Mushroom patties: recipes and features of mushroom cooking. Garnish and sauces for potato-mushroom meatballs

Mushroom patties: recipes and features of mushroom cooking. Garnish and sauces for potato-mushroom meatballs

Mushrooms are a special product and in cooking they occupy a separate niche between plant and animal food due to their structure and biochemical composition.

At the same time, almost 90% of them consist of water, the rest are proteins and valuable vitamins and minerals.

In Russian cuisine, mushroom dishes are presented in a wide and varied manner, in all kinds of dishes - from snacks and salads to the first and second courses.

Mushrooms received such attention precisely because of their nutritional properties: they are nourishing, they cannot be considered food of plant origin.

Mushroom dishes have long been prepared as lean food, the use of which is allowed if the Orthodox fast is observed.

Potato-mushroom patties - the basic technological principles

Speaking of mushroom cooking, it should be noted that this product requires a thoughtful and careful approach to cooking. It's not only that mushrooms can be edible or inedible. They cause a quick feeling of fullness, and when overeating - heaviness in the stomach. The surface of their legs and caps consists of a hard shell - chitin, which does not dissolve, as shown by laboratory experiments, even in sulfuric acid. Therefore, it is necessary to eat mushrooms in moderate quantities, especially in combination with products that require the body to consume large amounts of energy for digestion. It is important to balance the quantitative composition of the products in the dish with mushrooms.

Of course, dishes where mushrooms, according to the recipe, are thoroughly minced, are most preferable for digestion. Apparently so there were recipes for mushroom cutlets.

Mushrooms are perfectly combined with meat, potatoes, rice, legumes. Onions and carrots remarkably emphasize their taste, and dairy products clearly emit a mushroom smell, as if indicating which of the components in the dish is playing the main role.

If you like to cook mushrooms, but are not sure about their safety, choose the easiest and most convenient ones in processing - champignons. True, grown in greenhouses, these mushrooms do not have a real forest dizzy aroma, but this can be corrected by adding dried mushroom powder - seasoning. It is made on the basis of white mushrooms, which are just like champignons, there is no need to boil them before cooking, and their aroma will add brightness to any mushrooms and the whole dish. As for cooking cutlets, the technology of cooking this dish is well known even to young housewives who do not have solid experience. The main task in the preparation of cutlets - crispy ruddy crust, juicy middle and impeccable taste. Mushroom cutlets are, most often, zrazy - a type of meatballs with filling inside.

Well absorbed and in harmony with mushrooms, chicken meat. In addition, mushrooms and chicken fillets have almost the same duration of heat treatment, which is very convenient. Of course, you can try to come up with their own options for mushroom cutlets.

1. Mushroom patties: a recipe loved by everyone


Chicken Breast 1.8 kg

Stale white loaf 400 g

Egg 3 pcs.


Milk (for mushroom mince and lezona) 250 ml


Ceps 600 g

Onion 350g

Fat for deep-frying and frying 0,7 l


Chicken breast cut into 150 g portions, making transverse cuts. Beat off the meat by preparing thin plates.

Fresh mushrooms sort out, wash. Cut into small cubes, fry them with chopped onions; At the end of the frying season with spices, add 100 ml of milk, a spoonful of flour and simmer for 10 minutes.

Spread the cooked mushrooms on chops and wrap the stuffing. Dip the semifinished foods in cooked ice cream, then in the crumbs, rubbed on a large float. Repeat the breading and fry the patties in deep fat.

2. Cutlets with mushroom gravy of minced meat and mushrooms


Pork chopped 600 g

Fine salt

Onions 150g

Milk 70 ml

Mushrooms 400 g

Garlic 30g

Black pepper

Roll 150 g

Eggs 2 pcs.

Onions 150g


Flour 70 g

Dried mushrooms (powder) 50 g

Dill (greens)

Carrots 100 g

Oil 90 g

Drinking cream 250 g



Slices of bread soak in milk. To chopped meat, add chopped champignons and onions, soaked bun, garlic. Season with plenty of spices and chop everything together in a combine or use a meat grinder. Add raw eggs, mix and let stand in the cold. From the cooked meat form round flat patties with a diameter of not more than 5 cm; fry. Put the patties in the pan.

