spoon of salt;

• 2 spoons of honey;

• 200 ml of water;

• 50 ml of oil, it is better to take olive oil;

• juice of 1 lemon.

Method of preparation

Making marinade. To do this, boil water with salt, oil. Let cool to 50 ° C and dissolve honey, add lemon juice. Do not replace honey with sugar, and lemon with vinegar. It is these ingredients that give the tomato and garlic snack an unusual, savory taste and aroma. Leave the pot to cool to room temperature.

Cooking vegetables. Wash the tomatoes, then cut them into thick rings of 1 cm. Onions should be peeled and cut into thin rings. Also, peel the garlic cloves, cut into plates or skip through a press. Disassemble the basil into leaves and mash with a rolling pin slightly, no need to cut it. We put tomatoes in a jar, pouring onions, garlic and basil. Top with cold honey marinade and close the lid. The bank should be turned upside down and left in the fridge for a day, then put on the bottom and kept for another day. A tomato and garlic marinade snack is ready!

Recipe 3: Tomatoes with garlic and cheese

At the heart of the cheese snack with tomatoes and garlic are three popular ingredients that complement each other well, often used in Italian national dishes. Here is the classic and easiest recipe. Products are taken in arbitrary quantities.

Ingredients Required:

• ripe but dense tomatoes;

• garlic;

• mayonnaise or sour cream;

• any cheese;

• greenery.

Method of preparation

If hard cheese is used, it should be grated. Soft and melted varieties just need to stir or smash with a blender. If desired, you can also use fresh cottage cheese. Add chopped garlic and mayonnaise to cheese. It is needed so much that the mass is easily spread on slices of tomatoes. Cut tomatoes into 1 cm mugs and spread a thick layer of curd on each. Tomato sandwiches can be left open or covered with other slices. To decorate ready snack from tomatoes and garlic with greens. Also, cheese mass can be stuffed whole tomatoes or their halves.

Recipe 4: Tomatoes with garlic and eggplants in the form of a cake

From ordinary products you can cook a birthday cake - a snack of tomatoes with garlic. It differs elegant look, but it has a favorite and familiar taste.

Ingredients Required:

• 4 eggplants;

• 5 tomatoes;

• 0.4 kg of mayonnaise;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• 2 processed cheese;

• olives and herbs for decoration;

• 3 eggs;

• oil for frying.

Method of preparation

Wash eggplant. If they are mature enough and bitter, then cut into rings and soak in salted water. Then in a bowl, break the eggs, salt, and beat with a fork. Pour butter into a frying pan and place on the stove. Fry eggplant, dipping in eggs. So they quickly get a golden crust, but they do not absorb a lot of oil. Eggplant mugs ready to pull on paper napkins to remove fat from the surface.

While the eggplants are cooling, make the sauce. Mix mayonnaise, chopped garlic and grated curds. You can simply immerse all the ingredients in the bowl of the blender and whip. Cut the tomatoes into thin circles and you can begin to assemble the cake. Layers: eggplant, sauce, tomatoes, sauce. The last layer should consist of tomatoes. They are richly greased with sauce, sprinkled with herbs and decorated with chopped olives. If desired, the cake can be sprinkled with walnuts, they will give it a more savory taste and elegant look.

Recipe 5: Veer Garlic Tomato Appetizer

From simple seasonal vegetables, you can prepare an original dish that can be used independently or as a light addition to meat or fish. To succeed, you need to have large tomatoes, preferably oblong. Ingredients Required:

• 3 large tomatoes;

• 1 Bulgarian pepper;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 0.1 kg of cheese;

• greens, salt.

Method of preparation

Wash tomatoes, cut into slices, but not completely. It should make a kind of fan. Grind the garlic with herbs, cheese and bell pepper, salt. Fill the resulting mass of the tomato slit. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the slices and not to tear them from the base. Beautiful and amazingly tasty tomato snack with garlic “Veer” is ready!

Recipe 6: Armenian-garlic tomato snack

A fragrant tomato and garlic appetizer is prepared quickly in Armenian style, but it takes several days for pickling. To succeed, it is desirable to use small and dense fleshy tomato varieties, you can take slightly unripe.

Ingredients Required:

• 10 tomatoes;

• a bunch of dill;

• bunch of cilantro or parsley.

For brine:

• litere of water;

• 2 tablespoons of salt;

• 5 tablespoons of sugar.

Method of preparation

Boil the brine, leave to cool. At this time do tomatoes. Wash well, towel dry. Then each needs to be cut in the upper part so that the cap is formed. That is, without cutting to the end. Chop garlic with greens. In each tomato put a good portion of garlic filling and gently cover the upper part. Put the stuffed tomatoes in an enameled saucepan or glass bowl, pour the brine, cover with a plate of smaller diameter and do the oppression. It should not be too heavy so as not to hurt the tomatoes. After 3 days you can take a sample!

Recipe 7: Tomato and Garlic Snacks

A fragrant snack of tomatoes with garlic and nuts has not only amazing taste, but also prepares very quickly. After half an hour it can be served at the table. Especially beautiful is the dish, if you use tomatoes of red and yellow flowers.

Ingredients Required: • 4 tomatoes;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• 50 gr. nuts;

• 1 onion, better red;

• parsley.


• olive oil 80g .;

• 2 spoons of lemon juice;

• salt to taste.

Method of preparation

Cut the tomatoes into rings of 1 cm. Chop the garlic. Peel the onions and cut them into thin rings. Nuts to sort out the impurities, crumble with a knife. Very small is not necessary, the pieces should feel good. Mix lemon juice with salt, grind and add butter.

In a bowl, fold the rings of tomatoes, onions, sprinkle each layer with nuts, garlic and chopped parsley, pour over the sauce. Cover and refrigerate for half an hour.

Tomatoes with garlic - tricks and useful tips

• If you use sluggish or spoiled tomatoes, the dish will not only lose its taste, but also quickly deteriorate.

• To make the appetizer look beautiful, chop the tomatoes into equal pieces, and this can only be done with a sharp knife or a special file.

• For tomato and garlic appetizers, it is better to use ripe, but unripe tomatoes. Otherwise, the pieces will quickly lose their shape.

• If the tomatoes are watery, then there will be a lot of juice in the plate. Therefore, for cold dishes it is better to use fleshy and hard varieties.

• If there is no fresh garlic, then it can be replaced with dried. For this, the product is soaked in a small amount of water.

Tomatoes with garlic are actually many, and even more of their fans. You will not lose, putting on a festive table, any dish from the above list.

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