Stuffed tomatoes for the winter: with anything! Variants of tomato, mustard and vinegar fillings for stuffed tomatoes for the winter

Stuffed tomatoes for the winter: with anything! Variants of tomato, mustard and vinegar fillings for stuffed tomatoes for the winter

The magic aroma of summer tomatoes is best emphasized by a sharp, sweet and sour fragrant pickle. Therefore, winter preparations with tomatoes are always the most favorite. Without salty tomatoes winter feast is hard to imagine.

But you always want to try something such, unusual, original. For example, stuffed tomatoes for the winter. Wonderful spicy herbs, greens, rice, roots, peppers, eggplants - there are many options for filling. Each is good in its own way and will definitely appeal to households and guests.

Stuffed tomatoes are able to decorate a festive table, spicing up the meat dish and spiciness - fresh potato mash. But they do an excellent job with solo parts, as they may well be an independent dish.

Stuffed tomatoes for the winter - the general principles of cooking

For stuffing it is better to take hollow tomato varieties: “Don Quixote”, “Bulgaria”, “Yellow Staffer”, “Stripet Staffer”, “Stuffing”, “Novogoshary”. They are very similar to peppers (some even form), as they have thick dense walls and very little pulp and seeds.

But even if there are no special tomatoes, it does not matter! Conventional "cream" is quite suitable for stuffing. Just have to make a little more effort for their preliminary preparation. To get the desired cavity inside the tomato, you need to select a part of the pulp from its middle.

Use a sharp knife to cut the top of the fruit, but do not cut it completely. If the variety is not hollow, then with a fairly sharp edge, scoop out a portion of the core. The flesh can be used for the preparation of second courses, salads, vegetable soups, sauces for meat or just put it in jars. Get a more intense taste, rich brine.

To cook the stuffing, vegetables should be washed, cut partitions from the peppers, remove the seeds. Remove roots from skin and finely rub. Grind the necessary ingredients, mix the stuffing with the recipe. Banks for stuffed tomatoes for the winter should be washed with soda, sterilize over steam, dry in the oven, boil metal lids for five minutes or process in a solution of manganese, furatsilina.

If prescription banks filled with tomatoes must be sterilized, then one-liter containers are kept in boiling water for an hour, three-liter containers for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Stuffed tomatoes for the winter with the roots in tomato marinade

Very tasty stuffed tomatoes for the winter in a fantastic tomato sauce will appeal to lovers of spicy-sweet dishes. Spicy aroma of onion, bay leaf, allspice perfectly combined with the roots of parsley and carrot. Ingredients enough for salting two liter jars.


• a pound of thick red tomatoes for pickling, the same for tomato marinade;

• 250 grams of carrots;

• 25 grams of parsley root;

• 15 grams of parsley

• 200 grams of onions;

• 100 ml of vegetable oil;

• Bay leaf;

• two tablespoons of vinegar 6%;

• two large spoons of sugar;

• three spoons of salt;

• allspice.

Cooking Method:

Onions cut into rings, fry until transparent.

Cut parsley root into thin slices or strips.

Grate carrots or cut into strips.

Root put out by adding some water.

Parsley finely chopped.

Mix roasted onions, stewed carrots and parsley root, greens.

Carefully place the stuffing in the prepared tomatoes, cover with a “lid”.

Put the tomatoes in jars.

Tomatoes, prepared for the marinade, peel and puree in a blender. You can just rub on a fine grater.

Puree tomato sauce into a saucepan, boil for fifteen minutes.

When the foam disappears, add to the sauce laurel, salt, pepper and boil for another ten minutes.

Pour the marinade in jars, not topping up the neck for two centimeters.

Cover the jars with lids, put in a pot of boiling water and sterilize for an hour.

Cork, cool and store.

Stuffed tomatoes for the winter with rice

The rich taste and matchless flavor distinguish the recipe for stuffed tomatoes for the winter with rice and vegetables. Tomato filling turns out very tasty. These tomatoes can be eaten as a separate dish.


• three kilograms of tomatoes for pickling, and another 1.2 kg - for marinade;

• a pound of bell pepper;

• 400 grams of onions;

• 300 grams of rice;

• 400 ml of oil;

• 100 grams of salt for the filling and another six teaspoons for the marinade;

• celery root;

• parsley root;

• a bunch of dill;

• garlic head;

• two large spoons of sugar;

• ground black pepper;

• four tablespoons of vinegar 6%;

• allspice (amount of peas to taste).

