Sinabon buns at home

Sinabon buns at home

Sinabon buns (Cinnabon) appeared relatively recently - in the mid 80s of the XX century. Their recipe is the fruit of the hard work of the Komenov confectioners' family, who set out to make the most delicious bun in the world. They succeeded - the invented dessert was included in the number of the main pleasures of mankind. Initially, it was baked only in Seattle, but the popularity of the delicacy grew so rapidly that it allowed the Comen family to significantly expand their business. Now the Cinnabon bun is baked in more than 1000 bakeries scattered over 60 countries. It is not surprising that many housewives want to know the original recipe for sinabon buns to bake them at home. The true recipe for this dessert has not been disclosed, but confectioners have come up with options to bake the famous delicacy, almost indistinguishable from the original.

Cooking Features

Sinabon buns are coiled products made from rich yeast dough with cinnamon filling and cheese glaze. In order for a home-made dessert to taste and appearance does not differ from the original, you need to know and take into account a few points:

  • For the preparation of yeast dough use warm food, otherwise it will not rise. Yeast can be used both pressed and dry. Flour is needed with a high gluten content. Ready dough should not stick to hands. After kneading, it is left to warm for 1-2 hours to rise. During this time, it should increase in volume by 2-2, 5 times. To speed up the process will help place the container with the dough in a larger volume filled with warm water. You can also put it in a preheated but turned off oven. Do not forget to periodically upset the dough, crushing it with your hands.
  • For buns used pastry dough. It adds a lot of butter. It has a high caloric content, and some sweetie, dreaming to keep the shape, may be tempted to make adjustments to the recipe by preparing buns on the dough with a lower content of oil or without it. It will be a bad idea: reducing the amount of butter and sugar will make the taste of baking very different, far from the original.
  • Professional pastry chefs add gluten to the dough for buns with sinabon. In the free sale of this product is not easy to find. To get gluten at home 2 tablespoons of flour should be mixed with 1 tablespoon of pure water. The resulting dough is washed under running water until a “ragged rag” remains in the hands. This is gluten, which is added to the dough with flour when kneaded.
  • To make a synabon bun, externally similar to the original, you will need a ruler to roll the dough into a 40 cm long, 30 cm wide, 5 mm thick layer. After covering the dough with a filling, it is rolled into a roll, trying to make 5 turns. After the roll is cut into pieces of a width of 2, 5-3 cm. This should be done with a very sharp knife or fishing line. The task of the culinary specialist is to cut the dough roll so as not to deform it - the buns should turn out to be round, with ideally even edges.
  • On a baking sheet, rolls before baking are placed 1 cm apart from each other, left for 30 minutes to come. During baking, they will increase even more in volume and will surely stick together, but it should be so.
  • The finished buns are watered with cream and allow it to harden, after which the pastries are separated and served to the table. Eating buns is recommended to be warm, but also cold, they remain tasty.
  • If you have baked too many buns, store them in a container and put them in the refrigerator, then they will keep a pleasant taste for at least 24 hours.

Sinabon buns at home can be made not only with cinnamon, but also with a different filling. The composition of the glaze can also be changed. However, the dough is always the same.

Classic recipe for sinabon buns

Caloric content of the dish: 5511 kcal, per 100 g: 254 kcal.


  • wheat flour - 0, 6-0, 7 kg;
  • yeast - 50 g pressed or 11 g dry;
  • white sugar - 100 g;
  • brown sugar - 0, 2 kg;
  • icing sugar - 100 g;
  • butter - 80 g in the dough, 50 g in the filling, 40 g in the cream (only 170 g);
  • milk - 0, 2 l;
  • cinnamon - 20 g;
  • cream cheese - 60 g;
  • chicken egg - 2 pcs .;
  • salt - 5 g;
  • gluten (optional) - 10-20 g.

Preparation Method:

