Milk is sour - yes! Cooking pancakes on yogurt. Dough recipes for pancakes with yogurt, toppings and refills

Milk is sour - yes! Cooking pancakes on yogurt. Dough recipes for pancakes with yogurt, toppings and refills

As the name implies, a distinctive feature of the dishes on offer is the use of yogurt instead of kefir. There is no significant difference in technology, depending on the used fermented milk products. Nevertheless, many hostesses prefer yogurt. Made from whole household milk, it turns out much fatter kefir and contains more acids.

These two seemingly insignificant benefits can, with reasonable use of the product, significantly affect the taste of pancakes. An excess of acid makes it possible to redeem a slightly larger amount of soda, which means it increases pomp. The increased fat content of the original milk gives the so-called “ripeness” to the finished pancakes, which is almost impossible to achieve even by adding butter to the dough.

Pancakes on yogurt - the general principles of cooking

• From pancake dough on yogurt, you can bake thin and thick pancakes. Both thick and thin pancakes are always soft and tender.

• There are many ways to cook such a pancake dough. Eggs are added to it and cooked without them, a ripper is put (soda) or yeast is added. The only unchanged components are sour milk, sugar, flour and salt.

• The variety of baking flour (highest or first) for pancake dough does not have a special role. Sometimes wheat flour is mixed with buckwheat. Any flour should be sieved. This will enrich it with oxygen and help remove debris that has accidentally entered it.

• Regardless of what kind of stuffing or what will serve pancakes, the dough must be salted and sugar is added.

• Both thick and thin pancakes can be served with sweet or spicy sauces, sour cream, honey or jam. In most cases, thin stuffing wrapped in thin, and thick bake with the refrain. Filling and pripek can also be not only sweet, but also meat, vegetables, etc., it all depends on the recipe and its own taste.

Custard pancakes with yogurt - “Gentle”


• half a liter of fat yogurt;

• 200 ml of boiling water;

• half a cup of white sugar;

• three tablespoons of frozen vegetable oil;

• two eggs;

• 500 gr. pancake flour;

• baking soda - 0.5 tsp.

Cooking Method:

1. With effort pound eggs with sugar, you can beat whisk. If you are preparing pancakes for the meat filling, reduce the amount of added sugar.

2. Add a teaspoon of salt, pour in the sour milk and stir well, but do not whisk.

3. In a separate bowl, cross the flour and gradually add the yogurt into it. Pour the fermented milk product in a thin stream, periodically thoroughly mixing the entire mass.

4. In a glass of boiling water, dilute the soda well and immediately pour the hot mixture into the dough. Stir evenly so that it disperses, and leave the pancake dough to stand for about ten minutes. Its top during this time will be covered with a large number of air bubbles, which indicates readiness.

5. Now you can enter vegetable oil and, having mixed well, proceed to baking pancakes.

6. Heat a pan with a non-stick coating and heat well on high, but not maximal heat, moisten the bottom with vegetable oil. Pour in almost half of the soup soup and put it evenly across the bottom. To make it easier to do, pour on the edge of the pan, and not in the center.

7. When the bottom of the pancake is reddened well, and holes appear on its surface, turn the other side over and redden.

8. Likewise, bake all the other pancakes, but you do not need to grease the pan for them anymore.

Tomato pancakes on yogurt without soda, with garlic sauce


• a glass of sparse tomato juice;

• two fresh eggs;

• full big spoon of sugar;

• a glass of homemade yogurt with high fat content;

• 1.5-2 full glasses of white baking flour.

In the sauce:

• 200 ml of 20% sour cream; • greenery;

• three cloves of garlic.

Cooking Method:

1. In the enameled bowl, pour in the sour milk and tomato juice, add salt, sweeten and stir thoroughly.

2. Continuing to mix, enter all the flour in small portions. Then pour in slightly beaten eggs, two tablespoons of vegetable oil and carefully stir the dough.

