Beyliz liqueur at home - sweet alcohol! Home-made recipes for liqueur "Beyliz" with chocolate, cream, yolks

Beyliz liqueur at home - sweet alcohol! Home-made recipes for liqueur

Baileys - sweet liqueur of Irish descent. It has a deep creamy taste and a thick texture. Although today you can find not only such options drink. Bailey is found with the taste of nuts, chocolate, coffee, coconut and this is only a small part of the possible options. All the remarkable thing is that any of the species can be prepared at home.

Beyliz liqueur at home - general principles of cooking

Bailey refers to sufficiently high-calorie liqueurs. In addition to the high sugar content, it also has fats. In classic drinks, their sources are cream, condensed milk, in other variants also chocolate, eggs. The exact calorie content will depend on the recipe and the accuracy of compliance with the dosage.

What kind of alcohol I usually use:

· Irish whiskey;

· Vodka;

· Cognac:

· Rarely alcohol.

Especially carefully you need to choose vodka. You should not use cheap alcohol, otherwise the liquor will have an unpleasant fusel smell. It is also important to pay attention to dairy ingredients. Condensed milk or cream should not consist of vegetable fat, we take only natural ingredients.

Preparing liquor simply by mixing and whipping ingredients. Then he needs to stand for at least a few hours, better all night. If time is short, then cool and serve. Homemade liquor is not stored for more than six months, you need to keep it only in the cold and in glassware.

Classic liqueur “Beyliz” at home

Recipe simple liquor "Beyliz" with a classic taste on vodka. Additionally, you need fat cream, which will help to give the desired consistency and taste. Sweeteners add condensed milk. We choose a natural product, which contains only milk and sugar, that is, it must be prepared according to GOST.


· 500 ml of vodka;

· 350 ml of cream 25%;

· 380 g of condensed milk;

· 1 g vanilla.

Method of preparation 1. Cream must be cooled before use. Beat them for a minute. It is not necessary to do this for a long time, that is, we do not bring it to dense peaks.

2. Fill condensed milk with cream and you can immediately add vanillin, whip again.

3. Pour in vodka, continuing to mix the mass with a mixer. Liquor is ready!

4. Pour the baize in a glass bottle with a tight lid or take a jar. Cool for at least five hours. If the drink will last longer, then periodically it needs to be shaken.

Beyliz liqueur at home with brandy and coffee

Chic recipe of liqueur "Beyliz" at home. Cognac can be used of any kind, like condensed milk, but the choice of coffee must be approached responsibly. We use only fresh and strong brewed drink. Powdered solvents are not suitable, as in the process of infusion can give the drink an unpleasant taste.


· 0.25 liters of brandy;

· 3 tbsp. l strong coffee;

· 300 ml of cream of 18%;

· Pinch of vanilla;

· 150 g white condensed milk.

Method of preparation

1. All ingredients are pre-cooled. For mixing use a high bowl. Pour the cream and immediately add condensed milk. Whisk a couple of minutes.

2. Add a thin stream of brandy into the future liqueur, continuing to beat, and add vanilla. You can cook without it.

3. At the very end, we introduce boiled, but cooled coffee. It perfectly emphasizes the cognac taste. Beat another minute.

4. Pour into a decanter with a tight lid or just in the bottle. Stoppage, remove for several hours in the fridge. Before use, be sure to stir, you can just shake the bottle intensely.

Beyliz liqueur at home with eggs

In fact, this recipe does not need whole eggs, but just yolks. It is desirable that they were fresh and of high quality, since the warming up by the recipe is not provided. The yolks give the liqueur a creamy and viscous consistency. Due to their presence in the drink, you can use a cream of small fat content of 15%.


· 3 yolks; · 500 ml of vodka;

· 300 ml of cream;

· 1 g vanilla;

· 300 g condensed milk.

Method of preparation

1. Carefully separate the yolks, shift into a bowl, whisk or blender for a couple of minutes.

2. Add condensed milk and also gradually introduce the cream, continuing to beat the liquor.

3. At the end we introduce vanillin, but you can add cinnamon, pour in alcohol. With him also interrupt a minute.

4. Pour liqueur with yolks into a convenient bottle, cool.

Beylize liqueur at home with chocolate

Recipe liquor, which is best cooked with dark chocolate. Choose a product of at least 65% cocoa. If you use milk chocolate, the taste will not be so rich. If you take a cheap tile, it simply will not melt to the desired state due to the content of a large number of additives.