Cooking Method:

Onions cut into cubes of medium size.

Grate carrots or cut into thin strips.

Bulgarian pepper and roots, too, cut into strips.

Cook rice until half cooked.

Cook the minced meat by mixing rice and vegetables.

Fill the rice with vegetable stuffing tomatoes.

Prepare tomato puree from whole tomatoes and “middles” prepared for stuffing tomatoes as described in the first recipe.

Pour the bottom of the cans with marinade, add garlic and pepper, arrange tomatoes tightly.

Pour the hot marinade to the neck, cover the banks with roofs, sterilize.

Cork and cool.

Stuffed tomatoes for the winter “Green Apple”

The simplest recipe for stuffed tomatoes for the winter is invented for the preservation of green fruit. The product is quite spicy due to hot pepper. Spicy herbs and bell peppers superbly shade the unusual taste of green tomatoes. Ingredients are indicated for a three-liter jar.


• 1.7 kilograms of tomatoes;

• garlic head;

• one Bulgarian pepper;

• half of hot pepper;

• peppercorns (sweet, black - to taste);

• the tip of the dill stalk;

• bay leaf;

• a sheet of horseradish;

• half of the average onion;

• parsley, cilantro, dill - fluffy bunch;

• tablespoon of grated horseradish root;

• 80 ml of table vinegar;

• two more spoons of salt;

• one and a half tablespoons of sugar. Cooking Method:

Tomatoes cut in the center is not until the end.

Cut the garlic into thin slices.

Disassemble the greens into separate twigs.

In the center of the tomato put a plate of garlic and a branch of parsley, dill and cilantro.

Onions cut into rings.

Bulgarian pepper cut into strips.

Put spices, garlic, hot pepper, half of the whole volume of grated horseradish, half of horseradish leaf, bay leaf, dill umbrella in the jar.

Put tomatoes on a mixture of herbs and spices.

On the sides of the banks to place the strips of pepper.

Cover the top with tomato with the remaining half of the horseradish leaf.

Pour the jar to the neck with boiling water, cover with a sterilized lid, leave for ten minutes.

Pour the water out of the can, repeat the pouring procedure three times.

Before the third pouring in water, add a mixture of salt and sugar, boil pouring five minutes.

In the banks pour in a spoonful of vinegar, then boiling marinade.

Cork and cool down the covers under a warm blanket during the day.

Green stuffed tomatoes for the winter “Spicy”

Very sharp stuffed tomatoes for the winter with garlic-pepper filling will be good for meat. This snack is better to cook in liter jars. The specified number of tomatoes is enough for four banks.


• three kilograms of green tomatoes;

• five heads of garlic;

• two hot peppers;

• lush bunch of parsley;

• pepper-peas;

• Bay leaf;

• litere of water;

• six large spoons of vinegar 9%;

• two large spoons of sugar;

• a large spoonful of salt (the proportions of water, salt and sugar are indicated for one liter jar).

Cooking Method:

Cut the garlic.

Hot pepper cut into strips.

Stir the garlic and pepper in the form of minced meat.

Cut tomatoes not fully in the center, carefully make a small depression in the middle of the fruit with a spoon.

Stuff the tomatoes with garlic and minced meat.

Connect halves, for loyalty, you can fasten a wooden toothpick.

Put pepper, parsley, bay leaf, tomatoes in the jar.

Boil the water, pour the tomatoes, leave for twenty minutes.

Cook the marinade by boiling the water drained from the cans with sugar, vinegar, and salt. Pour tomatoes with boiling marinade, cork and cool.

Stuffed tomatoes for the winter with parsley and mustard “Table”

The aroma of basil emphasizes the sharp taste of stuffed tomatoes for the winter, cooked in a mustard filling. A very tasty dish of green tomatoes will add spice to any meat. The number of components indicated for three liter jars.


• two kilograms of green tomatoes;

• 200 grams of parsley root;

• six cloves of garlic;

• a bunch of basil and parsley;

• Bay leaf;

• peppercorns (to taste);

• horseradish root;

• hot pepper (optional);

• six tablespoons of mustard powder;

• litere of water;

• three large spoons of salt;

• five tablespoons of sugar;

• three dessert spoons of vinegar essence (one spoon per jar).

Cooking Method:

Prepare the tomatoes by cutting off the “lid” and cutting the center out with a spoon.

Take out the flesh finely chopped.

Cut the greens, garlic.

