Omelet with mushrooms - Russian cuisine with a French accent. Variants of cooking omelet with mushrooms

Omelet with mushrooms - Russian cuisine with a French accent. Variants of cooking omelet with mushrooms

In France, omelet is a popular dish not only in home cooking, but also in many restaurants and cafes. They serve a classic omelette, consisting only of eggs and butter. A popular dish - omelet with cheese, herbs, vegetables. But the omelet with mushrooms is a purely Russian invention.

It so happened that not only the French, who owned the idea of ​​making an omelet, were taught to cook Russian cooks. Now many native Russian dishes are cooked in European restaurants, and they have great success there. So, for example, dishes from mushrooms - traditionally Russian cuisine; Mushrooms were a classic ingredient in ancient Russian cooking long before the Baptism of Russia. Mushrooms, as an ingredient, became popular in France thanks to the influence of Russian cuisine.

Omelet with mushrooms - the basic technological principles

Omelet - the easiest to prepare dish. It is enough to take fresh and necessarily cooled eggs, beat them and fry in a frying pan, bake in the oven or the slow cooker. Of course, there are some subtleties that need to be taken into account, say, while beating eggs, or when preparing mushrooms, but these techniques of making an omelet with mushrooms are not difficult to remember and repeat.


Recall that you can eat only well-known mushrooms, collected far from the city limits, roads, industrial enterprises, and it is better not to buy them on spontaneous markets. The next important point: the mushrooms must be carefully sorted, discarding suspicious and wormy ones. After - mandatory heat treatment. After sorting and washing the mushrooms are boiled for at least forty minutes, then they are drained, washed, and only after that they are used in cooking. It is important to take all precautions to protect yourself and not to get poisoned.

Champignons, oyster mushrooms, grown in greenhouse conditions, can not be cooked after washing and sorting. All stages of testing such mushrooms pass before entering the retail network. For the preparation of omelets most suitable sponge mushrooms: white, boletus. But you can use young and small plum mushrooms, with an unopened cap.

Mushrooms for an omelet is better to cut into small cubes or very thin slices. A coarse cut will not work, as it will be in conflict with the soft and soft texture of the beaten eggs, considering the texture of the mushrooms.


For omelette fit any poultry eggs. The only condition is freshness. Argued that quail eggs are more useful than chicken. In fact, without going into detailed biochemical analysis, we note that chicken eggs are 2.5 times less cholesterol than quail, and vitamin D, on the contrary, is more. So, if we talk about the diet omelet, nevertheless, the primacy here belongs to chicken eggs. Although, from a culinary point of view, quail and other eggs of domestic birds can create a variety of interesting dishes. For an omelette, you can even mix quail eggs and chicken.

It is important to beat the eggs correctly so that the omelet has a fluffy, porous structure. To do this, remember that the eggs are better whipped chilled. Therefore, they should be placed in the fridge before beating. Utensils for beating eggs should be dry, perfectly clean. It is advisable to use a stainless steel bowl for whipping, which is also better to cool, along with the eggs.

As for the various additional ingredients for cooking omelet with mushrooms, there are thousands of options, and therefore it would be wise to give simple advice: be guided by your taste.

Recipe 1. Omelet with mushrooms and greens, in a rustic way


Champignons 300 g

Frozen peas 150 g

Carrots, fresh 100 g

Cauliflower (inflorescence) 200 g

Eggs 6 pcs.


Butter, butter and vegetable (equally) 120 g

Chopped dill

Cream (15%) 300 ml


Prepared champignons cut into cubes or plates. Fry the mushrooms in a hot pan, in vegetable oil, at the end of frying, adding half the cooked cream, spices and chopped dill. Add also diced carrots, polka-dotted in salted water, and cabbage blossoms cut in halves. Simmer the vegetable mixture until tender. Pour the vegetables with whipped eggs in a strong foam, put the pan in the oven. Bake until a dense texture is formed on the surface. Turn the finished omelet over a dish and garnish with chopped dill.

Recipe 2. Omelet with mushrooms, chicken and mozzarella - portion dish

Composition of products:

Broccoli 200g

Mushrooms (mushrooms or chanterelles) 500 g

Chicken fillet, boiled 400 g

Onions 150g

Mozzarella 250 g

Mayonnaise - 100 g

Eggs 8 pcs.


Spice and salt


Boil broccoli in boiling water. Separately cook mushrooms, pre-sorting and washing them. Paste mushrooms, broccoli and sliced ​​onions in butter. All ingredients, including boiled chicken and mozzarella, cut into cubes, season with spices and mayonnaise.

