Oregano - description, properties, use in cooking. Recipes with oregano.

Oregano - description, properties, use in cooking. Recipes with oregano.

Oregano - description

Spice with a beautiful foreign name Oregano has a more familiar name for Russians - oregano. This herb is quite unpretentious, grows wild almost everywhere, it can be found on almost every edge, hill or slope. The historical homeland of Oregano is the country of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, from where it has spread across the globe, except in permafrost areas.

The period of flowering in her - June-July, at this time, and oregano collected. To get the spice, tear off the top of the stem 8-10 centimeters long, its most delicate part, then dry and chop. Because of the strong smell, fresh, as a spice, almost never used. Dried oregano has a pleasant delicate aroma and bitter taste. It has quite famous relatives - mint and marjoram. It is often confused with the latter, but the marjoram has a less saturated taste and aroma than the oregano. Oregano is used in medicine, cooking, perfume and cosmetic industry.

There are several types of oregano - Sicilian, Greek, Turkish, Cretan, Italian, Oregano (marjoram) and others. Each of which is different in taste, because climate, soil composition and other features of the place of growth, leave their mark. In addition to the above food varieties, there are decorative and technical types that are used to make essential oil.

Oregano - Properties

Oregano is a fairly well-known medicinal plant. It is used for insomnia, nervous disorders, gastritis (low acidity), jaundice, rheumatism, to increase lactation, in female diseases. Acceptance of oregano increases not only the appetite, but also the general tone, strengthens the immune system, helps with sexual disorders. Tea with oregano is drunk for headache, toothache, bronchitis, flatulence, diarrhea, sore throat.

Oregano is strictly contraindicated during pregnancy (it can provoke a miscarriage), it is not recommended to take it fresh in case of ulcer, gastritis, and duodenal diseases.

Oregano - use in cooking

Oregano is often found in various spice mixes. It is added to meat, eggs, mushrooms, vegetables, drinks, sauces and dressings, pickles and marinades. Different countries have their own culinary preferences. For example, in Russia, with oregano, tea was brewed and always added to kvass, in Siberia - in a filling for pies, mixed with meat, eggs or cottage cheese. Europeans will surely add a pinch of oregano to champignon dishes, and Italians will add pizza to it.

Recipe Examples with Oregano

Recipe 1: Marinated Squid with Oregano

Excellent and inexpensive snack with amazing taste, which will be appreciated not only by seafood lovers. Preparing quickly as it cools, you can immediately serve to the table. Stored in glass jars in the refrigerator for several days. Marinade is prepared without adding vinegar, lemon juice serves as an oxidizing agent.

Ingredients: Squid (carcasses, tentacles) - 1 kg. Marinade: 1 l of water, 2 lavrushki, 2 table. lie olive oil (can be vegetable), with a slide 1 table. lie Salt, 1 lemon (juice), 2 tea. sugar, black pepper, 1 tea.lozh. oregano

Method of preparation

Peeled carcasses of squid to boil no more than 1.5 (one and a half) minutes. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise it will be very tough. Cool and cut into thin rings. Cook the marinade. Squeeze 3 tablespoons of juice from a lemon, add the remaining ingredients and boil. Pour the squid rings with boiling marinade, let cool.

Recipe 2: Mushroom Goulash with Oregano

This tasty dish can be cooked all year round. In summer and autumn it is preferable to take forest mushrooms, because they are fragrant, and in winter buy mushrooms or oyster mushrooms. Meat eaters can diversify goulash by adding chicken fillet or breasts. They need to cut and fry with onions and carrots, and then add mushrooms. Large slices of champignons in thick tomato gravy look very appetizing.

Ingredients: 400g of champignons, 1 onion and carrots, 2 table. lie tomato paste, 1 table. lie flour, 200 ml of water, salt, bay leaf, a small pinch of oregano.

Method of preparation

Mushrooms, onions and carrots cut into large pieces. First, fry the carrots with onions until golden brown, then add the mushrooms, continuing to fry. Next in line is the tomato, which is added to the frying pan, mixed and poured flour. Stir and pour water again. Salt, put spices and simmer for twenty minutes. Mushrooms are cooked under a closed lid on low heat. Serve on the table, slightly cooled, in the form of heat.

Recipe 3: Chicken Thighs with Cheese and Lemon

It seems to be difficult to come up with a chicken new dish. Still possible. A little cheese, lemon and oregano and the usual chicken turns into a festive dish with a magical taste and aroma. Thighs, thighs, and thighs will fit, the main thing is that the piece was with the skin, because it is under it that the stuffing is laid.

Ingredients: 4-5 legs, 4-5 large potatoes, 1/2 lemon (juice), 2 tables. spoons vegetable oil, 150g cheese, 300g cherry tomatoes, grated lemon zest - 2 tea. box., incomplete glass of green olives (or black olives without stones), pepper, 1 table.lozh. oregano

Method of preparation

Peeled potatoes cut into thin slices, salt and pepper, drizzle with butter and put in a form where the dish will be baked.

Prepare the stuffing mince. Crumble the cheese with a fork or grate, add lemon zest and its juice (2 tablespoons loaf.) And oregano. If the cheese is not very salty, salt it.

Chicken legs divided into thighs and shin, a little salt. Many do not, because Cheese filling contains salt. Each piece of chicken to lift the skin and put a couple of teaspoons of filling, and then lower the skin and gently rub the filling so that it is distributed evenly. Chicken lay on the potatoes and bake (220C). After 30-40 minutes, add tomatoes, olives, pepper in the form. To get a more golden crust, lightly grease the meat and bake for another ten to twenty minutes.

Oregano - useful tips from experienced chefs

- Dushitsu is good to add to egg dishes, especially omelets, but it has the most harmonious combination with potatoes baked in olive oil, with the addition of tomatoes.

- Spice is not subject to long storage, therefore it is not kept for more than two months. It does not tolerate sunlight, it must be placed in a dark place in a tightly closed container.

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