  • Heat the milk to about 35-40 degrees, add a tablespoon of sugar into it, add yeast. Stir to dissolve the components, leave for 15-20 minutes in a warm place.
  • Remove the oil from the refrigerator beforehand so that it will soften by the time the dough is prepared.
  • In a bowl, break eggs, add 80 g of sugar to them, rub them.
  • Add the softened butter and salt, stir until a homogeneous composition is obtained. Some even knead a lot of hands.
  • Connect the oil-egg mass with the brew. Whisk. To do this, you can use a mixer or blender.
  • Sift flour. Gradually add it to the cooked mixture, knead the dough. Gluten is added at this stage.
  • When the dough stops sticking to your hands, roll it into a ball. Put in a bowl, cover with a towel and leave for 1, 5 hours in a warm place. During this time it is recommended 1-2 times to knead the dough.
  • When the dough will increase in volume by 2-2, 5 times, crush it. Roll into the layer of the desired size (30 * 40 cm).
  • Mix the softened butter with brown sugar and cinnamon.
  • Grease the dough with the obtained cream, stepping back from both sides to 2 cm so that you can better fasten the roll afterwards.
  • Roll the dough into a roll.
  • Cut the roll into 12 pieces with a thickness of 2.5 cm.
  • Lay parchment on a baking sheet, put future buns on it, keeping a distance of 1 cm between them.
  • Leave the buns to come up for 15-30 minutes. During this time, preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  • Put baking tray with buns in the oven, bake them for 20-25 minutes. You can check the readiness with a toothpick: if it remains dry after dipping into the dough, baking is ready.
  • Combine cream cheese, butter and icing sugar. You can add vanilla (at the tip of the knife). Lightly heat the cream in a water bath, whipping so that it is not too thick.
  • Allow the buns to cool slightly and cover with cheese cream using a silicone brush. Let stand for a while in the open air to make the cream harden.

Buns are served hot. They will be a good addition to tea, coffee, cocoa. Children can feed them with milk.

Sinabon buns with chocolate filling


  • dough for sinabon buns - 1 kg;
  • butter - 110 g;
  • cocoa powder - 45 g;
  • sugar - 180 g;
  • milk - 120 ml.

Preparation Method:

  • Rise up the dough, roll it into a rectangular layer 5 mm thick, 30 cm wide, 40 cm long.
  • Remove the oil from the refrigerator beforehand - it should be soft. You can even melt it in a water bath or slow fire.
  • Grease the dough with half of the amount of butter indicated in the recipe, slightly reaching the edges.
  • Mix 80 g of sugar with 15 g of cocoa, sprinkle the dough with this mixture.
  • Roll the dough into a roll, cut into pieces about 3 cm wide.
  • Put the pieces of roll on a baking tray covered with parchment, leaving a distance of 1 cm between them.
  • Place the baking tray in the oven heated to 180 degrees, bake buns for 20 minutes.
  • Combine the remaining butter, cocoa powder, milk and sugar. Warm them over low heat.
  • Pour the icing on the buns. Let it freeze.

Chocolate sinabon buns are often called “shokobonami”, this baking option is almost as popular as the classic one. Buns will be even tastier if they are coated first with cheese cream prepared according to the classic recipe, and then with chocolate icing.

Sinabon bun with poppy

Calorie dishes: 4299 kcal, per 100 g: 309 kcal.


  • flour - 0, 4-0, 45 kg;
  • water - 0, 25 l;
  • dry yeast - 7 g;
  • chicken egg - 1 pc .;
  • sugar - 60 g for the dough, 160 g for the filling;
  • butter - 60 g for the dough, 30 g for the filling, 20 g for the fudge;
  • salt - a large shchipot;
  • poppy - 60 g;
  • cream cheese - 120 g;
  • condensed milk - 120 ml.

Preparation Method:

  • Dissolve yeast and a spoonful of sugar in warm water.
  • Pound an egg with two spoons of sugar, add 60 g of melted butter, whisk.
  • Mix with yeast mixture, mix until smooth.
  • Enter the flour, knead the dough, allow it to rise, leaving for 1-2 hours in a warm place.
  • Roll out the dough, brush with butter, sprinkle with poppy seeds and sugar.
  • Roll the dough into a roll. Cut into pieces, put on a baking sheet and bake until tender.
  • Combine a small piece of softened butter, condensed milk and cream cheese, whisk with a mixer.
  • Cover the pastry with the resulting cream.

This is one of the most economical and simple options for making sinabon buns. Such confectionery products will differ from the original ones, but they will also come out tasty and appetizing.

Sinabon buns with apples

Calorie dishes: 5719 kcal, per 100 g: 291 kcal.


  • butter yeast dough - 1 kg;
  • butter - 100 g;
  • lemon - 0, 5 pcs .;
  • apples - 0.5 kg;
  • cinnamon - 10 g;
  • sugar - 60 g;
  • icing sugar - 110 g;
  • water - 40 ml;
  • fatty cream - 80 ml.

Preparation Method:

  • Rub the apples.
  • Pour sugar into the pan, pour lemon juice and water, heat until it is dissolved.
  • Mix the syrup with applesauce and 50 g of softened butter.
  • Roll out the dough. Cover it with apple filling, roll up a roll, cut.
  • Bake buns.
  • Whip the cream, add the icing sugar and softened butter to it, whisk again.

Cover the buns with butter cream as they come to the table.

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Sinabon buns are considered the most delicious pastry in the world. Even an inexperienced hostess can cook similar pastries at home if she follows the recommendations of experienced chefs.

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