Oatmeal cookies at home: tasty and healthy pastries. Interesting and unusual recipes for homemade oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal cookies at home: tasty and healthy pastries. Interesting and unusual recipes for homemade oatmeal cookies

Their wheat flour did not always hold the first place among cereal crops and thanks to this historical fact the people of Australia and Europe could get acquainted with oatmeal cookies and evaluate not only its taste, but also the beneficial properties of the confectionery product.

The subject of oatmeal cookies is devoted to many scientific works not only in the direction of the development of the food industry and confectionery production, but also from the point of view of medicine, in particular, dietetics and baby food.

But let's not dwell on scientific works. We only pay attention to some of the most valuable properties of oatmeal, as a weighty argument for those who still do not consider baking oatmeal cookies a useful family tradition.

The biochemical composition of oats is closest to the biochemical structure of human muscle tissue.

The content of starch, a source of carbohydrates and a variety of problems associated with obesity in oatmeal is 3 times lower than in wheat flour.

Oatmeal contains soluble and insoluble fiber - dietary fiber. Insoluble fiber acts as a cleaner, getting into the digestive system, removing all harmful and unnecessary. In turn, the soluble fiber of oats reduces the sugar content in the blood, and as a result, reduces the need for the body to produce insulin, which is necessary for the processing of sugar.

This is not a complete list of the merits of products containing oatmeal.

Oat kernels contain serotonin - the happiness hormone. Oatmeal is the richest source of all vitamins, a complete set of essential amino acids, enzymes, valuable minerals, among which is silicon, due to which metabolic processes take place in the body.

An interesting fact: the word “Kissel” originated in Russia precisely because of oats, which were brewed with water. This produced a sour taste. Old Russian cuisine began its ascent from the ground cereals, brewed with water or milk. In Europe, oatmeal for baking began to be used in the XIV century, as indicated in some sources, and in Scotland, oatmeal cookies appeared at the beginning of the 17th century.

Homemade Oatmeal Cookies - Basic Technological Principles

The first oatmeal cookies were made from ground oats, mixed with water, on hot coals of the oven. Subsequently, all oatmeal cookie technologies were developed and patented.

In the post-Soviet space, biscuits made according to the GOST recipe, which contains 2/3 parts of wheat flour, one third of oatmeal flour, ground raisins, cinnamon, molasses, vanilla, fat and salt, are very popular. This recipe is still the most popular and beloved by many housewives.

Nevertheless, the development of technology of this type of confectionery is actively developing. Even under production conditions, many recipes for oatmeal cookies with the addition of various ingredients have been developed, which significantly expands the range of products on the shelves of the confectionery departments of the supermarket. But food industry technologists can never keep up with the number of recipes that were invented at home.

A significant advantage of home confectioners is several factors at once: at home, there is no need to coordinate a new recipe in many instances; to make a kilo of oatmeal cookies; there is no need to re-equip the conveyor line, negotiate with suppliers about the purchase of new raw materials and so on.

At home, everything is done much faster and simpler: an idea emerged - we proceed to its implementation. Ideas for baking oatmeal cookies at home, there are many, and they continue to appear.

Useful cookies should certainly be present in the family diet, and that this delicacy was not boring, boring and monotonous, try to cook it in different versions.

Recipe 1. Home-made Oatmeal Cookies: GOST-based technology

This recipe provides accurate weight measures and a detailed description of the preparation technology for 1 kg of oatmeal cookies. Of course, this composition can be changed depending on preferences, but it must be remembered that this ratio of fat, wheat and oatmeal gives the finished baking a crumbly and delicate texture. Reducing the amount of wheat flour will lead to excessive fragility of products, and an increase will make them too hard and dense. You should also be careful about adding sugar and fat. Ingredients:

Sugar 0.370 g

Margarine 0.135 g

Cinnamon 1 g

Raisin 45 g

Oatmeal 0.125 g

Soda 2 g

Salt 4 g

Wheat flour (premium) 0.295 g

Vanilla 1 g


Crush sugar in powder, washed and squeezed raisins in a meat grinder, melt margarine. Combine the prepared ingredients in one bowl, adding cinnamon and vanilla to them. Pound until smooth. Combine all the dry ingredients in the total mass and add gradually to the cooked mixture, kneading the dough. Turn on the oven; heat it up to 180ºC. Cover the baking sheet with parchment, pre-greased cooking oil.

Roll out the prepared dough and cut out round-shaped cookies with a diameter of 5-6 cm using a notch. Place ready-made semi-finished products on a baking sheet, leaving a distance of 1 cm between the products and bake until done.

Putting pastries on a dish or in a box should be after complete cooling.

Recipe 2. Homemade oatmeal cookies with almond chips


Honey 180g

Sour cream, fat


Flour (premium), wheat 150 g

Oatmeal 75 g

Raisin 30 g

Almond flakes 50 g

Soda 1 g

Vanilla 3g

Essence, almond 1 ml

Salt 2 g


Combine the dry ingredients by preparing a flour mixture with coarse almond crumb. Spread ground raisins with honey and sour cream, adding a few drops of almond essence or “Amaretto” liqueur. Combine both masses and knead the homogeneous dough.