In a deep frying pan, pass grated carrots until soft, add to it chopped onion, ground mushroom powder, combined with flour. Lightly roast the mass, pour in the milk, season with spices and chopped greens. Bring the gravy to a boil and transfer to a saucepan. Put on fire and simmer. Garnish for boiled rice or mashed potatoes.

3. Potato-mushroom cutlets with mushroom gravy


Potato (mashed potatoes) 600 g

Mushrooms fried 250 g

Boiled eggs 3 pcs.

Fried onion 150g

Flour 90 g

Mushroom seasoning (dried mushrooms) 100 g

Dill 120g

Cream for sauce and minced meat (33%) 250 ml


Milk 100 ml

Raw eggs for lezona 3 pcs.

Fat for frying

Raw peeled potatoes, large 250 g (net)


Finely chopped fried mushrooms and peeled boiled eggs combine with browned onions (100 g), add 100 g of cream to the mushroom and adjust the taste with spices. Put the cooked stuffing aside.

To the hot mashed potatoes, add the lemon, prepared from one raw egg and 150 ml of milk; For viscosity, add flour, mix mashed potatoes.

Large, peeled potatoes shred thin plates. Spread them into 5 pieces, in the form of a flower, in greased disposable foil baskets, grease the surface with a lotion and bake in the oven.

In the finished potato baskets, put the mushroom stuffing, and on top - mashed potatoes, completely covering the bottom, mushroom layer. Cover the surface of mashed potatoes again covered with lozon and send it to be roasted in the oven.

Crushed dried mushrooms into powder and boil in boiling water (250 ml), adding salt and spices. Add the hot cream (150 ml) to the second part of the browned onion (100 g) and, after combining the mass with the mushroom broth, smash to a uniform consistency using a blender. Bring sauce to a boil, add chopped dill, cover and leave to infuse for a quarter of an hour.

4. Mushroom patties - a quick recipe


Fried mushrooms 600 g

800 g boiled rice

Eggs 3 pcs.

Sour cream or cream 250 g

Onions, green 250 g

Garlic 60g

Grated cheese 250 g

Rusk 400g

Oil (deep fat) 500 ml


For the preparation of mushroom cutlets with rice you will need a viscous rice porridge. If boiled crumbly rice is available, it will do as well, but you will need to add more raw eggs to it to get a viscous consistency. In addition to eggs, add grated cheese to rice porridge, you can season with spices as desired. Let cool in the fridge. Make round and flat cakes of 6 cm in diameter from rice porridge. It is convenient to make blanks with hands dipped in cold water and spread them on a work surface generously sprinkled with breading. In the center of each billet put 50 g of minced meat, made from finely chopped onion, chopped in a blender, fried mushrooms and thick sour cream or cream. Combine the edges of the tortillas so that the mushroom stuffing stays inside the patty. Form balls, re-cover them with a layer of breading. Deep-fry.

5. Braised cutlets with mushroom sauce and tomato sauce


Onion 250g

Egg 2 pcs.

Boiled rice 300 g

Mushrooms 300 g


Mince, pork and beef 0.6 kg

Tomato Sauce 90 g

Sour cream (20%) 250 g

Carrots, red 150 g

Celery (leaves) 70 g

Parsley 100 g

Mushroom seasoning 50 g

Water or broth 0.4 l

Cooking Procedure:

Chopped onions and chopped fresh mushrooms combine in a deep container, add to them boiled rice, raw eggs and minced meat. Stir the mass, seasoning with spices.

Form cutlets of 100 g and dip them gently in boiling broth or water. Mix sour cream and spicy tomato sauce in one bowl, lightly dilute with water; Pour gravy into the pot where the mushrooms are stewed.