Rub the parsley root.

Make the stuffing, mixing chopped pulp, greens, root, garlic.

Stuff with minced green tomatoes. Attach the “cap” into place, jokes with toothpicks.

Spices put in jars, pour in each two large tablespoons without a spoon of mustard.

Top tightly lay tomatoes.

Pour boiling water over tomatoes, leave for fifteen minutes.

Pour water into a large saucepan, add sugar, salt, boil for five minutes until the grains dissolve.

Pour vinegar essence into banks, pour boiling water and cork up.

Stuffed tomatoes for the winter with eggplants

A great appetizer is made from stuffed tomatoes for the winter with eggplants. The excellent flavor combination will make this dish the most beloved on the winter table.


• two kilograms of ripe red tomatoes;

• a pound of eggplant;

• four cloves of garlic;

• parsley;

• three bay leaves;

• to taste two or three peas;

• litere of water;

• three spoons without a hill of salt;

• as much sugar;

• a glass of vinegar 9%.

Cooking Method:

Eggplant cut and grind in a meat grinder or blender. Chop the greens.

Pulp from the middle of the tomatoes mixed with eggplant and chopped parsley, stew for fifteen minutes.

Fill the tomatoes with minced meat, cover with “lids”, fasten the top with wooden toothpicks.

Banks fill with spices, garlic, then tomatoes.

Pour sugar and salt in cans, pour boiling water.

Sterilize banks for twenty minutes.

Pour vinegar under the covers and cork.

Stuffed tomatoes for the winter “Winter's Tale”

A delicious version of the previous recipe - stuffed tomatoes for the winter with pepper and onion. A great snack for everyday and festive table. The quantities of these ingredients are enough for salting three liter cans.


• two kilograms of tomatoes;

• seven hundred grams of bell pepper;

• three hundred grams of onion ”

• a bunch of fresh dill;

• three bay leaves;

• peppercorns to taste;

• per liter of water, three tablespoons of sugar and salt, a glass of vinegar 6%.

Cooking Method:

Prepare the tomatoes.

Remove partitions and seeds from the peppers, chop finely.

Onions very finely chopped.

Grind out the middle of the tomatoes, mix them with onions and peppers.

Vegetable stuffing fill tomatoes.

Tops of tomatoes secure in the same place with toothpicks.

Put greens and pepper in jars, add salt and sugar, then put tomatoes.

Pour boiling water over cans and sterilize for twenty minutes under closed lids.

Pour vinegar under the covers, cork and cool.

Stuffed tomatoes for the winter “Georgian”

Cilantro, sweet peppers, onions, garlic are presented to the stuffed tomatoes for the winter, cooked according to this recipe, an incredible flavor. Walnut adds originality to tart green tomato, and hot pepper adds Georgian sharpness.


• kilogram of green tomatoes;

• two chili peppers;

• four heads of garlic;

• 250 grams of bell pepper;

• 250 grams of onion;

• fluffy bunch of cilantro;

• 25 grams of peeled walnuts;

• 20 ml of wine vinegar;

• 50 grams of salt;

• 50 ml of oil.

Cooking Method: Grind the garlic in a mortar with chopped cilantro and salt.

Onions cut into rings or half rings.

Preheat a dry frying pan and fry the nuts on it.

Chop the nuts with a knife as small as possible.

Cut the bell pepper into strips.

Hot pepper cut into rings or straws.

In a wide saucepan, simmer pepper, onions, and nuts in vegetable oil for half an hour.

Pour vinegar, salt and mix.

Stuff the tomatoes with a nut-vegetable mixture.

Layering tomatoes and leftover vegetables in banks, pour marinade in which chopped vegetables were stewed before.

Sterilize jars in boiling water for 25 minutes.

Cork and cool.

Stuffed tomatoes for the winter - tricks and tips

  • Tomatoes are salted as a result of lactic fermentation. To increase its intensity, you can prepare the brine not only with vinegar, but also with whey. 50 ml of vinegar is replaced by half a cup of serum.
  • Stuffed tomatoes do not have to be salted in jars. This can be done in capron or wooden containers, pans. To the fruits were completely covered with brine and did not emerge, you need to cover them with horseradish leaves, then with a linen or cotton napkin. A flat plate or a wooden circle should be put on top of the napkin and a pressure should be set, for example, a jar of water.
  • After three days you can take the first sample. Tomatoes spread on banks and stored in the refrigerator, cellar, glacier.
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