Celery and apple salad are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook celery salad with an apple.

Celery and apple salad are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook celery salad with an apple.

Celery & Apple Salad - General Cooking Principles

Do you dream to always be in good shape and have a great mood? Positive emotions entirely depend on our health, which means that the better and more balanced our food is, the more often a sincere smile will appear on your face!

Gourmets should not be upset, because it is useful - does not mean tasteless! The combination of some products in dishes give a stunning effect, it is only necessary to choose the ingredients. For example, such a dish is a delicious and very healthy celery salad with an apple. All components are available, and the cooking process is very simple. The main ingredients you can pick up a lot of extra and get a completely new taste.

It is best to add the same light products to celery and apple salad and use natural dressing. Excellent will be combined egg (just do not get carried away with the amount of maximum steam), herbs and nuts of all kinds. Mayonnaise is not recommended if you want to eat properly. You can replace it with lemon juice with the addition of a small amount of spices.

Celery and Apple Salad - Preparing Food and Dishes

The salad recipe is very simple, and you can cook it in minutes. Therefore, it makes no sense to use a large number of ingredients and leave the salad in the refrigerator for several days - it will lose not only the taste, but also a portion of vitamins.

For two people you should use the minimum amount of products. If you take the main, you will need one apple (preferably green) and one celery root. Products should be thoroughly washed and dried, remove the skin, and additionally remove seeds and veins from the apple. If you add additional products to celery and apple salad, they should be prepared properly. For example, it is better to peel nuts, and chop an egg finely. This salad is also interesting because it will look very original when prepared. You can cut the apples and celery root equally into strips or cubes or try experimenting with the shape of the products.

If you care about your health, you should first prepare and refueling. Celery salad with apple can be seasoned with vegetable or olive oil (the latter is preferable), soy sauce, spices, herbs, etc. Try to use a minimum of salt - it is not only harmful, but also interrupts the real taste of products.

You will need a knife or a grater for cooking, as well as a handy bowl or plate where you can mix the ingredients. It is desirable that it was deep, but you can serve finished individual portions on flat plates, depending on the serving.

Celery & Apple Salad Recipes:

Recipe 1: Celery Salad with Apple

This is the easiest salad of the two available ingredients. It can be consumed every day, it has a lot of vitamins and nutrients, with very few calories. It is easy to prepare and does not require some preparation, but can also serve as an excellent side dish for meat or fish dishes.

Ingredients Required:

- one big apple,

- one celery root,

- spices at will,

- juice of half a lemon.

Cooking Method:

Apple and celery cut into cubes or strips. It is advisable to make them the same size, so that the ready celery and apple salad look appetizing and original. By the way, these ingredients can be grated and grated, then the salad will be an excellent snack. For dressing: squeeze the juice from half a lemon and mix it with spices and herbs to taste. Ready to pour the salad dressing and serve.

Recipe 2: Celery Salad with Apple and Chicken Breast

Chicken breast, in principle, is perfectly combined with a variety of products, but apples and greens are also included here. It makes the taste of the dish richer and more interesting, and the dish itself becomes more satisfying. In addition, chicken breast is an ideal dietary product, a storehouse of protein and the complete absence of carbohydrates. This salad will be an excellent treat at the holiday table, so you can increase the number of ingredients.

Ingredients Required:

- five pieces of celery root,

- five apples,

- one medium chicken breast,

- 200 g sour cream,

- two hard boiled egg yolks.


It is necessary to remove the skin from the breast (it is absolutely tasteless and very harmful for the body, do not dare to feel sorry for it and throw it out safely), bones and streaks, cut into small cubes with sides no more than 1.5 cm and boil. In celery salad with an apple, you can add fried chicken pieces, but this, again, is bad for the body, and we strive to eat right. You can first boil the breast completely, and then cut, but in this case the cooking process will be delayed. Apples and celery roots cut into cubes and mix with chicken meat. To refuel three grated yolks of eggs and pour them into sour cream. In the resulting mixture, you can sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice. Mix the salad with dressing and serve.

Recipe 3: Celery Salad with Apple and Tuna

When we take care of healthy nutrition, we should not forget that the body also needs polyunsaturated fats. They are abundantly present in various types of fatty fish. Canned tuna is great for salads and sandwiches.

Ingredients Required:

- one celery root,

- one apple,

- jar of canned tuna,

- 1/3 cup chopped walnuts,

- juice of half a lemon.

Preparation: Carefully remove the fish from the jar, try not to pull out with it the liquid. We cut tuna, strive to leave the pieces whole so that it does not turn into porridge. Once again, cut the peeled ready-made apple and celery root, mix with fish. Add a few drops of lemon to the finished salad and decorate with chopped walnuts and herbs to taste.

Recipe 4: Celery Salad with Apple and Sunflower Seeds

Despite the fact that the use of sunflower seeds in large quantities is harmful to the body, in small doses, they help to reduce cholesterol in the blood and slow the aging process. Celery salad with an apple and with the addition of seeds turns out original and appetizing.

Ingredients Required:

- one apple,

- one celery root,

- a handful of peeled seeds,

- iceberg lettuce",

- juice of half a lemon,

- A tablespoon of vegetable or olive oil.


Rinse the salad well, dry it, then tear it with your hands and put it on the bottom of the bowl or dish. Dice celery and apple mixed with seeds and put on lettuce leaves. For dressing, mix the butter and lemon juice, pour the finished salad with the resulting mixture and send to the table.

Recipe 5: Celery Salad with Apple and Tomatoes

This dish is more suited to the table as a side dish. Optionally, for taste, you can add onions or chopped garlic here - the salad will be a special piquant.

Ingredients Required:

- a couple of pieces of celery root,

- two green apples,

- two tomatoes (preferably strong and elastic),

- a half of a bulb,

- garlic clove,

- a tablespoon of olive oil,

- juice of half a lemon.


Let's try to diversify the celery salad with an apple and prepare the celery a little differently, namely, we cut it into strips and quickly saute in olive oil. Dice apples, cut tomatoes in the same way (we try to do this carefully and if possible avoid juice extraction). All ready-made ingredients are mixed, add finely chopped onion and a clove of garlic, previously rubbed on a grater or through a garlic press. The finished dish is filled with lemon juice and served to the table.

Celery and Apple Salad - Secrets and Useful Tips from the Best Culinary Specialists

Everyone knows that the pulp of an apple when it interacts with carbon dioxide in the air begins to darken and lose its taste. To avoid this, cut it with the latest ingredients, and if you still need to wait, then sprinkle it with lemon juice.

By the way, if you do not have a citrus juicer, you can get lemon juice with the usual squeezing of the cut fruit, but before that it is recommended to roll it over the cutting board. The flesh inside will become softer, and you can squeeze the juice without problems.

If you want to lose weight, it makes no sense to torture yourself with diets, you just start to eat properly and balanced. Celery and apple salad is the perfect start to the day, because it has a lot of energy and vitamins. In addition, the use of celery will improve the condition of the skin and hair. To get the most benefit from this product, purchase exactly the root, not the celery stalks.

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