Puff pastry roses with apples - decoration of the holiday table. Surprise guests puff roses with apples

Puff pastry roses with apples - decoration of the holiday table. Surprise guests puff roses with apples

The puff pastry, even by itself, is a wonderful basis for desserts, but if you decide to create a holiday gift, or if it just suddenly creates an itch of creativity, bake beautiful puffs in the form of pink buds.

The kids, definitely, will be delighted!

Having sprinkled cinnamon on the roses, you will create a wonderful fragrance that, when mixed with the apple one, may well inspire thoughts about the flowering rose garden.

Puff Pastry Roses with Apples - General Cooking Principles

• Baking puff pastries takes a lot of time if you cook everything yourself. But if you use the purchased dough, the process of cooking a delicious dessert will take no more than an hour.

• All that you need to surprise your loved ones in a few minutes with delicate and tasty pastries are products - apples, layered dough, a choice of fresh or yeast, some additional products that are always at hand, a baking sheet oven and shapes for some recipes.

• Molds can be taken silicone or metal, which usually bake muffins. You can also make them yourself from foil.

• Rosettes for baking are formed from thin slices of apple, so a special shredder for vegetables will be needed, and a special vegetable peeler will be needed to peel.

• Apples for such baking is best to choose ripe, but firm. Fruits with loose pulp will crumble when sliced, and when baked, they will turn into porridge.

• Dough in advance about half an hour before cooking spread out of the package and thawed, putting on a little floury table or a chopping board. Only when the dough is soft enough, they begin to work with it.

• There are many ways to make puff pastry roses with apples, and the choice depends on the type of dough and the specific recipe.

• The article selected recipes for baking not only classic puffs with apple filling, but also apple buns from yeast puff.

Puff tongues with apple roses


• packing puff (frozen) dough;

• two large apples;

• ground cinnamon, granulated sugar;

• liquid honey.

Cooking Method:

1. Put frozen frozen dough for thawing out of the package and leave for half an hour on the table. Lightly flour the table before it.

2. For the preparation of this dessert is best suited for a small narrow form - silicone, tin, or made independently of foil.

3. Grease the cooked mold with vegetable oil and place a little rolled thawed dough into it. It should be on the wall form, thereby forming the sides. Silicone mold oil is not required.

4. Cut the apples longitudinally in half. Cut out the middle, trying to capture all the seeds and hard partitions. Chop the apple with a special vegetable shredder as thin as possible. The thinner the plate, the easier it will be to form a rose.

5. Silicone cooking brush, apply to the dough with a thin layer of honey. It is not necessary to lubricate the sides with honey.

6. Visually divide the decomposed dough into two parts. In the middle of each “half” put a “middle” of a rose, formed from a loosely folded apple plate. After that, start forming roses by placing apple plates in the form of petals on the dough around the “middle”. Continue to lay out the apples until you get two enough lush “buds” of apples.

7. So that the buds do not crumble, install a small rosette between them, formed of literally 2-3 plates.

8. Lightly sprinkle each rose with a mixture of granulated sugar and cinnamon and set to bake.

9. Bake at 200 degrees until the dessert turns golden.

Puff pastry roses with apples and almonds


• purchased puff pastry;

• egg white.

In the filling:

• four small ripe apples;

• 30 grams of natural butter;

• dessert spoon of lemon juice;

• granulated sugar, white 70 grams;

• a quarter tsp. cinnamon powder; • a small pinch of nutmeg, ground;

• 130 grams of peeled almond.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the dough on the table for defrosting, and in the meantime, prepare the filling.

2. Heat and melt the butter in a small saucepan and put the apples cut into small cubes (0.5 cm) into it. Pour lemon juice with apples, add granulated sugar and simmer with a little heat until the apple slices are soft.

3. Then add cinnamon, nutmeg, finely chopped almonds to the apples and mix well. Remove from heat and cool well.

4. Thawed puff pastry slightly roll out and cut the layer into squares of the desired size.

5. Cut the squares from each corner diagonally. Begin to cut from the edge to the middle, not reaching it about half a centimeter to leave room for the filling.

6. At the center, place 2-3 tsp. fillings, depending on the size of the square, and the uncovered part of the square grease well whipped protein. This is done in order for the dough to stick well when assembled into a rose, and the bud does not fall apart.

7. Next, wrap the dough, forming a rosette out of it. To do this, take two corners of free dough on one side of the filling, and wrap it with dough, fastening the corners with a tight pressing of the fingers. So you need to do four times.