· 100 g chocolate;

· 300 ml of cream;

· 300 ml of vodka;

· Bag of vanilla sugar;

· 350 g of condensed milk.

Method of preparation

1. Open the chocolate, break it into pieces and fold it into a bowl. The product must be melted. This can be done in two ways: put in a water bath or simply heat it in a microwave. Melt to a liquid state.

2. Open the condensed milk, pour into a bowl, add a bag of vanillin.

3. Pour cream immediately to condensed milk and beat everything with a mixer for several minutes.

4. Add the melted chocolate, continuing to beat.

5. Then pour the cooled vodka and bring the liquor to a homogeneous state.

6. Pour the drink, put it in the fridge. It is advisable to let it stand for at least two hours, then shake vigorously. When serving, sprinkle with cocoa powder on top.

Beyliz Mint Chocolate liqueur at home

For the preparation you will need mint liqueur or syrup, without it nothing will come out. Sometimes cooked with fresh mint, but it is quite laborious, the best to use it for decoration.


· 0.5 liters of vodka;

· 50 ml of mint syrup;

· 150 g dark chocolate;

· 350 g of cream 30%;

· Bank condensed milk.

Method of preparation

1. We melt chocolate in any convenient way. To do this, we break it, add 50 ml of heavy cream, that is, take it from the recipe, put it in the microwave. We start to heat up, but every 10 seconds we reach and stir. Overheating is not necessary so as not to spoil the other ingredients of the cocktail, just bring to homogeneity.

2. Beat the remaining cream until frothy, then inject condensed milk, then mint syrup.

3. Fill the melted chocolate and immediately after it we introduce high-quality vodka, adding a thin stream.

4. Remove the liquor to cool for several hours, be sure to close tightly so that alcohol does not evaporate.

Beyliz liqueur at home with wonderful chocolate

The modern way of making liqueur, which does not take much time and does not require much effort. At the same time the drink turns out dense, porous, has a pronounced taste. For the preparation you need wonderful chocolate, it is sold in many grocery stores.


· 500 ml of high-quality vodka;

· 2 cans of condensed milk;

· 600 ml of wonderful chocolate;

· 1.5 g vanillin;

· 2 spoons of instant coffee.

Method of preparation

1. Open condensed milk, lay out the cans in a convenient bowl for beating. But at once we take a big pot to fit all the components.

2. Open the wonderful chocolate and pour it to condensed milk. Beat with a mixer.

3. Add instant coffee. If it is sublimated, it is better to first scroll in a coffee grinder or knead with a pestle.

4. Beat everything together with coffee. It should be completely dissolved, add vanillin.

5. As soon as there are no blotches in the mass, we begin to pour in vodka. But add a thin stream, continuing to beat.

6. Pour the liquor into an airtight container, close and place in the refrigerator.

7. In an hour we reach, intensively shake and set again to cool.

Beyliz liqueur at home with a banana

Variant of the finest liqueur with a tropical flavor. It turns out very tasty, delicate, but intended for immediate consumption. No need to give the drink a long time to stand. Choosing bananas that smell. Even through the peel from them must come a pleasant aroma. Ingredients

· 300 g of vodka;

· 380 g of condensed milk;

· 3 bananas;

· 2 eggs;

· 150 ml of milk.

Method of preparation

1. Carefully separate the egg whites.

2. Bananas are cleaned and broken into pieces. They, like all other ingredients, should preferably be kept in the refrigerator. We shift the bananas in a bowl for whipping. Grind to homogeneity immersion blender.

3. Add egg whites to bananas, continue to beat everything for another minute.

4. Open condensed milk, add parts, continuing to beat.

5. Next, enter the cooled whole milk. We wield a blender further.

6. Add a thin stream of cold vodka. Beat a few more seconds.

7. We pour everything from a bowl into a bottle or even a few. We put for 30 minutes in the refrigerator or put in the freezer. Before use, liquor should be shaken vigorously.

Beylize home-made liqueur - tips and tricks

· If the liqueur is too strong, then you can add 1-2 ice cubes to the glass before serving.

· Bailey is not necessary to use for its intended purpose. Drink can be a wonderful addition to cold desserts: cakes, creams, ice cream. It will also perfectly fit into some soft drinks.

· A few spoonfuls of cognac will give the liqueur a pleasant taste of walnut. The same technique can be used in cake creams.

· When mixing ingredients, it is important to achieve uniformity. If some pieces do not dissolve and remain even after infusion for several days, then it is advisable to drain the liqueur. But it is not recommended to remove it from the sediment, since stratification is characteristic of many alcoholic beverages.

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