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Products & Savings

Many families cannot afford certain products due to budget constraints. However, this does not mean that you need to give up healthy foods and sacrifice family health. Believe it or not, healthy and fast food with fresh and natural products is available to everyone, and the budget remains the same.

The key to this secret is eggs. This is a very low-cost product containing high-quality natural proteins and 13 essential vitamins and minerals. For all that, a medium-sized egg contains only about 70 calories. In addition, eggs are great for any food, since almost everything in the fridge can be used in omelets or casseroles.

Try these quick, nutritious, and easily accessible recipes.

Leftovers are sweet. It is not necessary to eat the same thing every day if you have made a dish more than necessary. Everything that you have, from pasta to porridge can be used as the basis for an omelet or casserole. Just warm up and put eggs in there. Do not forget about the rolls. Boiled eggs can be crumbled with vegetables and low-fat cheese. Distribute all this on pita bread, roll and serve with sauce for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mexicans call these spring rolls a burrito.

Easy cleaning. Serve the whole family one dish - frozen spinach and ham, fried in a skillet and covered with eggs.

Replacing fast food. Create the healthiest and cheapest version of a snack - between two buns or cereal loaves place the fried egg on both sides and low-fat cheese.

Second Life. The rest of the evening boiled potatoes cut, spread out in a baking dish, shifting sausage or ham and pour with beaten eggs. Bake in the oven.

Variations with vegetables, fish, chicken, greens are possible.

The number of dishes is limited only by your imagination.

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