Pie on kefir - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook a cake on kefir.

Pie on kefir - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook a cake on kefir.

Pie on kefir - general principles and methods of cooking

Kefir is one of the favorite foods in our country, especially in the central regions. Close to him ryazhenka, yogurt and even milk are far inferior to kefir in popularity and utility. No wonder they call it a cure for aging. For example, long-livers in the Caucasus also considered it their own, and for a long time kept secret kefir fungus recipes. Kefir pie is considered the fastest baking option. Kefir dough can be considered close to the biscuit, cook it easily and quickly. Anyone who can stir eggs, sugar and flour with kefir, extinguished soda can cope with this. Different recipes differ mainly only in filling, the amount of sugar and butter. Adding butter or margarine makes the cake a little drier, but tastier, richer.

Kefir Pie - Food Preparation

Kefir for the test, you can take absolutely any, it all depends on what option you want to see in the final result. The physiological properties of kefir depend on its strength, which determines the time of the maturation process. Kefir accumulates carbon dioxide, alcohol and acidity and is divided into weak, medium and strong. The strongest drink more strongly stimulates the production of digestive juice, contributes to a more active cleansing of the body. There are also varieties of kefir: bifikefir, biokefir, bifidok with different bifidobacteria. You can talk about the benefits of kefir for a long time, but in baking some of its properties are lost. Instead, it gives an excellent airy dough, soft and simply universal for use as a base for filled pies.

Pie on kefir - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Kefir Pie with Jam

Pie on kefir - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook a cake on kefir.

Simple, fast and tasty pastry, bake at least every day. Kefir pie, has a rather moist and dense texture, it will be fresh for a long time.

Ingredients: kefir, any jam (1 cup each), flour (1.5 cups), eggs (2 pieces), sugar (0.5), soda (1 hour spoon).

Method of preparation

Soda extinguish with jam, should appear bubbles. Beat eggs with sugar, mix with kefir, pour the flour and knead the dough. Add the dough to the jam and knead again well. Lubricate the form of butter and pour the dough. We put in the oven for about 20-25 minutes. The readiness of the cake is determined by a dry spear. If the cake is ready, cool and cut in half, coat with jam. Serve the cake directly hot.

Recipe 2: Kefir pie with cheese

Each hostess can receive such gentle crumbly dough.


Dough: eggs (2 pieces), kefir (40 ml.), Flour (3, 5 glasses), grated cheese (100 grams), soda (half a teaspoon), sugar, salt.

Toppings: butter (50 g), potatoes (5 pcs.), Grated cheese (100 g.).

Cooking method

Beat eggs with sugar, add soda, kefir, grated cheese and flour, mix to make a soft dough. Peel the potatoes and cut into slices, fry and salt. Put parchment paper in the form and place half of the dough and put the filling: half of the potatoes, cheese and again the potatoes. The second part of the test is distributed on top. Oven about 40 minutes. Quick and not troublesome!

Recipe 3: Cupcake on kefir in a slow cooker

Pie on kefir - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook a cake on kefir.

Muffins on kefir are slightly moist and porous. This tea cake is also easy to prepare, but, despite this, very tasty.

Ingredients: eggs (4 pieces), vanillin (1 bag), butter (150 grams), sugar (300 grams), orange peel, raisins (150 grams), condensed milk, icing sugar, marmalade in the form of multi-colored figures (200 grams).

Method of preparation

Beat the eggs in a lush foam, add the remaining ingredients - vanillin, melted butter, sugar, whisk. Mix sifted flour with baking powder and the resulting mixture. Add orange zest and raisins. Pour the dough into a slow cooker, bake in “baking” mode for about an hour. Pour with condensed milk, sprinkle with powdered sugar and decorate with marmalade.

Recipe 4: Cheesecake Pie on Kefir

By the way, it is quite possible to freeze such cottage cheese pie in the freezer before the arrival of the guests, then heat it in the microwave or oven - it will become soft and fresh.

Ingredients: cottage cheese (200 g), kefir (200 g), sugar, flour (1 cup each), eggs (3 pieces), apple (1 piece, large), soda (1 tsp .), a little salt, vanilla sugar, cinnamon.

Method of preparation

Mix eggs with sugar and add kefir, pour soda, vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt, then flour and mix. On a coarse grater, rub an apple and mix with cottage cheese. Add to the dough the resulting mass. Lubricate the form of butter and put the dough there. We bake at a temperature of 200 degrees. About half an hour.

Recipe 5: Chocolate Kefir Pie

Ingredients: flour (3 cups), kefir (300 ml.), Egg (3 pieces), butter (100 g.), Sugar (1 cup), cocoa (50 grams), chocolate chips.

Method of preparation

This quick pie will beat all time saving records. In order to cook it, just mix the ingredients and add the vinegar-blasted soda. Bake at 200 degrees for about 25 minutes. The finished cake can be decorated with chocolate icing or sprinkled with melted chocolate in a water bath and covered with chocolate chips.

Recipe 6: A quick kefir meat pie

Ingredients: sour cream (half a cup), eggs (three pieces), flour (up to the consistency of fritters, about two thirds cup), salt and sugar are not required.

Minced pork, chicken or pork beef, onion, garlic, carrots, and pepper.

It is very easy to make dough - mix the ingredients to the consistency of thick cream.

To make the filling, fry the onion, carrot and season with garlic and spices. Pour into a greased form half of the dough, lay out the stuffing and the second half. Put in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for about 50 minutes. Serve with sour cream, ketchup or other sauce.

Kefir pie - useful tips from experienced chefs

The fillings of kefir blitz - pie can be very different. Sweet kefir cake can be baked with any fresh or canned berries. If the berries are too juicy, you can roll them before mixing with the dough in semolina. It absorbs excess juice, and the dough does not change the consistency.

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