Broth in a multivariate is a convenient semi-finished product. How to cook chicken, meat, fish, vegetable broth in a slow cooker

Broth in a multivariate is a convenient semi-finished product. How to cook chicken, meat, fish, vegetable broth in a slow cooker

Broth is most often used as a base for soups, and can also be used independently or added to sauces, main dishes.

In fact, broth is a decoction, and the main for it can be meat of various species, poultry, vegetables, mushrooms, fish, seafood.

For cooking meat broth, you need at least an hour, vegetable and fish broths are cooked faster. The main concern of the hostess - to collect the scum that appears during boiling broth. And of course, salt the dish, add the necessary ingredients. After all, in addition to the main product, additional ones are used. For example, vegetables are added to meat broth, spices are necessarily added to fish broth, and so on. Assistant in cooking can serve as a slow cooker. It is even better than boiling it in a saucepan. After all, the base long languishes in water, giving all its nutrients and taste qualities. Let's talk about the broth in the slow cooker and how to cook meat, fish broth in the slow cooker and other types of it.

Broth in a slow cooker - how to cook: basic principles

To get a tasty broth, you need to choose a quality source product. It must be fresh.

If meat broth is planned in a slow cooker, rinse the meat well, remove films, tendons, rinse again and pour cold water on it.

It is also good to wash the chicken if you need chicken broth in a slow cooker.

It is advisable to remove excess fat if there is too much of it in the meat.

Salt broth is advised at the end of cooking, and not immediately, when laying meat or other products.

It is better to cut a large piece of meat or carcass of a bird, rabbit, fish into several parts - if you do not need a whole boiled carcass for cooking another dish.

How to cook broth in a slow cooker - the mistress herself decides. For this, the unit has the function of boiling, soup, broth. It is recommended to bring the dish to a boil in the Cooking mode, and then transfer to the Quenching mode. Then the broth will languish to improve its wholesome and taste qualities. Chicken or meat broth in a multicooker is added with onions, carrots, parsley root, various greens, bay leaves, black and allspice, both ground and peas, nutmeg, marjoram, thyme, basil. A little different from this set of additives and fish broth.

Vegetables and meat can be put into the broth raw or pre-cooked in a pan, from this dish gets an additional bright color.

The hostess, who decides how to cook the broth in the slow cooker, needs to know that the scale does not rise up, but is deposited on the walls of the bowl. Therefore, after boiling the broth, it is necessary to strain it, wash the bowl, even if it is planned to continue cooking the soup from this broth.

Beef broth in a slow cooker from beef

The most popular of meat broths is beef. The meat itself is not too fat, has a pronounced taste and aroma, is rich in nutrients. When cooking meat broth in a multicooker, useful substances are preserved, saturating the broth. Meat for broth is desirable to take is not old - it is distinguished by too dark color and yellow fat. A great option - meat with bone, this broth will be more rich.


• Beef with pits - about 700 grams

• Water - approximately 2.5 liters

• Medium onion

• Carrot

• Bay leaf

• Pepper black peas - 5 pieces

• Pepper sweet peas - 2 pieces

• Salt - a tablespoon without a slide.

Method of preparation

Onion peel, cut in half.

Peel carrots and cut along them.

In a dry hot pan, hold the vegetables in slices down for a few minutes until golden brown. You can also do this in a slow cooker in the Frying mode.

You can omit this stage, then the broth will be quite light.

In the bowl of the multicooker fold the meat, divided into pieces, vegetables, spices, pour water on, turn on the Cooking mode for an hour.

Salt the broth and extinguish extinguishing mode for 2 hours. This time is calculated on the beef is not old, but not young. Depending on the age of the animal, time can vary. After cooking, strain the broth, discard the vegetables, use the meat for its intended purpose.

Meat broth in a slow cooker made of pork or lamb seed

Pork and lamb are considered less lean meat compared to beef. For broth, the pulp is usually taken under the bones - for example, on ribs, pieces of the spine. Tasty, beautiful and very fragrant broth will turn out, if you pre-bake the meat component.


• A pound of pork meat, mutton with underwire

• Two liters of water

• Two teaspoons of soda

• Onion

• Clove of garlic

• Sweet Pepper

• Ground black pepper

• Parsley root

• A slice of hot chili peppers or ground red hot pepper on the tip of a knife is optional.

Method of preparation

The meat is divided into parts, if a lot of fat, cut it off, then wash, dry with a napkin.

Put the multicooker in the bowl and set the Baking mode for 15 minutes.

The bones should be reddened. If this does not happen, add time.

The bulb does not need to be completely cleaned, on it leave several layers of dry scales. It should be washed and cut off the part at the root.

Add onion, peeled garlic and spices to the meat, salt and put on the fire for 3 hours.

After cooking, you can put dry or fresh greens directly in a bunch in broth and let it brew for about ten minutes. Then filter.