3. Pour vegetable oil into a small saucer. Cut the half of the peeled potato upwards with a fork. Dip it in butter, grease the pan and bake the first pancake. After that, grease the pan again and bake the next one. Lubricate the pan after each pancake.

4. As all the pancakes are ready, prepare the sauce with which it is recommended to serve them.

5. Pour sour cream, pepper and add chopped greens. Press garlic and stir well. The sauce is served separately from the pancakes.

Lush (thick) pancakes with yogurt - “Guryev”


• premium wheat flour - 320 gr. (two glasses);

• two full big spoons of sugar;

• five raw eggs;

• 100 gr. 72% butter;

• Two glasses of fresh yogurt.

Cooking Method:

1. Separate the whites and yolks. First set aside, add salt and sugar to the yolks and beat well with a mixer.

2. Continuing whipping, enter a thin stream of melted (not overheated) butter. Behind him is half a cup of sifted flour.

3. Having achieved uniformity, pour in half of yogurt. Beat and add the rest, mix.

4. Add the remains of the sifted flour and again beat the dough with a mixer.

5. Previously laid out whites intensively whisk and enter into the dough, stirring from the bottom up. Do not whisk, but gently mix.

6. Thick-walled pan, steel or cast iron, heat over low heat, grease and pour a small ladle pancake dough onto it.

7. After 3 minutes, when the top of the pancake stops shining, and the bottom is well-reddened, turn over and bake for another two minutes. 8. Putting the “Guryev” pancakes in a “pile”, do not peremazyvayut ghee, they already turn out quite oily and soft.

Simple pancakes with yogurt with filling - “Three in One”


• homemade yogurt - 1 l .;

• a tablespoon of potato (can of corn) starch;

• three table. spoons of sugar, white;

• four table. spoons of refined oil;

• ripper (baking soda) - 1 tsp;

• three small drops of salt;

• dry poppy - 100 grams;

• half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder;

• half a kilo of flexible (no grains) curd;

• half-liter jar of cherries in own juice.

Cooking Method:

1. In a deep bowl (bowl or wide saucepan), sift flour and mix it with burnt soda and starch.

2. In sour milk add sugar, salt and mix well, until the crystals are completely dissolved.

3. Then pour the yogurt into a bowl of flour and stir. Properly prepared dough should not contain lumps of flour, therefore pour the yogurt in small pieces. Stir well each time, breaking broken lumps with a whisk.

4. When you enter all the fermented milk product, add refined oil into the dough and beat again well.

5. In a heated pan, lubricated for the first pancake with vegetable oil, bake not very thick pancakes, which can be easily rolled.

6. Pour dry poppy seeds with boiling water and leave for half an hour. Then drain the water and put the poppy on a sieve. When it dries well, add 2 full spoons of refined sugar and twist in a meat grinder (twice). You can well in the mortar.

7. Grind cottage cheese with a meat grinder or grind it through a sieve. Add a tablespoon of sugar, cinnamon and mix thoroughly.

8. Dry the canned cherries from the juice well, putting them in a colander.

9. Cut half of the baked pancakes in two. Brush whole pancakes with cottage cheese filling. Half of the cut cover with a thin layer of poppy and roll them into a tube, and in the remaining cut wrap cherries. 10. On the edge of pancakes with cottage cheese stuffing, put a poppy “tube”, next to it is a cherry and roll everything together.

Pancakes on yogurt without eggs, stuffed with chicken hearts and mushrooms - “Hearty”


• buckwheat flour - 1 tbsp .;

• one glass of baking flour;

• two teaspoons of refined sugar;

• sunflower, frozen oil;

• two glasses of yogurt (homemade).

In the filling:

• a pound of chicken hearts (chilled);

• 500 gr. fresh mushrooms, champignons;

• one and a half onions.

Cooking Method:

1. Combine buckwheat flour with wheat. Add sugar, soda, 0.5 tsp. shallow salt, mix all the bulk components.

2. Pour in pieces of homemade yogurt, constantly stirring the dough with a whisk.

3. When you achieve a uniform consistency, bake thin pancakes out of dough. After each pancake, grease the pan well with a half of the bulb dipped in vegetable oil.