Beat the eggs and fry them, pouring into pieces in a pancake pan. The thickness of one portion of the omelet should be no more than 0.5-0.7 cm, so that they can be easily rolled into rolls. In each “egg pancake” wrap the stuffing, forming rolls. Put the semi-finished products in a hot frying pan, seam down and fry before serving.

Recipe 3. Omelet with mushrooms and bacon

Composition of products:

Asparagus, frozen 200 g

Bacon 300 g

Mushrooms (frozen champignons) 400 g

Eggs 5 pcs.

Ghee 50 g

Greens, chopped (to taste)


Fry bacon slices on both sides. Put the bacon on a plate and in this fat fry the mushrooms and asparagus until cooked.

Beat the eggs. Pour them into the pan and stir until the egg mass begins to thicken. Pour the melted butter over the omelette and cover the pan with a lid. After 2-3 minutes, turn off the heat, but do not remove the cover for another five minutes. Then cut the omelet in half, and wrap the bacon pieces in each half.

Recipe 4. Omelet with mushrooms and cheese

Product List:

Cream cheese, “Hochland” type 250 g

Fried mushrooms with onions 200 g

Eggs 4 pcs.

Milk 100 ml

Greens, sesame (for decoration)


Combine the prepared fried mushrooms with cream cheese and cut into a paste.

Beat the eggs, adding chilled milk in small portions to the lush egg mass. Immediately pour the omelette mass into the pan, pre-greased and heated to 120 ° C. Cover the omelette and simmer over low heat. When the mass rises and condenses, turn off the stove and allow the omelet to cool. Put it on a plate, cover the surface with cheese and mushroom paste and roll into a roll. Roll cut portions and put the pieces on the dish. Before serving, heat in the microwave and garnish with chopped greens, fried sesame.

Recipe 5. Omelet with mushrooms on potato pillow


Fried mushrooms with onions 400 g (net)

Mashed potatoes 0.5 kg

Eggs 8 pcs.

Milk 250 ml


Vegetable fat (margarine)


Ghee 100 g

Chopped Green Onions 150 g


Cook the usual potato. Split mold lubricate margarine and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Put in her mashed potatoes, smooth. Put a layer of fried mushrooms on top. Beat the eggs with the milk and pour the mass over the mushrooms. Preheat the oven to 180 - 200 ° C and set the form. Bake until crusted. Pour the dish with melted butter and sprinkle with onions. Transfer from the mold to the dish and cut into portions.

Recipe 6. Omelet with mushrooms and rice

Composition of products:

Steamed Rice 150g

Water 300 ml

Champignons 500g


Onions 200g

Carrots 150g

Eggs 10 pcs.


Cream (20%) 250 ml

Refined oil 50 ml


Boiled washed rice in salted water. Chop onions and carrots. Pass them in vegetable oil in a large and deep pan. Add the mushrooms cut into thin plates. Simmer for 15 minutes. Pour in the cream and add cooked rice. Stir, try and bring to taste your favorite spices. After another 10 minutes after stewing, pour the beaten egg mass, stir the dish again. Cover the pan with a lid and turn off the stove. Let stand 10 minutes. When serving, decorate with greens.

Such an omelet can be baked in the oven or the slow cooker.

Mushroom Omelet - Tips and Tricks

Even if you really like mushrooms, try to ensure that their volume in a multi-component dish does not exceed 1/3 part (in finished form). Remember that mushrooms contain a lot of chitin, which is not absorbed by the body. That is why dishes with mushrooms seem too nourishing.

We must not forget about sanitary norms, engaged in the preparation of dishes from eggs. In addition, the eggs must be fresh, do not forget to wash them before cooking. After washing the eggs, also wash your hands with soap, especially if you buy homemade eggs on the market. The freshness of the eggs can be checked by dropping them into the water. Only stale eggs come up. So that a stale egg does not accidentally get into the total egg mass, break the eggs one by one into a separate cup and pour into the beaters.

Egg yolks are better shaken when salt is added. Therefore, as for the preparation of biscuits, if according to the recipe you need to achieve the most fluffy texture of the omelet, beat the yolks separately from the proteins, then combining both egg masses.

To enhance the mushroom smell in the dish, use dried porcini powder.

If dried mushrooms are used for cooking, then it is better to soak them first in water and then half an hour in milk, so that the mushroom smell becomes more pronounced.

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