8. Place the prepared blanks on a baking sheet lined with oiled parchment and place in a well-heated oven.

9. Bake at 180 degrees for approximately 20 minutes, until soft golden color.

Puff Roses with Apples and Orange Jam


• kilogram of puff pastry, frozen;

• apricot jam - 240 grams;

• apples of any suitable variety;

• 1 tsp. cinnamon (powder);

• powdered sugar - 4 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the apples well under running water and pat dry with a towel. Cut each fruit lengthwise into medium-sized slices. Remove the core of the seeds with a knife and cut each such lobule into thin slices. Do not cut the rind. Apple slices should be very thin. The thinner the plate, the easier it will be to turn the “rosette” and it will look more attractive. 2. When the dough thaws well and becomes soft, you can start cutting it. Using a rolling pin, roll out a three-millimeter layer, so as not to disturb the layers, it should be rolled only in one direction, away from you.

3. Cut strips with a length of 25 cm and a width of no more than 5-6 cm, grease each apricot jam.

4. Do not apply the jam too thick, in the process of baking it will flow, and the puffs may not be baked well. For lubrication, use a silicone brush.

5. On the edge of the stripes, so that the rounded portion of the apple plates protrude slightly, place the apples. Putting the next plate, slightly impose it on the previous (overlap).

6. Sprinkle the top of the apples with cinnamon powder, wrap the free edge of the dough on them and carefully roll each strip into a roll. The result will be a beautiful lush rose.

7. The color of the rose depends on the color of the selected apples. Puff roses with apples look especially original if you put slices of skin of different colors (green, red, pink) on one strip.

8. After the rose is formed, take a toothpick and pierce through it the blank exactly at the place where it was finished to turn. In this case, the layered rosette will not fall apart during baking, and will keep its shape well.

9. Grease the baking tray well with vegetable oil and place the blanks on it. Bake at 200 degrees from half an hour to 45 minutes.

10. Puff roses with apples will be ready when the dough will be a soft golden color.

11. Let the “buds” cool and decorate, sprinkling with powdered sugar.

Rosettes of puff yeast dough with apples


• yeast purchased semi-finished puff pastry;

• one chicken egg (yolk).

In the filling:

• apples - 2 pcs .;

• half a cup of bright raisins without stones;

• 75 grams of granulated sugar, dark;

• one small lemon;

• rum or brandy - 60 ml;

• half tsp. cinnamon powder;

• a quarter tsp. ginger (ground);

• ground cloves - 1/4 tsp .; • pinch of fine salt.

Cooking Method:

1. In a thick-walled deep saucepan, place a piece of butter and melt it well.

2. Put apples cut into medium-sized slices, thoroughly washed and dried in a warm butter. Here, grate lemon zest on a fine grater and squeeze juice from a lemon.

3. Fill the brown sugar and simmer on low heat until the apple pieces are softened for about half an hour. Remove the stuffing from the heat, season with spices, pour in the alcohol (rum or brandy) and, having stirred well, cool until completely cool.

4. Divide the soft, well-thawed dough in small pieces and roll each one into a 0.6 cm thick layer.

5. Lay the cooled filling over the dough in a thin layer and roll it up not too tightly into a roll. Slice each such roll across, into 5 cm wide pieces. On one side, twist a little, slightly pulling the top layer of dough downwards, and zaschipnite it so that when baking the juice does not flow out onto the baking sheet.

6. Put the rosettes of puff yeast dough on a greased baking sheet with any fat and let them stand for a quarter of an hour.

7. Hammer in the oven for 40 minutes. at 190 degrees.

Puff Roses with Apples from Quick Home Puff Pastry


In the dough:

• one kilogram of wheat flour;

• 800 grams of 72% natural butter;

• two chicken eggs;

• a teaspoon of fine salt;

• 7% table vinegar - 50 ml;

• 350 ml of boiled drinking water.

In the filling:

• 500 grams of ripe, dense apples;

• 700 ml of apple juice without pulp (can be replaced with sugar syrup);

• ground cinnamon;

• liquid buckwheat honey.

Cooking Method:

1. Make a good mess, but do not beat raw chicken eggs with salt. Mix the egg mixture with 7% vinegar and 350 ml of ice water. Again, mix everything well and put it in the fridge. If the liquid is not cold enough, the dough will not turn out puff.

2. Through a sieve on the table or in a wide deep container, sift all the flour. Spoon the slightly-frozen butter into a large grater. To make the oil easier to rub, constantly lower it into the flour. 3. Slightly mix the grated butter with flour. Put the mass in a slide, in the center of which make a hollow with a spoon, into it and pour the ice-cold liquid. Knead the dough very quickly.

