Marinated mushrooms - very tasty, guys! How to marinate mushrooms at home for the winter and in a quick

Marinated mushrooms - very tasty, guys! How to marinate mushrooms at home for the winter and in a quick

Mushrooms are the perfect pickling mushrooms.

Small, neat and very tasty!

And since they grow on stumps, it is convenient not only to collect them.

There is no need for cleaning, repeated soaking, washing mushrooms from sand and other debris.

Conveniently? Not that word!

With minimal time and effort, you can prepare a huge amount of snacks and winter preparations.

It would be just from what!

Marinated Mushrooms - General Cooking Principles

For marinating choose small mushrooms with dense round heads. Mushrooms with flat and open hats do not suit us, we send them to the zarekhu, to pies or caviar. A small and neat mushrooms just washed in water.

Mushrooms themselves are quite slimy and the marinade they turn out stretching like jelly. To avoid this, first boil the mushrooms without spices, simply in clear water, then bring to full readiness in the marinade. Most often it is boiled, but sometimes just pour boiling mixture.

What marinades are made of:

• water;

• salt and sugar;

• pepper of different types;

• carnation;

• garlic, onions and other vegetables;

• greenery;

• vegetable oil.

Mandatory ingredient is vinegar. And he gives not only taste. Without vinegar, no salted preserves of mushrooms will not survive, it acts as a preservative. It is not recommended to marinate the mushrooms with apple or any other fruit vinegar, take the usual, table. Vinegar is added under the cover in each jar, but you can immediately put in the total mass. We do as indicated in the recipe and try not to deviate.

Recipe 1: How to Marinate Mushrooms at Home for Winter

A simple recipe for pickled mushrooms with vinegar in jars, which must be sterilized in advance, as well as lids. Mushrooms are moderately salty, slightly sour. Excellent self-starter or salad ingredient. Ingredients

• 2 kg of honey agaric;

• 1 scoop of 9% vinegar;

• 1.2 liters of water;

• 4-5 peppercorns;

• 2 spoons of sugar;

• 2 tablespoons of salt;

• garlic optional.


1. Washed mushrooms should be boiled in a saucepan with boiling water for exactly 8 minutes. But the water is not the one that is listed in the recipe. Take more liquid and just cook. Fold in the colander.

2. Now we take water from the recipe, add salt to it with sugar, we throw fragrant pepper, it is possible to cut garlic with plastics. Give boil, add vinegar.

3. Dip our boiled mushrooms in the marinade and boil for another 10 minutes.

4. Take the ladle and shift it over the prepared jars. We try to fill more mushrooms, in the end under the neck we add marinade, we put the lid on and roll it up.

5. Done! It remains to cool the mushrooms upside down under a blanket. The advantage of this recipe is that you can use jars of any size, do not calculate the amount of vinegar in each.

Recipe 2: Marinated Instant Mushrooms

And these mushrooms are ready already 4 hours after preparation. Wonderful snack that can be prepared for dinner or a merry feast. The amount of vinegar is average, but you can put more, the snack will be sour. It is not worthwhile to take away, since there is not much time for marinating.


• 1 kg of honey agaric;

• 1 tsp. salt and sugar;

• 30 ml of 6% vinegar;

• laurel leaf;

• 2 star studs;

• 5 peppercorns;

• garlic or onion to taste.


1. Boil the mushrooms for half an hour in a saucepan. We do not give water to actively boil in order to preserve the shape as much as possible. If the mushrooms are very small, then 25 minutes is enough. Drain all liquid.

2. Cook the marinade. To do this, boil 500 ml of water with all spices, except bay leaf. It is added after 2 minutes of boiling and immediately turn off the fire.

3. We put the mushrooms in a jar, pour the marinade, cover and leave to cool. 4. As soon as the jar becomes lukewarm, cool the snack in the fridge for an hour or two and you're done! But you can give the mushrooms brewed the night, they will be even better.

Recipe 3: How to Marinate Mushrooms at Home with Butter

Vegetable oil is used, which makes the taste of pickled mushrooms softer and allows them to be used immediately as a snack, without any additional changes or changes. Oil can be taken refined or with a smell, it does not matter.


• 2 kg of honey agaric;

• 0.7 kg of vegetable oil;

• 1.5 tsp. vinegar (70%);

• 3 cloves;

• 6 peas of pepper;

• 1 laurel leaf;

• 4 tablespoons of salt;

• 4 spoons of sugar (it is possible and less);

• dill, better than umbrellas.


1. As in the previous recipes, boil previously boiled. 20 minutes is enough, pour out the liquid, let the broth drain well.

2. For now we are engaged in marinade. Pour into the pan oil, a liter of water and lay all the other ingredients, but in addition to vinegar.

3. Give the marinade to boil, dip the mushrooms and boil for another 10 minutes, pour vinegar at the end, mix. But you can add it under the lid, evenly dividing between containers.

4. Take the jars and unfold. Stir constantly from the bottom to evenly distribute the oil and vinegar. Roll up and wait for winter!

Recipe 4: Pickled Mushrooms Fast in Korean

Another quick pickle option. Korean snack, very aromatic and rich. To use will be ready in 4-5 hours.


• 1 kg of honey agaric;

• 40 ml of oil;

• 2 large carrots;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 3 tablespoons of vinegar (6%);

• spices for Korean carrots;

• salt with sugar 1 tsp.


