How can I make salads "Mushroom Glade" with ham. Culinary impromptu on the subject of salads - "Mushroom Glade" with ham

How can I make salads

A topic about which in the section of cooking you can talk and write endlessly - salad. The history of the emergence of this dish began in the ancient Romans, but still remains inexhaustible for experienced professionals and novice chefs.

It is difficult to accurately answer the question of which of them came up with more recipes for salads, and whose inventions turned out to be more popular and tasty.

For example, “Mushroom Glade” has as many cooking options as the housewives make it, so many options for this dish.

Mushroom Glade Salad with Ham - Basic Technological Principles

Cooking salads in our home kitchen resembles a fairy tale, like a soldier cooking soup from an ax: everything in the fridge may come in handy for a salad. But, given that the “movement of food” on the shelves of the refrigerator occurs regularly, mushrooms can be fried, salted or pickled in the same salad recipe. To prepare any salad, you need to combine your culinary fantasy with the available products.

No one can answer the question exactly what kind of meat should be used for the “Mushroom Glade” salad. The composition of the ingredients in this salad is constantly changing. Actually, “mushroom glade” is just a way to decorate a dish: the surface of puff salad is decorated with whole mushrooms. Prefer marinated mushrooms - put pineapples and boiled ham in a salad. Liver, marinated carrots and pickled cucumbers are more suitable for fried mushrooms, and the salad itself can be warm. Products must harmoniously complement each other - this is how the unique taste of the dish is created.

“Mushroom Glade” is a very high-calorie salad in any variant of its preparation. Therefore, it is good to include in its composition products that promote the rapid breakdown of fats, accelerating and facilitating the digestion process: ginger root, horseradish, mustard, pineapples, grapefruit, cranberries, raspberries, papaya, apples, cinnamon, cabbage, cucumbers, beans, red wine, almonds, dairy products. You take from this list what suits the set of ingredients and create your version of the “mushroom glade”. A few words about mayonnaise. Layered salads we traditionally refuel with mayonnaise, and, moreover, very abundantly! Mayonnaise, as you know, significantly increases the calorie content of the dish, and the “Mushroom Glade” with ham - and without that, too high in calories. Lighter refueling will help to make it less saturated:

• Use the lowest fat mayonnaise, diluting it with water or lemon juice; at the same time, the sauce will become less thick, which means that its consumption for layer coating will noticeably decrease - the main task of the sauce in a salad is not to increase its mass and caloric content, but to create a certain taste and texture.

• Depending on the components of the salad, you can prepare the original dressing:

Beat the vegetable oil into the foam, turn on the mixer at maximum speed, and gradually pour in the milk, drop by drop. When the mass thickens, add spices, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, mustard. Pick up spices as well, depending on the composition of the main ingredients of the salad. For 100 ml of olive oil, 250 ml of milk with a fat content of 2.5% is required for preparing the sauce.

Despite the fact that mayonnaise is the most versatile and favorite product, a special sauce made from well-chosen products may be a more interesting addition to the salad.

Otherwise, everything is done as usual: preliminary preparation of ingredients - they are sorted, cleaned, washed, boiled, baked, passed or fried, cut, and then laid in layers, in strict or arbitrary order.

A small nuance that must be taken into account in the preparation of puff salads: so that the salad does not turn out too dry, or vice versa - moist, watery, alternate products so that ingredients with a high content of juice (cucumbers, mushrooms, pickled onions, fruits) separate the layers of the drier ingredients (potatoes, meat, boiled eggs). In this case, it is desirable to alternate the layers so that the most suitable components are close together, for example, potato - herring, eggs - cheese, and so on.

Products with a pronounced taste are used, as a rule, in smaller quantities, so that they do not stand out sharply in the total mass of the dish, if we are talking about salad, and not about some kind of meat or fish dish, where the taste of the main ingredient must be emphasized with using a small number of different additives. Now you can begin to test the recipes attached below, and remember: the impromptu in the kitchen is our everything, so do not be upset if you don’t have any ingredient at hand. Just replace it with what you have, and it will be a new author's recipe!

Option 1. Salad “Mushroom Glade” with ham and beef liver


Fried mushrooms 300 g (net)

Korean carrots 200 g

Chicken eggs 6 pcs.