4. In order for the dough to exfoliate well, you cannot knead it for a long time with your hands. It is enough to gently lift the dough from all sides to the center, folding it in layers and press each layer firmly with your hands.

5. Collect the dough, thus, in a large rectangular room and clean, putting in a plastic bag for three hours in the refrigerator. It is best if the dough is in the cold for up to 12 hours.

6. From apples, cut the skin as thin as possible and cut from the stem in half. Remove the seeds, grabbing the middle part with partitions, and chop into thin slices.

7. Blanch the sliced ​​apples in boiling apple juice for 12 seconds and place them on a colander or strainer so that all the excess moisture in the glass and the apples dry out.

8. Divide the cold dough with a knife into pieces of the required size, take one, and remove the rest.

9. Put a piece of dough so that its layers lay parallel to the table and roll out, with a rolling pin “away from you”. The thickness of the reservoir should be about 3 mm.

10. Cut the layer into five-centimeter strips, not less than 25 cm long. Grease each strip with honey, sprinkle with cinnamon and place dried apple slices on it. Spit the apples with the convex side to the slice, slightly speaking behind it and slightly imposing the next slice on the previous one.

11. Wrap a portion of the dough on apples and roll it up with a “rose”. Put each such billet in the cake holder on the silicone mold and set to bake at 190 degrees for 30 minutes.

Buns “Snow-covered Roses” of puff yeast dough with apples


• yeast layered semi-finished product - 500 grams;

• chicken egg - 1 pc .;

• powdered sugar.

In the filling:

• medium sized apples - 3 pcs .;

• 75 grams (3 tbsp.) Of sugar;

• tablespoon of starch.

Cooking Method:

1. Grate the peeled and seeds-peeled apples on a medium grater and let them stand for five minutes. Squeeze out excess juice with your hands, add granulated sugar and mix thoroughly. 2. Roll the thawed puffy semi-finished product, making movements with a rolling pin “away from you”, in a large layer half a centimeter thick. Put the apple filling on it and wrap a fairly dense roll.

3. Cut the roll into pieces of a width not exceeding 6 cm. At each piece, pinch the bottom, slightly pulling the outer layer of the roll, and put the blanks for the buns on the parchment-laid baking sheet.

4. Gently turn the rosette, slightly deflecting each turn of the dough in the form of a petal, and grease the buns with loose yolks.

5. Bake 40 minutes at 190 degrees.

6. When the buns are well cooled, powder them with powdered sugar. To powder lay evenly, sift it into buns through a sieve.

Puffed roses with apples in the meringue


• layer of yeast-free puff pastry;

• ripe hard apples - 6 pcs .;

• 100 grams of liquid honey;

• single egg white;

• granulated sugar - 150-180 grams for meringue and 2 tsp. - in the stuffing.

Cooking Method:

1. Metal deep cup baking cups grease with slightly softened creamy margarine or vegetable oil. You can use silicone forms.

2. Cut out large circles from a soft, well-thawed dough. To save the dough, it’s still better to cut it into squares.

3. Put the pieces of dough in the form, filling at the same time not only the bottom, but also the sides.

4. Using a peeler, gently cut the peel off the apples, trying to keep the apple serpentine from tearing. Ideally, from one apple you get only two such ribbons.

5. From the apple "serpentine" roll loose roses and set aside for a while to the side. It will be quite simple to do this, as the tape itself is very easily twisted. Do this with every apple.

6. Coarsely peel one peeled apple with a grater and mix with 2 tsp. Sahara. Drain the formed juice and put one teaspoon of such filling in each mold, covered with dough.

7. Put rosettes twisted from the peel on top and pour them with melted honey abundantly.

8. Place the molds on the roasting pan and place them at 200 degrees in the oven. Bake for about half an hour until the dough takes a golden hue. 9. While puff roses with apples are baked, whip cold protein with sugar in a strong white foam.

10. For 10 minutes until ready, remove the baking sheet from the oven, cover the roses with a thin layer of meringue, using a silicone brush and place it back. Keep baking until ready.

Puff pastry roses with apples - tricks and useful tips

• If, when baking, the petals of apple roses start burning and the dough is not ready, cover the roses with a large sheet of foil until the end of cooking.

• To make puff pastry free to stick together easily, moisten the surface with whipped egg white.

• Do not sprinkle hot products with powdered sugar, wait until they are completely cooled, otherwise the powdered sugar will melt.

• If apples are used in a grated form for the filling, be sure to squeeze them a little to remove excess juice. If this is not done, it will abundantly stand out in the baking process and the products will turn out to be clever.

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