Solyanka in a slow cooker - lunch and dinner without steaming! Recipes of the best solyanka in a slow cooker: meat, mushroom, cabbage, fish

Solyanka in a slow cooker - lunch and dinner without steaming! Recipes of the best solyanka in a slow cooker: meat, mushroom, cabbage, fish

Solyanka - this is exactly the dish that can not get bored.

Still would!

Recipes of saltwives are a huge amount and you can always cook something new. Multivarka this will help.

Solyanka in a slow cooker - general principles of cooking

Any recipe for hodgepodge can be adapted to the slow cooker, but you need to know some tricks, and be sure to follow the correct ordering sequence of products. Otherwise, you can get porridge, but not fragrant and bright dish.

What are the hodgepodge made of:

• meat and sausage products;

• fresh, canned, pickled vegetables;

• mushrooms in all forms;

• a fish.

To make the taste of the dish more vivid, the vegetables are pre-fried. You can use the “Frying” or “Baking” mode. After adding the bulk of the products and liquids, the dish is prepared on the programs “Soup” or “Quenching”.

Solyanka in a multicooker team

A common recipe for meat hodgepodge in a slow cooker. According to the rules, it should not include at least three meat products.


• 1.5 liters of broth;

• 200 grams of boiled meat;

• 150 grams of cooked sausage;

• 2 sausages;

• 200 grams of smoked sausage;

• 4 cucumbers;

• 3 spoons of butter;

• 2 bulbs;

• 2 tablespoons of pasta;

• 100 grams of olives;

• spices, capers if desired, lemon for serving.


1. Immediately cut the onion into cubes, throw in a slow cooker. Pour some butter, three spoons are enough, fry for a couple of minutes. For this it is best to use the program "Baking".

2. Cut into cubes all kinds of sausages, sausages can be cut into circles. Meat is also cut. Throw everything over the onion and fry together for several minutes.

3. Add pasta to meat products, passe a little.

4. Now you can rearrange the program “soup”.

5. Add the broth, it should be hot.

6. Crumble cucumbers, add to the hodgepodge. But they can be thrown earlier and fried with onions, many do just that. 7. Close and cook for 15 minutes.

8. Add chopped olives, capers, adjust the taste with spices. Close and cook another 20 minutes.

9. When serving in a dish with a hodgepodge, we throw lemon circles, we offer sour cream.

Solyanka in a slow cooker with smoked

Recipe flavored solyanka in a multicooker, which is prepared from smoked ribs and sausage. With all its great taste, the dish is very simple and quick.


• 0.5 kg of ribs;

• 0.3 kg smoked sausage;

• 2 bulbs;

• 0.4 kg of cucumbers;

• 100 grams of olives;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 150 ml of tomato paste;

• 1 carrot;

• oil, pepper, salt.


1. Turn on the slow cooker to the baking mode, pour the butter.

2. Add the onion cut into large pieces, grated carrot and pass to ruddy color.

3. Cucumbers cut into cubes, add to vegetables. If barrel cucumbers are used, the amount can be reduced.

4. Fry vegetables with cucumbers for about ten minutes and add tomato paste, stir, fry to change color.

5. As soon as the tomato becomes darker, we pour smoked ribs, put the chopped sausage and pour two liters of boiling water. You can take any broth.

6. Cut the olives into slices and also run into the hodgepodge.

7. Close, turn on stewing mode, prepare a smoked dish for 40 minutes.

8. At the very end, add salt, pepper, add greens. Turn off, give insist.

Lemon throw in the plates when serving dishes.

Solyanka in the cabbage multicooker

A variant of cabbage solyanka, which is the complete opposite of previous recipes and is cooked completely without meat. Wonderful lean and vegetarian recipe. Cabbage is used white.


• 1 kg of cabbage;

• 2 carrots;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• 2 bulbs;

• 3 tablespoons of pasta;

• spices, laurel, any greens.


1. Turn on the program "Baking". Pour oil, warm up.

2. Straw chop onions, begin to fry.

3. We rub carrots, we send to the fried onions, we prepare further.

4. While vegetables are sauteed, chop the cabbage. You can use a suitable grater. 5. Throw in shredded cabbage and pass along with the vegetables, give the vegetable to squeeze and lose volume.

6. In a glass of water we dilute the paste, add salt, pepper and pour everything into a hodgepodge.

7. Close the slow cooker, simmer for half an hour.

8. Open, taste, check the cabbage for softness. If necessary, add another 15-20 minutes.

9. In the end, put the greens, laurel, carefully stir and you can serve the hodgepodge!

Solyanka in a cabbage multicooker with sausages

Another option is a quick and simple solyanka in a slow cooker, but this is not a vegetarian recipe. Sausages are added to the dish. You can take a sausage, wieners, delicious with ham and smoked meats.


• 0.2 kg sausages;

• onions, carrots;

• 500 grams of cabbage;

• 2 tablespoons of pasta;

• oil and spices.