Green onions 150g

Gherkins180 g

Potatoes “in uniform” 250 g

Fried ham (sausage, cooked smoked) 400 g

Beef liver 300 g

Quail eggs 6 pcs. (for decoration)


Sour cream (15%) 150 g

Garlic 20g

Chopped Dill 70 g

Ginger, grated 15 g

Lemon juice 50 ml

Ground pepper 10 g

Fat for frying

Flour (for breading)

Working order:

Beef liver slices, breaded in a small amount of flour, combined with salt and pepper and fry until done in boiling oil. Chilled liver cut into thin strips.

Fry the ham slices and also cut them into strips. Connect with the liver;

Select large mushrooms, boil them first, and then fry, after separating the legs from the caps. Put the hats aside for the time being - they will be needed to decorate the salad, and cut the legs into strips and combine with the meat components of the salad. Fresh mushrooms should be 3 times more, given that when frying, they markedly decrease in size and weight;

Boiled and peeled chicken eggs cut into plates. Cook and clean quail eggs. Cut only part of the protein from one side, so that you can easily put them on the surface of the lettuce, like the leg of a mushroom;

Cut onions into strips and dip into boiled cold water mixed in equal parts with lemon juice for 15 minutes;

Peeled potatoes cut into slices, pickled or pickled cucumbers - strips.

Cucumbers combine with carrots in Korean.

Take a flat round dish. Put on it a round shape (for baking cakes) without a bottom, so that it is more convenient to assemble the salad in layers, giving it a beautiful look.

Begin to lay out the layers: potato circles, liver with ham and mushrooms, a mixture of Korean carrots and pickled cucumbers. Pour over each layer of lettuce cooked dressing, from sour cream, juice, ginger and mustard. Let it stand for half an hour in the refrigerator, and then remove the metal mold and proceed to the decoration. Place sliced ​​chicken eggs in a circle, sprinkle the rest of the surface with straw onions. Put quail eggs on the green “grass”, and put whole hats of agony on them. Enjoy!

Option 2. Mushroom Glade Salad with Ham, Eggs and Cheese


Boiled potatoes 300 g

Smoked-boiled ham, chicken 400 g

Boiled carrots 1 pc. (large, for registration)

Cranberries, frozen 40-50 g

Cheese, grated 150 g

Green onions 200g

Juice of half lemon (for onions and dressing)

Marinated champignons (large) 10 -12 pcs.

7 eggs

Fresh cucumber 250 g

Mayonnaise 30% 200 g


Cooking Method:

Eggs and potatoes, boil and peel, grate. To decorate the salad, separate a pair of yolks and one large potato.

Cut ham and cucumbers into small pieces. Half a cucumber can also be left to decorate the dish.

Slice green onions and pour with lemon juice, hold for a few minutes. Drain the juice and combine it with mayonnaise by adding a pinch of ground pepper.

Spread layers: potatoes, cucumbers, eggs, ham, cheese. Layers season with mayonnaise with pepper and lemon juice.

Start decorating the dish:

Sprinkle the salad with onions.

Cut out flowers from carrots and potatoes with a cutout for cookies. Place them on top of the bow in any order.

Cut the leaves out of the half cucumber and spread it around the flowers.

Decorate the center of white, potato flowers with yolks, and carrot flowers add cranberries.

Put pickled mushrooms between the flowers.

"Glade" is covered with mushrooms, and you can eat!

Option 3. Mushroom Glade Salad with Ham, Tomatoes and Olives

Interestingly, while in Italy they make a “Mushroom Glade” with ham? Let's try to prepare a salad in the style of Mediterranean cuisine. This recipe is a fantasy of Italian culinary.


Feta cheese 100 g

Olives, marinated 10 pcs.

Ham, boiled 150 g

Tomatoes 200 g

Cucumbers 100 g

Basil, green? beam

Color paste (with spinach and beets)

Chanterelles 250 g


Yolk 2 pcs.

Garlic 2 cloves

Freshly ground pepper

Sea salt

Olive oil 100 ml

Greens (chopped parsley)


Boil the pasta, burgundy and green: it is better to use tagliatelle pasta, long egg noodles, so that the salad is as bright and colorful as Italy. If there is no color paste in the house, then add vegetable juice to the water when cooking, and it is better to make egg noodles with spinach and beetroot juice: the pleasure is worth tricky with dough. After cooking, pour hot pasta with olive oil and mix. Then everything is very simple:

Put the tagliatelle, with chopped straw, boiled ham, on a flat dish. Put thin slices of sliced ​​cucumbers and tomatoes around it, alternating between them, and in the next row, on the inner circle, lay cheese plates, alternating it with sliced ​​ringlets or olive halves. Put marinated chanterelles on top of the pasta with ham, and between them - basil leaves.

