Pouring mushroom pie - amazing simplicity and taste! Cooking filler pies with mushrooms according to the best recipes

Pouring mushroom pie - amazing simplicity and taste! Cooking filler pies with mushrooms according to the best recipes

Bulk dough - a real magic wand for those hostesses who are not friends with yeast or are limited in time. It is prepared very simply, the pastries are soft, fluffy and fragrant. Especially if mushrooms are used as a filling. Why not?

Mushroom filler pie - general principles of cooking

Pastry dough should have a creamy consistency. The principle of cooking is similar to pancakes and pancakes. The dough is put on eggs and dairy products, baking soda or baking powder is added to the porosity and softness. Filling the dough does not need to stand and wait for time, but you can leave it alone for five minutes, this baking will only be better.

What kind of mushrooms are prepared stuffing:

• fresh / frozen;

• boiled;

• pickled;

• dried;

• salty.

If the formulation does not specify the type of product, then you can use forest or greenhouse mushrooms at your discretion. Before putting them in the filling, they are almost always cooked.

What can be added to mushrooms:

• vegetables;

• rice and other cereals;

• cheese;

• eggs.

Greens and spices will make the taste of the mushroom filling richer, and when baking, an amazing aroma will spread throughout the house.

There are 3 ways to make a pie:

• filling on top;

• bottom filling;

• Filling in the middle.

Most often, the mushrooms are laid between two fillings of dough, so that the filling is in the middle, and the product is covered with a fragrant crust on all sides. For baking, use a household oven or a slow cooker. In the oven, pies are cooked at 180-190 degrees, in a slow cooker 50-70 minutes. The end of preparation is determined by the splinter. A wooden stick (match, toothpick) makes a puncture of the crumb in the central part of the pie, the splinter should remain dry and not sticky.

Mushroom filler pie on kefir

The most common recipe for jellied kefir dough. The filling is prepared from fresh champignons with onions and spices. Ingredients

• 2 eggs;

• 450 ml of kefir;

• 80 ml of oil;

• 200 g onions;

• sugar, salt;

• 500 g of mushrooms;

• 370 g of flour;

• 1 tsp. soda;

• pepper, thyme, garlic to taste.


1. Fry the chopped onions on half of the vegetable oil.

2. As soon as the pieces of vegetable begin to brown, add the chopped champignons. Mushrooms can be crushed in any way. Cook the onions with the mushrooms until all of the moisture has evaporated.

3. Remove the stuffing from the heat, season with spices, pour the thyme, throw garlic, crushed garlic, dill green fits well. Stir, leave to cool.

4. We warm the oven to 200 degrees.

5. Now you can begin to knead the dough. Beat the eggs with one teaspoon without a hill of salt, add a spoon with a hill of sugar. We extinguish baking soda in kefir, pour it all over to the eggs.

6. Add the remnants of vegetable oil, pour the flour and stir.

7. Pour half of the dough into a mold, lay out the mushroom stuffing, which should have cooled. Pour dough on top.

8. We put in the oven and immediately reduce the temperature by 175-180 degrees. Bake until tender. Time depends on the diameter of the form. For a medium-sized cake, 35-40 minutes is sufficient.

Fillet pie with mushrooms and cheese dough in a slow cooker

The recipe for fragrant and delicious pie with mushrooms. This miracle is being prepared in a slow cooker. For the test, you need a small amount of hard cheese.


• 400 g of mushrooms (fresh weight);

• onion head;

• 4 eggs;

• 1 tsp. baking powder;

• 1.25 Art. flour;

• 80 grams of cheese;

• butter, crackers.


1. If the mushrooms for the filling will be used forest, then be sure to boil.

2. Onion cut into cubes, fry in a few spoons of butter, add diced fresh or boiled mushrooms. We fry together almost until ready, we fill the filling with salt, any other spices.

3. For cheese dough, beat all eggs with salt, add flour to them. Pour the ripper, stir and add the grated cheese. 4. We grease a bowl from the multicooker, we sprinkle with crackers.

5. Spread out about half the cheese dough. Level with spatula.

6. Make a layer of roasted mushrooms. The filling should not come into contact with the walls of the bowl to make the cake closed.

7. Drizzle with residual dough. If it does not completely hide the filling, then do not worry. When baking, the crumb under the action of the baking powder rises and closes everything.

8. We bake in a slow cooker for 50 minutes, this is enough for cheese dough. Let stand for ten minutes, remove from the bowl.

Mushroom filler pie with mayonnaise dough

Pure mayonnaise filler dough is never mixed. Be sure to add kefir, ryazhenka, sour cream or other fermented milk product. Stuffing from fried champignons.


• 250 g of mayonnaise;

• three eggs;

• 250 g low-fat sour cream (kefir);

• 4 tablespoons flour;

• 0.3 tsp. salts;

• 0.5 tsp. soda


• 150 g onions;

• 300 g of champignons.

