Cake “Spider” - the original design of homemade dessert. Sophisticated and simple recipes of the gossamer cake

Cake “Spider” - the original design of homemade dessert. Sophisticated and simple recipes of the gossamer cake

Spiderweb cakes are a whole family of sumptuous desserts. It cannot be said that they are similar recipes, one can only consider the design of the upper layer as common to all. The classic, still of Soviet times, cake is rather complicated, although it consists of quite affordable products. But there are in our compilation more simple, moreover, not inferior to him, recipes.

Spider Web Cake - General Cooking Principles

Cakes for such a cake can be sandy, biscuit, sour cream or protein. The technology of preparation of each test is different, and in order to achieve the desired result, the recommended proportions and mixing sequence of components should be strictly observed.

Various and creams used for greasing cakes. It is important to use only fresh and high-quality products for their preparation. Condensed milk and butter with herbal additives or powdered sour cream can lead to cream scaling when beating, expired products will make the dessert unusable.

The highlight is cake decorating. Actually, thanks to the pattern on the surface, he got his name. The drawing is applied with melted chocolate from the pastry bag or is formed in a special way using a toothpick. How to do this is described in detail in each recipe.

Cake "Spider Web" of shortcrust dough with meringue and cherry according to GOST


four large eggs;

50 grams of natural chocolate (black);

quality margarine - 180 gr .;

100 grams of cherry berries;

a pack of creamy "Peasant" butter;

50 grams of chopped nuts;

a bank of whole condensed milk;

one and a half glasses of sugar, refined;

three tablespoons of liquid high-fat sour cream and the same amount of jam;

30 gr. cocoa powder;

one and a half spoonful of baking soda;

table 9 percent vinegar;

wheat flour, high-grade - two and a half glasses.

Cooking Method:

Margarine in advance spread in a bowl and directly cut into it, leave at room temperature. This should be done about an hour before mixing, so that margarine softens well. Mash pieces of softened fat with the teeth of a fork, sprinkle half a cup of sugar and carefully rub with a spoon.

Add the yolks to the resulting sweet mass, and pour the remaining proteins into a separate dry bowl and place in the refrigerator.

Behind the yolks, we spread sour cream to the oil mass and again grind it well.

In a small cup we extinguish soda, filled with vinegar. Stirring with the edge of the knife, wait until the mass stops hissing, and immediately pour it into a common bowl.

Mixing the oil mass with a spoon, gradually pour carefully sifted flour. Carefully wrapping the thick dough with our hands, divide it in three equal parts and roll into balls.

Pour cocoa on the table, put one of the balls on it and, kneading, mix in the powder. Continue until the dough stains evenly.

Each ball is wrapped in film and put in the fridge for an hour.

While the dough cools, lightly dry the walnut kernels in a dry frying pan. Cool slightly and chop with a knife. It is important not to turn the nuts into a crumb, small pieces should come out.

The inner surface of a round detachable form rubbed with vegetable oil.

We take out a piece of light dough from the refrigerator and distribute it with fingers gently along the bottom of the mold. Lubricate the surface with jam, richly sprinkle with nut crumb.

We cut dark dough into small balls and spread them evenly over jam. On each of them we place a cherry and lightly press the berries.

Beat the cooled proteins with a mixer with sugar to a dense foam. We start at the minimum speed, but as soon as the mass turns white, gradually increase the speed and add sugar in parts.

Carefully place the protein mass on top of the dough and place it for 40 minutes in the already heated oven. Cool the finished cake slightly, without getting out of the mold, then gently remove.

In the same form, we bake another light dough cake, but without the meringue. His baking will take up to 20 minutes.

While both cakes cool, there is time to cook the cream. Thoroughly beat condensed milk with softened butter. Two thirds of the cream is placed in the refrigerator for an hour, and the rest is temporarily left on the table. Lubricate the cake with meringue chilled cream, put the second cake on top of it and pour the top with warm cream. Put the cake for half an hour in the fridge.

While it is cooling, we are engaged in chocolate. Break the tiles into pieces, in a bowl and put in a water bath. Continuously stir, warming until chocolate is melted.

Cool down a bit, put the resulting chocolate mass in a pastry bag. Squeezing a thin strip, “draw” on the cake spiral, starting from the center. After, drawing the lines with the edge of a wooden skewer from the center, we divide the cake into sectors - a spider line pattern will come out.

The cake needs a long soak, let it stand in the cold for five hours or more.

Spider Web Sponge Cake with meringue


eight eggs;

a pound of brown sugar and 15 grams. vanilla;

130 ml of drinking water;

spoon of any brandy;

200 gram pack of creamy “Farmer” butter;

half can of whole and full jar of caramelized condensed milk;

100 grams of peanuts;

bitter, 76 percent chocolate - 200 g;

half a cup of cream;

walnuts, chopped.