50-70 g of butter, melt in a pan, passe carrots and onions and shift the vegetables to the cutlets. Sprinkle them with chopped parsley and celery leaves, cover the pan with a lid and turn off the heat after 5 minutes.

6. Mushroom Patties: Oven Recipe

Product List:

Chicken fillet 900 g

Roasted Chanterelles 400 g

Egg 2 pcs.

Cheese 300 g

Onion, 200 g

Seasoning, mushroom

Roll 150 g


Salt "Extra"

Butter or margarine 120 g

Onions, green 100 g

Chopped greens (parsley, basil)

Milk 100 ml

Tomato sauce 70 g

Mayonnaise 50g


Peeled onions, soaked in milk, loaf and chicken pulp twice grind in a combine. Beat in raw eggs, add salt and pepper, mix the stuffing. Put the minced meat container in the fridge for ripening and start cooking the filling.

Prepared chanterelles, washed, peeled and cooked in salted water, chop and fry in a pan. Add chopped green onion to mushrooms, season with spices.

Chilled stuffing divided into portions of 130 g, form a round cake. Put fried mushrooms into each meat preparation, put the mushroom stuffing inside the stuffing. Form an oval-shaped patty. Place the semi-finished products on the prepared baking sheet and bake them at 180C, covered with foil. When the clear juice starts to stand out under pressure, remove the baking sheet from the oven and cover the surface of the patties with grated cheese. Pour thin thread of tomato sauce and mayonnaise, creating a decorative grid. Again, place the baking sheet in a hot oven to melt and brown the cheese.

7. Cutlets with mushroom sauce made from potatoes and cheese


Cream (10%) 0.5 L

Flour 100 g

Champignons 500g

Ground pepper

Onions 150g + 200g

Minced chicken 700 g

Grated cheese 300 g


Refined oil, vegetable 150 ml

Egg 4 pcs.

Parsley or dill (fresh leaves)


Washed and peeled champignons cut: 200 g - plates, and the rest - in small cubes, along with onions. Fry both pieces separately, putting each into separate dishes.

Add spices to chicken pulp, beat two eggs, salt the meat and, mixing well, beat. Divide the meat into 6 pieces of 120 g each. Form round flat blanks and place them on a surface sprinkled with flour.

Spread grated cheese in thin portions of minced meat. In the center, on the cheese surface, place the fried mushrooms.

Combining the edges of the minced meat cutlet and closing the mushroom stuffing, moisten the cutlets in a mixture made from whipped eggs (2 pcs.) And 50 ml of cream.

Roll the patties in flour again and fry them lightly in hot oil. Put in a deep saucepan, and in the fat that has become, pass the chopped onion, add 20-30 g of flour, 50 g of dried mushrooms and pour in preheated cream. Form the taste by adding spices. Simmer the gravy for about a quarter of an hour, making sure that it does not burn, then pour it into a deep bowl and smash to a uniform consistency. Pour the prepared sauce into the pan with the meatballs, add the plates of fried champignons and greens. Let boil, cover and remove from heat.

Potato-mushroom patties - tips and tricks

  • Champignons, white mushrooms fried without boiling, without the risk of poisoning. True, it must be remembered that in this case the area where the mushrooms were gathered is of importance: it is generally undesirable to gather mushrooms, berries and medicinal plants near highways and industrial zones. But there is another feature that can be guided by mushroom pickers during a “quiet hunt”: white mushrooms do not grow in ecologically polluted areas. Champignons are most often grown in mushroom farms, where they are provided with the necessary sanitary standards. Do not eat mushrooms that you are not sure of.
  • If different mushrooms were brought home from the forest, then it is desirable to sort and cook them separately: they have not only a different appearance, but also differ in texture and taste.
  • The mushroom smell is enhanced by dairy products. When frying or stewing mushrooms, use melted butter, sour cream, milk or cream, if you want to emphasize their flavor. Remember that too spicy spices and leafy vegetables in mushroom dishes, on the contrary, muffle the smell of the main ingredient. Do not get carried away with spices with a bright and rich aroma in the preparation of mushrooms.
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