Samsa from the finished dough - step by step recipes. Samsa from puff pastry at home with pork, chicken, lamb, beef, cheese

Samsa from the finished dough - step by step recipes. Samsa from puff pastry at home with pork, chicken, lamb, beef, cheese

Samsa is a dish that is very popular in Eastern cuisine. No tasty feast in the East is complete without tasty pastries. This samsa is prepared in a special oven, which is called the tandoor. Although the most ordinary oven can cope with baking.

They bake samsa with different fillings, but lamb is traditional.

Also deliciously delicious pastries are made with the filling of:

· Chicken.

· Potatoes.

· Pork.

· Cheeses of different varieties.

· Beef.

· Greens.

Samsa is not a simple pie. This is a unique pastry, with a surprisingly soft and tender filling, right-handed dough and amazing aroma. The main thing is to cook the dish according to the rules, taking into account the secrets of experienced chefs.

We offer our readers to learn samsa recipes from the finished test. We will also share with the fans of eastern baking the general principles of its preparation, tell you about tricks, give useful tips on how to bake a delicious samsa at home.

Basics of making samsa from ready-made dough

By tradition, the Uzbek samsa should be prepared from unleavened dough. Samsa made of puff pastry is an excellent opportunity to show your culinary talent to friends and acquaintances. The main thing is to choose the right stuffing. It should be juicy and fresh, because the taste of the dish depends on it.


· Meat.

· Onion.

· Spices.

· Water.

· Cheese.

· Greenery.

· Salt.

· Butter.

· Cabbage.

Useful recommendations:

1. Meat is not recommended to pass through a meat grinder or grind in a blender. It should be cut into small pieces, without subjecting to preliminary heat treatment.

2. Onion is cut into small cubes. He put a lot to the pie was juicy. If the vegetable is bitter, pour it with boiling water, gently fry in oil.

3. Seasonings in samsa are added to taste, taking into account the taste preferences of the chef.

4. The traditional form of samsa is a triangle.

5. Before you send the pies to the oven, you need to warm it, and smear the baking sheet with sunflower oil. 6. Samsu smeared with beaten egg or yolk, sprinkled with sesame.

Samsa from ready-made dough is prepared quickly, so you can put it in the oven before the arrival of the guests, to regale them with hot and deliciously delicious pastries.

Samsa from the finished dough with meat filling

Pre-purchased puff pastry will speed up the cooking process. Samsa cooks just 30-40 minutes with baking.

Ingredients Required:

· Puff pastry - 0.9 kg.

· Pork or chicken - 0.4 kg.

· Onions - 0.3 kg.

· Sesame - 40 gr.

· Egg

· Salt.

· Pepper.

Method of preparation.

1. We take out the dough, if it is in the freezer, defrost.

2. Prepare the stuffing. Meat cut into small cubes.

3. Clean onion, shred, combine with meat. Add seasonings and mix thoroughly with your hands.

4. Roll out the dough, cut it into squares, size 10 by 10 cm.

5. In the center of the square put a tablespoon of filling. We pinch the patties so that it resembles a triangle. To prevent the meat from falling out, we pinch the baking edge with a fork.

6. We lay out a baking sheet with parchment paper. We spread the pies, smearing each with a beaten egg, sprinkled with sesame seed.

7. In the preheated oven to a temperature of 200 degrees send the dish.

8. After a ruddy crust appears on the pies, remove from the oven, cover with a towel for 10 minutes.

It is recommended to serve the puffy dough sesame puff pastry, served with sour cream or spicy sauce.

Samsa with ready-made chicken dough

The dish cooked in the oven, stuffed with chicken, it turns out very juicy and satisfying. It is great for those who are not a fan of fatty pork or lamb specific to the taste.


· Chicken fillet - 600 gr.

· Onion - 400 gr.

· Smetanka - 80 gr.

· Water - 2 tablespoons.

· Sunflower oil - 2 spoons.

· Salt.

· Pepper.

Method of preparation.

1. It is necessary to place the fillet in the freezer for 15 minutes to make it easier to cut it into small pieces. After rinse under water, chop.

2. We clean the onions, cut them into cubes, mix with meat. 3. In order to give the filling juiciness, add a few tablespoons of water. Pepper and salt.

4. Cut the puff pastry into squares, put ready-made stuffing in the center, cover the edges of the patties so that the liquid does not flow.

5. Baking put on a baking sheet greased with sunflower oil, put in the oven for 15 minutes. Chicken cooks quickly.

Hot samsa is traditionally served on a platter. Top on the tortillas put on a spoonful of sour cream, you can sprinkle with cheese.

Samsa from the finished dough with cheese filling

According to experienced chefs, samsa from the finished dough must be cooked with cheese. It turns out very soft, each piece melts in the mouth, delivering an unforgettable impression of exquisite oriental delicacy.