The formation of cookies and baking semi-finished dough is described above.

Recipe 3. Oatmeal cookies at home “Gentle”


Cinnamon 2 g

Oatmeal 100 g

Eggs 2 pcs.

Bananas 250 g

Butter, cream 150 g

Apple 100 g

Wheat flour (premium) 200 g

Baking Powder 10 g

Walnut Kernels 120 g

Sugar 240 g


Preheat oven to 180 ° C. Prepared apples chop with a grater; pulp bananas mash with a fork and combine with apples. Add the butter, pre-rubbed it with sugar, and the eggs beaten into the foam. In the liquid part of the dough, add mixed dry ingredients and chopped kernels of roasted nuts. Put the dough on a parchment-laid tray using a pastry bag with a cookie cutter. Bake. Decorate ready-made cookies with icing sugar as desired.

Recipe 4. Oatmeal cookies at home “Health”


Pumpkin puree 300 g

Honey 130g

Orange zest (fresh) 30 g

“Hercules” 450 g

Oil, nut 200 ml

Raisin 100 g

Roasted Peanuts 150 g

Unsweetened Honey 100 g

Flaxseed 250 g

Vanilla 2g

Salt 3 g

Baking powder 20 g


Grind flakes and flaxseed with a blender or coffee grinder. Add to the resulting flour salt, vanilla, zest, chopped raisins and baking powder. Combine pumpkin puree with honey and peanut butter. Combine both prepared mixtures, mix and let stand for about an hour. From the prepared dough, roll the sausages, cut them with a wheel and form cookies. Spread on a baking sheet covered with oiled parchment paper and bake.

Recipe 5. Oatmeal cookies at home “European”

Product Composition:

Raisin 50 g

Water 200 ml

Sugar 350 g

Cinnamon 4 g

Butter, cream 160 g


Oatmeal 130 g

Wheat 325 g

Oatmeal 100 g

Salt 3 g

Soda 5 g


Load the softened butter, sugar, chopped raisins, vanilla and cinnamon into the bowl of the combine. Add oatmeal, half the required amount of water, heated to 90ºC and combined with salt and soda. Turn on the combine, putting on nozzles for kneading dough, and knead the mass for five minutes, continuing to add water and wheat flour. At the end of kneading the dough, add flakes and, after turning off the combine, shift the dough to a work surface greased with butter. Knead the dough so that the added flakes are evenly distributed. Cover the dough with a foil and after half an hour proceed to the formation of cookies. Put the food on a prepared baking sheet and bake at 180ºC.

When kneading dough, it is important that it remains warm to the touch (25-30ºC), which is ensured by adding hot water in small portions.

Recipe 6. Oatmeal cookies at home with cocoa

Product Composition:

Oatmeal 200 g

Wheat flour (high grade) 400 g

Invert syrup 150g

Cacao (w / c) 50 g

Vanilla 4 g

Rum 50 ml

Cream (33%) 250-300 ml

Salt 3 g

Ammonium powder 5 g

Melted chocolate 150 g


Heat cream to 50-60ºC. Combine the dry and wet components of the dough separately, and then begin to inject a mixture of flour, cocoa, salt and baking powder into the liquid mass. Stir the dough to a smooth consistency and let it stand for the flour to absorb the moisture. If necessary, bring the mass to a plastic state, topping up with warm cream. Shape cookies and bake as described in previous recipes.

Pour the cooked cooled cookies with melted chocolate.

Recipe 7. Oatmeal Cookies at Home “Airy”

Product List:

Whipped cream 300 g

Oatmeal 200 g

Vanilla 4 g

Melted butter 50 g

Icing sugar 170 g

Nut flour 100 g

Proteins 2 pcs.

Chocolate chips 100 g

Protein glaze (for registration)


Prepare flour from cashew kernels by pre-drying the nuts in a dry frying pan and grinding them in a combine.

Combine nut flour with oatmeal, vanilla and powder. Beat whites to form a stable protein mass and combine them with whipped cream. Gently, adding the dry mixture in small portions, mix the protein-creamy mixture with nut flour and flakes. Handle the biscuit molds with melted butter and flour. Put the prepared dough into the molds, fill them into 3/4 of the volume and bake for half an hour at 140ºC, and then another 15 minutes at 120ºC. Turn off the oven, open the door slightly and leave the cookies to cool completely. When the cookies cool, remove from the molds, brush the surface with protein glaze and sprinkle with chocolate chips.

Homemade Oatmeal Cookies - Tips and Tricks

  • It is easy to make a delicious dessert from oatmeal cookies, for example, by connecting two cookies with a sweet curd, nut cream, and jam. Cookies will be transformed into a “bush” cake and will decorate even a festive table.
  • Oatmeal is useful for making pancakes, pancakes.
  • When kneading dough for oatmeal cookies, it is important that all ingredients are at the same temperature, unless the recipe specifies heat treatment methods: heating or cooling.
  • The butter and eggs added to the cookie dough must be at the same temperature.
  • While adding eggs to the dough, pre-whip them into the foam so that the whites and yolks evenly connect with the mass. In addition, scrambled eggs increase in volume and cover most of the dry mass, providing uniform moisture to flour and other dry ingredients.
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