Cooking Method:

Breaking four eggs, separate, extremely carefully, the whites from the yolks.

Intensively whip up the proteins, at first pure, then, pouring a spoon, we introduce 75 grams of sugar. Beat until we get steady peaks.

We pour out the same amount of sugar to the yolks, beat them up like whites - until white, with a mixer.

Spread to the yolks a third of the protein mass and gently, with the movements of the shoulder from top to bottom, interfere. Then pour peeled flour and gently mix again, add the rest of the protein mass.

We spread the dough into a parchment-filled form and set to bake at 180 degrees for half an hour. Be sure to preheat the oven in advance, if the sponge cake starts to bake in a cold cupboard, the cake will not rise.

Having checked the biscuit for readiness with a wooden splinter, we reach it and, after freeing it from the mold, cool it on the grate.

While the cake is sufficiently cooled, there is time to cook the meringues. Proteins of four eggs, beat with 250 grams of brown sugar. The technology is similar to the preparation of dough: pour in a spoon, beating until the crystals completely dissolve. We cover the baking sheet with parchment and slightly moisten it with vegetable oil. We transfer the whipped proteins into a pastry bag and extrude it on the paper with hills. We bake meringue for 50 minutes, at a temperature of 150 degrees.

Prepare syrup for soaking delicate biscuit cakes. Pour water into a saucepan, pour 100 grams of brown sugar into it and set on low heat. Mixing sweet mass, boil a clear syrup. Cool, mix it with brandy.

Prepare impregnation, whip cream. Oil (150 gr.) And condensed milk before cooking need to put on the table. The temperature of the products should be the same, otherwise when whipping the cream does not aesthetically exfoliate. First whip the cream until fluffy, then gradually, with continuous whipping, pour both types of condensed milk to it.

We start to collect the cake. Cut the cooled biscuit in half, lay the lower part on a flat dish. Pouring from the spoon, soak the cake with syrup. Richly smeared with cream, sprinkle with fried finely chopped peanuts.

We spread on the cream layer part of the cooled meringue. A few things will need to break and fill the spaces between the larger ones.

We spread on top of the meringue with a thick layer of cream, and on top - the second cake. Saturated with syrup, again apply the cream and lubricate it with the remnants of the side. Put in the fridge.

Using a blender, crush the peanuts into small crumb and sprinkle the sides of the cake well with it.

Bringing the cream to a boil, add chocolate pieces and a quarter of a pack of butter. Placing in a water bath, bring to homogeneity, with constant stirring. After cooling a little, pour the chocolate mass onto the cake and gently level it over the entire surface.

We make the top of the meringue cake. The remnants of the chocolate mass folded in a pastry bag and put it an arbitrary pattern.

Protein Cake “Spider Web” with Fruit Cream


In the dough:

a glass of sugar;

choice eggs - four things;

1 gr. vanilla powder.

In cream:

50 gr. Sahara;

milk - a quarter cup;

150 gr. any jam;

butter, medium fat oil - half a pack; 60 gr. roasted peanuts.

Cooking Method:

Separating the yolks, using a mixer, beat the whites with sugar to a stable foam. Sugar is added gradually, pouring in the process of beating in a spoon. At the same time introduce vanilla.

Pour parchment baking sheet. We spread on it a third of the protein mass and flatten the centimeter layer, giving the shape of a circle. Prepare in this way three cakes and bake them at 120 degrees for 40 minutes.

Wet the cakes wrapped in a towel and leave for twelve hours, but better for a day.

Mixing sugar and milk, boil over low heat in a thick syrup. His readiness is checked by “breaking the thread”: hooking a little syrup with two fingers, unclench them - the thick mass should stretch out with a string.

Ready milky syrup is filtered through a sieve, cooled to room temperature.

Beat the softened butter until fluffy, then, without stopping, gradually add syrup to it. At the end we interfere with the jam and beat it for another quarter of an hour.

One third of the cream is laid out in a paper cornet or pastry bag, the rest, distributing equally, glue the protein cakes among themselves.

We coat the surface and sides of the assembled cake with the remnants of the cream and sprinkle it with nuts crushed into crumb.

Squeezing the cream out of the cornet, decorate the surface of the cake pattern in the form of a spider web.

Chocolate Cake “Spider Web” with Cream and Ganache


In the dough:

Creamy, “Traditional” butter - 180 g;

130 gr. flour;

cane sugar - 180 gr .;

two spoons of cocoa powder;

eggs - 2 pcs .;

two spoons of high-fat milk;

one and a half spoon ripper.

For ganache:

butter - half a pack;

two hundred grams of bitter chocolate.

For registration (gossamer):

cream - 30 g .;

fifty gram white chocolate bar.


Half a cup of fatty, liquid cream.