· Dough.

· Suluguni cheese - 0.4 kg.

· Eggs - 2 pieces.

· Garlic - 2-3 cloves.

· Salt.

· Perchik.

· Thyme.


· On a grater, you need to rub suluguni or cut it into small pieces.

· Mix the cheese with spices, dry thyme, add the egg.

· Roll out the dough on thin plates, about 15 or 20 cm. We spread the stuffing in the center, close the patties.

· Spread samsa on baking sheet.

· Separate the yolk from the protein. We dilute the yolk with a teaspoon of water, carefully beat, grease each pie.

· Bake in the oven at 180 degrees. Cooking time 30 minutes.

Incredibly delicious cheese samsa served with sweet tea, it should be warm.

Samsa with greens from ready-made dough

We offer an oriental recipe for samsa from ready-made puff pastry. The dish has a spicy taste. You can cook it quickly. Delicious pastries are eaten instantly, especially if it is hot, piping hot.


· Puff pastry.

· Egg

· Dill and parsley - 300 gr.

· Butter - 60 gr.

· Nutmeg.

· Salt.

· Spices.

· Pepper.


1. Very small cut green onion and spinach, fried in oil. Add to the cooled filling dill, nutmeg, salt, spices.

2. We drive in egg, we mix everything to homogeneous mass. 3. It is necessary to roll out the dough thinly, cut the squares.

4. Put the stuffing in the middle. Fold the dough so as to form a triangle, clamp the edges.

5. Spread tortillas on a baking sheet.

6. Put the dish in the oven preheated to 200 degrees, bake for 15 minutes.

It is customary to serve samsa hot, sprinkled with fresh herbs with sour cream, mayonnaise, and sauce.

Samsa with beef from ready-made dough

We offer a classic recipe with which you can cook samsa from the finished puff pastry. The dish turns out incredibly satisfying. Traditionally, the meat is cut into pieces, if desired, you can use ground beef.

Components for cooking:

· Meat - 0.5 kg.

· Onion - 0.3 kg.

· Salt and pepper.

· Garlic.

· Thyme.

· Egg

· Sesame.

· Yolks - 2 pieces.


1. My meat, cut into small pieces up to 1 cm.

2. Onions clean, chop, mix with beef, spices.

3. Cut the dough, roll out thinly. So that it does not stick to the rolling pin, you can use starch.

4. Put the filling on the squares, fold the patties, fix the edge.

5. From above, you can anoint with a whipped yolk so that the cakes are rosy with a golden crust.

6. Put the finished tortillas on a baking sheet, and then put it in a preheated oven.

7. Bake samsa for 20 minutes.

8. Sprinkle the ready dish with sesame, leave for another few minutes in the oven.

Serve samsa hot with sweet tea. It will melt in the mouth, give a charming flavor.

Samsa with lamb from the finished dough

In Oriental cuisine, traditionally, it is lamb that is used to make real samsa. We offer to your attention a wonderful recipe from puff pastry, tasty and appetizing.


· Mutton - 0.9 kg.

· Beef fat - 0.2 kg.

· Salt.

· Pepper.

· Onions - 0.7 kg.

· Sunflower oil.

· Sesame.

· Spices.


1. Meat must be cleaned of streaks, as well as from layers. Otherwise it will be tough and tasteless.

2. Lamb is cut into small pieces. Fat will need to skip through a meat grinder. 3. The finished dough must be divided into squares and very thinly rolled.

4. In the center we place the stuffing, connect the edges of the cakes in such a way as to make envelopes or triangles.

5. We lubricate samsa with whipped yolk, sprinkle with sesame.

6. Pellets must be put on a baking sheet and put them in a preheated oven to 180 degrees.

7. Prepare the dish for 25 minutes.

Serve samsa on a beautiful dish, sprinkle with herbs or cheese.

Tricks and tips for making samsa from ready-made dough

1. To bake a delicious samsa from the finished dough, use our recommendations. The dish will be juicy, tender and appetizing.

2. If there is no sesame in the farm, you can use flax seeds. They are very useful, and still have a pleasant taste.

3. The filling will be juicier if you use fatty meat. You can also add a few pieces of bacon. Uzbeks put fat in the dish. The product acquires an extraordinary unforgettable taste, and pastries exude a delicious smell.

4. Do not pre-boil beef or lamb, as well as pork. It will spoil the taste of the filling, it will turn out fresh and dry. An excellent way to make a juicy dish is to pickle meat. It is mixed with spices, left in the marinade for several hours. Perfect for soaking onions, softening fibers.

5. The dough of samsa does not rise in the oven, but on the baking sheet between baking it is necessary to leave enough space, then it will be baked better, browned on all sides.

Now you know how to cook samsa from ready-made dough, the main thing is to cook with the soul, then the dish will be very tasty and nutritious. Enjoy your meal.

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