4. From the hearts, cut off the remains of the arteries, remove the film and, in half, rinse with a strong stream of cold water. Fill with water, lightly salt and boil. Twist the cooled chicken hearts with a meat grinder and fry until cooked with the addition of vegetable oil.

5. Separately, fry the mushrooms and finely chopped onion.

6. Connect the roasted ingredients of the filling, spice them with pepper, pickle the sample, and mix well.

7. Put the stuffing on the edge of each pancake, roll with an “envelope” and fry a little in butter.

Yeast pancakes with yogurt stuffed with apples and prunes


• pressed alcohol yeast - 15 g .;

• one liter of sour milk;

• fresh eggs - 2 pcs .;

• three glasses of sifted quality flour;

• two spoons of sunflower oil.

In the filling:

• two small apples;

• powdered sugar - 100 grams;

• 1/4 tsp. cinnamon;

• pitted prunes.

Cooking Method:

1. Pressed yeast crumble in a cup. Add a spoonful of sugar and knead until you get a liquid slurry. 2. In a slightly warmed yogurt (200 ml), add three tablespoons of flour and add yeast “mush.” Intensely, but slowly, stir with a spoon and remove for forty minutes in the heat.

3. Stir up the brew with a spoon, add it to the remaining (warm) yogurt and gently whisk. Beat, connecting the brew with yogurt in a homogeneous mass.

4. Introduce intensely beaten eggs, vegetable oil. Gradually add flour, immediately stirring well each of its portions. The dough will turn out to be non-liquid and at the same time not thick. Cover it with a towel and leave to rise for an hour.

5. If the dough is still too thick, add boiled warm milk to it. Pour in a little, and stir the dough constantly to make it easier to adjust its thickness.

6. We do not need thick pancakes, so pour a small amount of dough and control its thickness.

7. Prune thoroughly beforehand in hot water. Drain and cut a thin, narrow knife with a sharp blade into small pieces (strips).

8. Grate the apple with a large grater and lightly rub it in a dry frying pan under the lid. Add powdered sugar mixed with cinnamon, chopped prunes and mix well.

9. On each yeast pancake, put a little cold fruit filling and wrap.

10. Serve, watering with sweetened sour cream or fruit syrup.

Pancakes on yogurt with cold sausage and cheese


• half a liter of homemade yogurt;

• two glasses of flour;

• hard cheese - 150 gr .;

• 1/3 tsp. soda;

• fine salt;

• one chicken egg;

• 150 gr. sausages ("Children's" sausage);

• 5-6 sprigs of fresh dill;

• feathers of young onions.

Cooking Method:

1. In the bowl, break the egg, salt, add the soda and whisk well.

2. Pour in yogurt, flour and again whisk everything with a whisk or a mixer. The density of the dough should be like a rare sour cream.

3. Cut the sausage into thin strips, finely chop the greens, and rub the cheese into a large crumb. Mix all ingredients, remove the sample and salt with a small margin. 4. In a thick-walled pan, pour in a couple of spoons of high-quality vegetable oil and warm it well. Pour in some dough and lightly level it over the pan with a spoon. Put a thin layer of stuffing on top and cover it with dough. When the bottom of the pancake is baked (browned) turn over and bring to readiness.

5. So bake the rest of the pancakes.

Pancakes with yogurt - cooking tricks and useful tips

• When preparing dough for pancakes, pour sour milk to loose ingredients, and not vice versa. Flour will not lump together and it will be easier to achieve a uniform dough.

• To make pancakes on yogurt turn over well, leave the dough to “stand out” for a while and add oil.

• Thin pancakes, after removing them from the heat, immediately grease a piece of butter impaled on a fork, their edges will become softer and the pancakes will be softer.

• Using any recipe you can cook both thin and thick pancakes on yogurt. To do this, reduce or increase the amount of fermented milk product.

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