Chicken broth in a slow cooker

Traditional broth is made from chicken. On it you can cook homemade noodles, another delicious soup, and also just eat with croutons, pies, and other dishes. The best broth is obtained from home and not too young chicken. To cook chicken broth in a slow cooker, you do not need to take too large a carcass, otherwise it will take a lot of space in the bowl, the broth will not be enough.


• Medium sized chicken weighing within a kilogram

• Large onion

• A pair of carrots

• Seasoning - a mixture of peppers or different types of pepper individually • Celery Stalk

• Black Pepper Peas

• Several parsley stalks

• Tablespoon salt without slides

• Two liters of water.

Method of preparation

Chicken meat or bones, as well as vegetables to them usually do not bake.

Divide the prepared washed chicken meat into pieces.

Fold in the bowl, add peeled onions and carrots, celery, spices, salt and pour water.

Set Quenching mode for two hours. This time is enough for cooking broth. If you need boiled meat, then check its condition. If necessary, add another hour of cooking.

After the signal of the multicooker, put the parsley sprigs in the broth. After ten minutes, the broth can be drained and used further.

Chicken broth in a multicooker with vegetables

This broth is almost ready soup. And all because various vegetables are added to the chicken broth in the slow cooker. This dish is especially combined with boiled rice, pearl barley, noodles.


• Average chicken

• 2.5 liters of water

• Carrot

• 2 bulbs

• Parsley root

• 50 grams of green peas

• Tablespoon vegetable oil

• Bay leaf

• Pepper allspice - 3 things

• 2 teaspoons of salt.

Method of preparation

Wash the chicken, divide it into parts, add water, put bay leaf and pepper, one unpeeled onion.

Add salt.

Set Quenching mode for 2-3 hours depending on the age of the chicken.

Peel the second onion and cut it into cubes.

Peel carrots and chop straws.

Also do with parsley.

When the stock is ready, remove the meat. Liquid strain.

To wash a bowl of the crock-pot from a scum. Pour in a spoonful of butter.

Put parsley, carrot, onion, set the Frying mode for 10 minutes.

Add peas, pour broth and hold another 15 minutes in Quenching mode.

In pialki or deep plates put boiled grits or pasta, pour broth with vegetables. Separately file the chicken.

Broth in a slow cooker - how to cook it from fish

In addition to the usual meat broth in a multicooker, you can prepare a dish of fish. Cooking time is much less. Plus the fact that not always a pleasant fishy smell does not spread throughout the kitchen, and even around the apartment. And the broth turns out transparent, fragrant - an excellent component for soup or aspic.


• Fish - these can be river fish carcasses, as well as heads, ridges, tails and other parts of fish carcasses - about a kilogram

• 2 liters of water

• Carrot

• Onion

• Bay leaf

• Ground black pepper

• Pepper allspice - 3 peas

• A pair of dry dill stalks or dried herbs

• Salt - half tablespoon

• Sugar - half a teaspoon.

Method of preparation

Fish clean, gut, rinse well.

If carcasses of fish are with the head or fish heads are used separately, gills should be removed from them.

Onions clean and cut in half.

Peel and chop the carrots.

Fold all the ingredients in a multicooker bowl, including spices.

Fill with water, set the mode of extinguishing for 1 hour.

After the signal of the multicooker, strain the broth.

Mushroom broth in a slow cooker - how to cook properly

Mushrooms are special foods in cooking. They are rich in protein and other beneficial substances, but are heavy for digestion by the digestive system. However, mushrooms, even edible, may contain some toxic substances. Therefore, when cooking any dishes from mushrooms, they need to be cooked for a rather long time. Therefore, the slow cooker is very useful here.


• A pound of fresh mushrooms - chanterelles, white, aspen mushrooms or others - or 200 grams of dry

• Large onion

• Bay leaf

• 2.5 liters of water

• Pepper black peas - five to ten stuff

• Salt - a tablespoon without a slide.

Method of preparation

Mushrooms to prepare. Freshly rinse thoroughly in several waters to remove sand. Dried soak for an hour in warm water, drain. Cut the mushrooms into pieces if they are very large. Fold in a slow cooker.

Add spices and salt.

Vegetables peeled.

Onions cut into cubes, carrot into several pieces.

Add vegetables to mushrooms - you can pre-bake them in a hot, dry frying pan.

Pour water, salt.

Set Quenching mode for 30 minutes.

Open the multicooker after the signal, remove the bay leaf, check the mushrooms - depending on the softness, set the Quenching mode for another 10-20 minutes.

Secrets and tricks of the broth in the slow cooker - how to cook it most tasty

  • Broth can also be cooked without vegetables, only with some spices — peppercorns of allspice or black pepper. They will give a wonderful flavor.
  • Bay leaves are not recommended to be left in the dish until the end of cooking. If you plan to use broth at once, and not to use it for other dishes, you should remove at least 10 minutes before the end of cooking lavrushka from broth.
  • When using parsley, dill often remain tough stems. Do not throw them away, it is better to dry. Then, when cooking broth, put a couple of stems - the dish will come out fragrant and richer in taste.
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