Cook the sauce. Beat the egg yolks at high speed, adding oil to them drop by drop. You can use ready-made mayonnaise, but then it is necessary to fill it with chopped greens, pepper and chopped garlic. Pour over the salad and serve.

Option 4. Mushroom Glade Salad with Ham and Pineapple


Smoked meat 400 g

Boiled corn 180 g

Boiled potatoes 250 g

Onion, bulb 100g

Pineapples, canned 300 g

Marinated mushrooms 150g

Lettuce, 50 g

Lemon juice 70 ml

Boiled eggs, quail 6 pcs.

Cherry 3 pcs.

Parsley (leaves)


Cooking Procedure:

Dice meat, potatoes, pineapples and onions very finely. Onions for half an hour, put in a separate dish, pour lemon juice to remove the bitterness and pungent smell. Peel the eggs, cut the tomatoes in half.

Salad can be served in a serving dish or in portions, by preparing glasses (tumblers or old-fresh). Spread out the ingredients, seasoning each layer with mayonnaise: pickled onions, meat, pineapples, potatoes, corn. Decorate with chopped greens, place the mushrooms, alternating natural, mushroom champignons with “fly agarics” made from boiled eggs and halves of tomatoes (red hats paint with specks using mayonnaise).

Option 5. Salad “Mushroom Glade” with ham - an interesting way to design


Mushrooms (pickled mushrooms) - 2-3 pcs. for one portion

Olives 10-15 pcs.

Fried ham (or pork chop) 900 g

Greens, chopped 200 g

Boiled potatoes 1.0 kg

Peking cabbage 300 g

Cucumbers, fresh 250 g

Cranberries 100 g

Garlic 20g


Mayonnaise, low fat Cooking Procedure:

Spread a sheet of foil or silicone cloth (10x17 cm) on the work surface.

Put on a prepared sheet, oiled, grated potatoes, a layer of 1.0-1.5 cm.

Fried ham or chops finely chopped, put on top of the potato, stepping back from the edges (length) to 1 cm.

Chop the cabbage, chop the fresh cucumber into strips, combine the vegetables, add the cranberries and season lightly with mayonnaise and garlic. Spread the prepared vegetable mass on the meat layer, also departing from the edges of the form.

Roll the sheet into a roll, giving it the shape of a log. Put on a rectangular dish covered with chopped greens (optional), stitch down. On top of the “logs” lay out strips cut from olives, imitating birch bark. Arrange the pickled mushrooms in random order, on the “log” and on the grass.

Option 6. Cocktail salad “Mushroom Glade” with ham


Onions, green 250 g

750 g ham

Eggs 8 pcs.

Cheese 300 g

Fresh cucumbers 300 g

Marinated mushrooms or chanterelles 250 g

Mayonnaise 200g

Mustard to taste

Working order:

Boiled peeled eggs and hard cheese rub finely, add mayonnaise, combined with mustard. Stir the mass. On a portion of the plates, put the cylindrical shape, greased inside the fat. Spread cheese-egg mass into cylinders. Carefully remove the forms from the plates. Sprinkle on the resulting stumps with chopped onions, and set the mushrooms on them. Around the "hemp" lay out the ham and cucumbers, cut into sticks or straws. Pour the mayonnaise.

Mushroom Glade Salad with Ham - Useful Tips and Tricks

Salad preparation largely depends on how well the knives are sharpened, no matter how trite this reminder looks. Dull knives not only slow down the cooking process, but also affect the quality of the cut: juicy products produce juice ahead of time, solid ones - are ugly torn and crumpled. Before preparing any salad, take 5 minutes to prepare the tools.

If the salad needs to be served at the table, for example, in the evening, and there is only free time to cook it in the morning, then after preparing all the ingredients — washing, cleaning and cutting them — put the products separately in lockable containers and put them in the refrigerator. In the evening, it will remain to combine them and fill with sauce. Salad will not drain, will not spoil, and will look as if it was cut before serving. But at the same time, products that contain a large amount of juice, still try to cut just before adding to the dish.

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