1. Cook in honey for half an hour after boiling water, water can be immediately salted. But before you merge, try the mushrooms. If they are not prepared, then boil for another 10 minutes and then merge.

2. Peeled carrots rubbed straw, mixed with spices in Korean, then add chopped garlic, vinegar, salt and sugar. 3. Put the mushrooms in a saucepan or large bowl, carrots with spices on top.

4. Heat the oil in the pan to smoke and pour it on top. Immediately cover and let stand 15 minutes.

5. Mix, send to infuse in the fridge. You can periodically stir and try. If not enough salt or other spices, you can add to your taste.

Recipe 5: How to Marinate Households with Dill and Garlic

A very fragrant option of quick pickled mushrooms, which will also be ready in a couple of hours. For this recipe, you can even take frozen mushrooms, and not only mushrooms, but also any others.


• 1 kg of honey agaric;

• 7 cloves of garlic;

• 2 tablespoons of salt;

• 3 spoons of butter;

• 200 ml of water;

• a bunch of dill (you can take a spoonful of dry);

• 3 tablespoons of vinegar;

• leaf of laurel, carnation.


1. Cook the mushrooms for 15 minutes, then drain the water, rinse.

2. In a saucepan, boil 200 ml of water with spices, add the mushrooms and cook for another 12 minutes. Cover with a lid so that the liquid does not evaporate. Cooking on low heat.

3. Peel the garlic, cut into any pieces, but not too small, throw in the mushrooms. Turn off.

4. Pour in the vinegar, put the chopped dill, mix and leave to cool. Then you need to cool and ready!

Recipe 6: Pickled Mushrooms in Spicy Marinade

A very simple recipe for savory mushrooms, which will be a great snack not only for strong drinks. Marinade is cooked with chili pepper and horseradish root.


• up to 2 kg of honey agaric;

• 1 chili;

• 40 grams of horseradish;

• 5 grains of allspice and black pepper;

• 1.5 tablespoons of salt;

• sugar 2 spoons;

• 80 ml of vinegar (take 9%);

• 2 studs.


1. Boil the prepared mushrooms in boiling water for a quarter of an hour. Fold back for the runoff of water. If honey agarics are slimy, then you can rinse them under the tap.

2. Pepper is cleared of seeds, and horseradish root from the top skin. Flush. 3. Cook marinade. To do this, 1.2 liters of water put all the spices, but not vinegar. Add the chopped pieces of pepper and horseradish. Cook for 10 minutes.

4. Hot marinade is filtered through a colander to remove all the pieces and again put on the stove. Add mushrooms, vinegar, cook for 10 minutes.

5. Spread the mushrooms in a sharp marinade in sterile containers, cover the banks and roll. We send to cool under a blanket.

Recipe 7: How to pickle mushrooms at home with onions

Another winter harvest of pickled mushrooms, easy to prepare, but very tasty and fragrant. These products will be enough for 4 cans of 0.5 liters.


• 2 kg of honey agaric;

• 3 bulbs;

• Spoon of salt;

• 1 laurel leaf;

• 8 carnations;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• spoon of sugar;

• 100 ml bite.


1. For this preparation, boil the mushrooms 2 times. First boil the mushrooms for 5 minutes, add some water. Then in the new water for another 20 minutes, This technique will get rid of excess mucus.

2. Shred half rings bow. Add minced garlic. There we also place salt with sugar, vinegar, asterisks of cloves. Spices can be laid any, to your taste. Add a liter of water and put on the stove.

3. As soon as the water boils, we lower the boiled mushrooms.

4. Boil the mushrooms again exactly 5 minutes, put them in containers and roll them up. In winter we reach and enjoy!

Recipe 8: Pickled Mushrooms with Cinnamon

Unusual recipe for cooking pickled mushrooms with a simply amazing taste. Common cinnamon is used, which is sold in the spice section.


• 1.4 kg of honey agaric;

• 2 spoons of sugar;

• 1.5 tablespoons of salt;

• 2 leaves of laurel;

• 1 liter of water;

• 3 tsp. vinegar;

• 0.5 tsp. cinnamon;

• 2 cloves;

• peppercorns.


1. Boil the washed mushrooms in boiling water for about 20 minutes. Merge into a colander.

2. In a liter of water, boil salt with sugar for 3 minutes, add cloves, cinnamon, peas, pepper, bay leaf and spread it out. 3. Cook all together for 4 minutes, pour vinegar, stir. Give a minute to simmer.

4. Spread the fragrant brew in jars and wait for the winter! Although it is not necessary, the first test can be removed after a week. But you need to store mushrooms in a cool place.

Marinated Mushrooms - useful tips and tricks

• When boiling again, you should use as much water as possible to get rid of mucus as much as possible. You can also prepare the drain way: let it boil for 5 minutes, then change the water.

• The foam that forms when boiling mushrooms must be caught and removed. It spoils the taste and appearance of the product.

• Overcooked garlic does not have any taste or flavor, and some even seem nasty. Therefore, it is better to add it at the end of cooking. Or lay it directly in the jars, but in this case, scald it with boiling water before this in order to ensure sterility.

• You can pickle not only fresh, but also frozen mushrooms. But in this case, you need to take into account the weight of thawed mushrooms, or just make a discount on the water, which will definitely be.

• In many recipes, it is recommended to boil it again for 50 minutes, and sometimes an hour. For winter harvesting this should not be done in any case, unless you want to get mushroom mush at the time of opening the can.

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