Oil, spices for the filling.


1. Fry mushrooms with onions in a griddle or do it in a slow cooker. We fill with any spices to your taste.

2. If the eggs are small, then take 4 pieces. Break in a bowl.

3. Add salt to the eggs, you can immediately put the mayonnaise and sour cream, well, or kefir, if you use this dairy product. Stir the dough until smooth.

4. Add soda and flour. Extinguish the soda does not need enough acid dairy products. Stir.

5. Pour a portion of the dough (about half) into a mold, then lay a layer of fried mushrooms with onions. Pour the dough that remains.

6. Bake the mushroom pie for about 35 minutes in the oven or 50-60 minutes in a slow cooker.

Stuffed pie with mushrooms and potatoes

Variant of jellied pie with potatoes and mushrooms, which is also made from dough in mayonnaise. The second ingredient is kefir. Due to the potatoes, the fillings in this pie are many.


•? glasses of kefir;

•? glasses of mayonnaise;

• 1.5 tsp. ripper;

•? cups of flour;

• 3 eggs.


• champignons 0.4 kg; • 3 potatoes;

• 2 onions;

• 2 l. oil drain .;

• spices;

• A little bit of oil for the filling.


1. Cut the mushrooms into pieces, immediately chop the onion. We spread on a frying pan with heated oil, 3-4 spoons are enough, fry almost until ready, season with spices, cool.

2. Peel the potatoes, boil in salted water for 7-8 minutes. Cool, cut into plates.

3. Take a bowl for kneading dough, break eggs into it, salt, whisk with a whisk. First add mayonnaise, shake. Enter kefir, shake again. Knead with flour and ripper.

4. Take the softened butter and spread a thick layer on the bottom of the mold. The edges are simply lubricated with a thin layer.

5. We lay out the potato plates.

6. Now a layer of fried mushrooms.

7. Fill all this with dough and bake for 30-40 minutes. Give the finished cake a little cool, then the form should be covered from above with a bowl, turn it over.

Pie with mushrooms and chicken “60 minutes”

It will take exactly an hour to make this jellied pie. The chicken can be used already boiled or fried or cooked according to the recipe.


• kefir glass;

• 50 g plums. oils;

• 3 eggs;

• 3 l. rast. butter in the dough;

• 300 g of champignons;

• 100 grams of cheese;

• 3 onions;

• 200 g of flour;

• 1 tsp. soda;

• spices.


1. If the chicken is raw, then we cut the washed pulp finely, pour it into the pan. Fry in butter for about 10 minutes. Simply chop the boiled poultry.

2. In the second pan fry the mushrooms and onions, also enough 5-10 minutes. Cooking at maximum heat.

3. Both fillings will need to mix, salt to taste.

4. While the filling is being prepared, you can knead the dough. In kefir at room temperature, add soda, throw eggs and beat. Fall asleep flour, salt and whisk again. Add 3 spoons of butter, stir.

5. Put a thin layer of dough into the mold, it will take about half, then pour out the mushroom stuffing and chicken, sprinkle with grated cheese.

6. Pour the remaining dough on top. Gently stretch the layer with a spoon to cover the entire filling. 7. Bake the cake for 40 minutes.

Stuffed pie with mushrooms and potatoes (option 2)

Recipe for another jellied pie, which uses boiled potatoes. Mushrooms are added marinated. Mushrooms or champignons are ideal here. Cook the dough on kefir prescription above.


• 4 potatoes;

• 1 bunch of onions;

• salt pepper;

• 200-250 g of mushrooms;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• 2 spoons of crackers.


1. Peel the boiled potatoes, cut into cubes in half a centimeter.

2. Add chopped onion to potatoes.

3. Cut the marinated mushrooms. If you use small mushrooms, you can lay them entirely.

4. Fill the filling with spices and one spoon of vegetable oil.

5. Use a second spoonful of oil to lubricate the form, then sprinkle the container with crackers.

6. Dough knead according to the previous recipe for kefir or use another option. Pour half in the form, lay out the stuffing and pour the dough again.

7. Bake until ready the pie in the oven or in the slow cooker.

Mushroom filler pie - tips and tricks

• The mushroom pie will be more beautiful, fragrant, and a crisp will appear on it, if you sprinkle the greased form with a mixture of sesame seeds and ground crackers.

• To make the pie from the filling dough turned out to be ruddy, sugar is added to it, but only in a small amount. For a medium-sized product, 0.5-1 spoons is enough. Otherwise, the crumb browned faster than baked.

• Mushroom filling will be more tasty if you add greens, garlic, spices to it. If potatoes or cereals are added to the mushrooms, for example, rice, then oil will be useful in the filling. It will make the stuffing taste softer, more tender.

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