Cooking Method:

Sift into a deep and wide bowl of flour. Add cocoa and mix thoroughly. You can flour and cocoa to sow together, then it will immediately disperse well. Put the softened, pre-kneaded butter in the flour mixture. Break eggs to it and add sugar, topping up two spoons of milk, mix thoroughly.

We shift chocolate dough into a round, with a diameter of not more than 18 cm, shape. Pre-board and lubricate the bottom of it with oil or lay out the parchment, so the cake will come out better.

We place the form in the oven, bake the cake for exactly forty minutes, then check it for readiness, puncture the dry splinter. We spread the finished biscuit from the mold until it cools completely on the grid.

Chocolate break in small squares, put in a saucepan. Add chopped butter. Placing in a water bath, warm up slowly, stirring until a completely homogeneous mass is obtained. After removing from the stove, rub the chocolate ganache to smoothness.

In a separate saucepan, warm the cream in a water bath. Having added pieces of white chocolate, we continue to heat until it is completely melted. Remove the white chocolate mass from the heat and stop a little.

Whip cream to the pomp. Do not save, immediately take a 35% product, low-fat cream, beat up to the desired thickness will not work.

Cut the chocolate cake in half. Putting the bottom blank on the dish, put whipped cream on it and cover with the upper part of the sponge cake.

Apply to the entire surface of the cake (top and sides) with a uniform layer of dark chocolate ganache. Immediately, squeezing out of the pastry bag, put on it in circles white chocolate mass. Cut the toothpicks with thin lines, pushing the toothpick across the strips from the center of the cake.

“Spider Web” Layered Cake with Sour Cream and Fruit


a pound of flour;

700 grams of sour cream, medium fat;

150 grams of sugar and the same amount of powder;

two eggs;

baking soda - 1/2 tsp;

banana and kiwi - one fruit each;

spoon of vinegar;

30 gr. poppy;

milk chocolate (dark);

peeled walnuts.

Cooking Method:

We pour sugar into a deep bowl, add a little less than half of sour cream and all the sugar. Beat the mixer thoroughly with a mixer, inject vinegar-blasted soda and quickly stir until bubbles form. Pouring flour, knead steep, but not hard dough. Dividing the batch into eight parts, roll out the circles, maintaining a thickness of 8 mm. Bake cakes until browning, alternately placing in a preheated oven.

Beat the remnants of sour cream with powdered sugar, sprinkling it in parts and gradually increasing the speed of the mixer. The cream should come out smooth and fluffy.

Putting the cooled cake layers on top of each other, grease them with cream and sandwich them with fruits. On the first piece, put a cup of banana on top of the cream, on the next one - slices of kiwi and finely chopped nuts.

Smear the rest of the cake, sprinkle the sides with nut crumbs. Melted chocolate with the help of a water bath; from the syringe we apply a cobweb pattern.

“Spider” Cake with Curd Layer


high-grade baking flour - 150 gr .;

two whole eggs and four yolks;

sugar - 350 g;

small bag of vanillin;

a glass of milk;

bag of ready dough ripper;

750 gr. fat dry cottage cheese;

gelatin granules - 20 g .;

300 ml of fat, 35% cream;

a jar of canned peaches;

50 gr. bitter chocolate;

half a spoonful of lemon juice, manual extraction.

Cooking Method:

Quickly but carefully rub two eggs with a hundred grams of sugar. Having added flour, a pinch of salt, vanillin and a ripper, beat well with a mixer.

We spread the dough into a rubbed butter form, put the bake in a hot oven. After half an hour, check the toothpick cake for readiness. Pulling out of the oven, free from the form and cool.

Cooking cream. Rubbed yolks with 200 gr. sugar, pour in milk and mix thoroughly. Bringing to a boil over low heat until boiling, remove from heat and mix half a spoonful of lemon juice into it.

Fill gelatin with peach syrup, set on a water bath, warm up, stirring continuously and evenly, dissolving the granules without residue.

In a deep bowl on a sieve, rub the curd. Having poured the cream and cooled down jelly syrup, add the cooled milk mixture. Beat the contents of the bowl until fluffy at high speed of the mixer.

We divide the curd mass into two approximately equal parts, and in each of them we mix cocoa. Put the cooled sponge cake into a clean, detachable form, spread on the surface, peaches, dried from the syrup.

We spread dark curd on the fruit and put the cake for a quarter of an hour in the cold. Then lay out the light one, and let the cake harden well in the fridge, soak for about an hour.

From the melted dark chocolate on the frozen surface of the cake put the pattern "web". Place the cake until it is completely frozen in the fridge.

Cake “Spider” - cooking tricks and useful tips

If you want to decorate the surface of the cake with melted chocolate, let it pause so that it even starts to harden slightly. The chocolate mass will come out of the syringe with neat stripes, which will make it possible to apply a higher-quality pattern.

If the pattern is formed by the edge of a toothpick, the chocolate mass should be liquid and slightly warm so that it mixes easily with the cream that is flooded from its heat.

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