1. We clean all vegetables and chop straws, but do not mix them.

2. In the frying mode, passaceate the carrot and onion, adding a little oil.

3. As soon as the vegetables are reddened, add the slaw to them. Fry it a little too.

4. Mix the tomato paste and half a glass of water. If you need a more liquid solyanka, then add more. You can not use plain water, and broth.

5. Pour tomato water to cabbage, add salt, stir.

6. Sausages cut circles, lay out a layer on top. If you use other meat products, then cut into as you like.

7. Close the slow cooker, prepare a hodgepodge on the “Quenching” program. On average, it will take 30-40 minutes, but it all depends on the juiciness and softness of the cabbage.

Mushroom hodgepodge in a slow cooker with cabbage

Recipe amazing mushroom hodgepodge in a slow cooker, in which go the mushrooms. If there is no fresh champignon, then you can take the frozen product. In this case, let the product thaw, squeeze out all the water.


• 500 grams of mushrooms;

• 700 grams of cabbage;

• 100 grams of onions;

• 3 spoons of ketchup;

• 1 pickled cucumber;

• 5 spoons of butter;

• 100 grams of olives;

• spices.


1. In the frying mode, heat the oil.

2. Mushrooms cut into slices. The size of the mushrooms is done arbitrarily, but it is not necessary to grind, as in the process of cooking they will decrease. 3. Pour mushrooms in butter and fry for ten minutes.

4. Add onions to the mushrooms, cook another five minutes.

5. During this time, you need to cut a salted cucumber, throws it to the onions with mushrooms.

6. Shred straw cabbage, also add to the hodgepodge.

7. Mix the ketchup and 150 ml of water. You can take the pasta. Add salt to them, put the pepper, you can pour any spices. Pour into the bowl cartoon.

8. Cut the olives in half, lay them on top.

9. Switch to the program “Quenching”, close and forget about the hodgepodge for 50 minutes. After the signal, open, stir well.

Solyanka in a pork cooker with sauerkraut

With sauerkraut, you can make an amazing hodgepodge. To the dish did not work too sour, add fresh cabbage.


• a pound of pork;

• onions 200 grams;

• a pound of sauerkraut;

• 1 glass of tomato juice;

• a pound of fresh cabbage;

• 50 ml of oil;

• two carrots.


1. Cut the pork into bars, but not very large, so that the meat is cooked quickly. Throwing a multicooker. Fill with oil, fry for a quarter of an hour.

2. Add onions and carrots to pork, fry them further.

3. Press sour cabbage from brine. If the preform is acidic, then rinse in cold water and squeeze well. Throw to the meat. Cooking together for another ten minutes, doing it all on frying mode.

4. Shred white cabbage. Put it in the dish.

5. Add tomato juice, close the slow cooker.

6. Turn on for solyanka mode “Quenching”. On it we prepare a dish of 60-70 minutes. At the end, we evaluate the dish to the taste, if necessary, season with salt and pepper.

Fish hodgepodge in a multicooker

For such a hodgepodge salmon is best suited. But this is not the rule. You can take any fish that is available, and cook flavored soup with it.


• 0.6 kg of fish;

• 0.4 kg of cucumbers;

• 0.1 kg carrots;

• 0.2 kg of onions;

• 0.15 kg of olives;

• 50 ml of oil;

• 0.2 kg celery root;

• various spices;

• 0.4 kg of tomatoes.


1. Lay the fish in a slow cooker, add 2 liters of water, spices and cook in the soup mode for 20 minutes. 2. Strain the broth, cool the fish, remove the bones, leave it aside for a while.

3. Cut vegetables. Onion cubes, carrot and celery straws.

4. Pour the oil into the slow cooker, put the chopped carrots and onions, fry on the Baking program for about ten minutes.

5. Add the celery, and ten minutes later the sliced ​​cucumbers. Pass to evaporation of the whole brine.

6. We rub tomatoes in order to get rid of the skin, pour into the slow cooker and continue to cook the hodgepodge.

7. As soon as most of the tomato juice is evaporated, put the sliced ​​olives, add fish broth.

8. Close and prepare the hodgepodge in the “Quenching” mode for about 40 minutes

9. Ten minutes before the end you need to try the dish, season with spices and add pieces of fish.

10. Serve this soup with lemon, sour cream, sprinkle with parsley.

Solyanka in the Multivarke - Tips and Tricks

• You can use not only hot dogs or sausages for hodgepodge. Incredibly delicious dish is obtained with hunting sausages, which need very little.

• If suddenly the hodgepodge turns out to be liquid, then this is easy to fix. Add a couple of finely chopped potatoes to the dish. You can also sprinkle some rice. But all this is done during the laying of products so that additional ingredients have time to get ready.

• If you want to make the taste of solyanka more vivid, you can add lemon juice or powdered acid to the dish. Do it at the very end, so as not to slow down the cooking process.

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