Wings in mayonnaise with different sauces. Quick, tasty, festive, always in a new way - recipes of chicken wings in mayonnaise

Wings in mayonnaise with different sauces. Quick, tasty, festive, always in a new way - recipes of chicken wings in mayonnaise

Chicken meat is a versatile and dietary product that, moreover, fits perfectly into even the minimum family budget. From the wings you can cook rich broth, stew, they are fried, stewed, baked in foil, in the oven, on the grill. Of all the parts of the chicken carcass, the wings have an ideal ratio of pulp and bones. At first glance it seems as if the flesh is less than in the thigh or lower leg, but the bones of the wings are lighter in weight than the dense bones of chicken legs, because chickens have long forgotten how to fly and they don’t need strong wings anymore. The price of the wings is noticeably lower than other parts of the carcass, despite the fact that the nutritional value of these parts is not at all lower.

There remains another question: what to cook from chicken wings so that home cooking is not only economical, but also diverse? We will try to answer it.

Wings in mayonnaise - basic technological principles

Let's start with mayonnaise. How does sauce affect meat, and why has it gained popularity as a marinade for meat dishes? The composition of mayonnaise, in addition to egg yolks and vegetable oil includes lemon juice and mustard, or, if we consider the industrial version of the preparation of mayonnaise, it is - melange, mustard oil, vinegar and preservatives. By the way, to increase the mass, reduce costs and obtain a thicker consistency, some manufacturers use artificial additives in the technology. This mayonnaise we do not need. And not so much it contains vinegar to use the sauce as a marinade, and melange and butter do not contribute to the marinating of meat. These ingredients give a beautiful appearance to the dish.

If you make fresh homemade mayonnaise, you get a more wholesome and fragrant sauce, which turns the meat into a culinary masterpiece. So what, that without additives, it is stored in the refrigerator for no more than a week, but you don’t need to cook it in large quantities.

Write down or remember, just in case, the recipe for tasty, healthy and natural mayonnaise: 100 ml of purified oil; three fresh egg yolks; a teaspoon of mustard, salt and sugar to taste, 50 ml of lemon juice.

To make mayonnaise turn out thick, beat the butter with a blender, or, when using a mixer, set the nozzle-knife, because the sauce needs not only to be whipped at high speed, but also to grind large molecules of oil so that they better merge with the lecithin contained in the egg yolk. Add butter to the whipped yolk very slowly, literally - a few drops, without stopping the beating process. When a homogeneous emulsion forms, cream color, add salt and sugar, mustard. If you use mustard oil, then you must not add mustard sauce. Mustard seeds contain substances that help maintain emulsion stability. If you want to prepare mayonnaise for future use, and achieve a thicker consistency, then use a not too sharp mustard sauce so as not to spoil the taste of mayonnaise. The final touch is adding acid to the sauce. Lemon juice will give a pleasant aroma, slightly brighten homemade mayonnaise.

If mayonnaise is needed to prepare the marinade for meat, then add more lemon juice so that the meat is well soaked in acid.

Using mayonnaise when stewing meat, it is better to mix it with tomato or dairy products, so that the dish is more tender and juicy. In stews (in stews, solyanka, home-cooked food), undiluted mayonnaise will quickly curl up when cooked, and the dishes will be dry without sauce.

The wing dishes in mayonnaise or with mayonnaise are shown below in recipes, but these are just examples. Each hostess can add to the list of dishes independently, using any combination of spicy additives. Remember that chicken meat has a neutral taste, and therefore it can be seasoned in different ways and cooked in the same way, getting a completely new dish every time.

1. Wings in mayonnaise with potatoes and mushrooms

Product Set:

Wings 1 kg

Bay leaf

Onion 300 g (net)

Potatoes, peeled 1 kg

Ground pepper - to taste Champignons 800 g



Mayonnaise 200g

Cooking Method:

We soak the wings in cold water for at least an hour. After that, drain the water, lightly dry them with a napkin. Add mayonnaise, chopped garlic, onions, chopped large straws, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and bay leaf. All thoroughly mixed, and leave for a few hours, but not less than two. Marinate the meat to be in the refrigerator. Coarsely chop the potatoes and mushrooms. All products are transferred to the roaster and stew until cooked.

2. Wings in mayonnaise, baked in the oven


Mustard, Dijon


Sweet paprika






Little wings





The beauty of this recipe is that all the ingredients are quite accessible, almost always there at hand, and their quantity in the dish is chosen according to the taste of the hostess.

Wash the wings, cut the extreme phalanges. Blot with a tissue to remove water. Grease with mayonnaise, put in a bag for a couple of hours, put in the fridge. Roll the semi-finished products in flour mixed with dry spices. Prepare the sauce by combining Dijon mustard, honey, zest and lemon juice in any quantity.

Put the wings in a baking dish, covering it with foil (after that you will not have to wash for a long time). Put in a hot oven. Bake the meat until a pale crust appears, then remove the mold, cover the wings copiously with the sauce, brush with a brush, put it back into the oven, and bring to readiness. The dish is ready!

3. Baked wings in mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard


Little wings

Spicy ketchup



Vegetable oil



The easiest recipe: combine sauces in equal quantities, add garlic. Salt can not add. Cover the baking sheet with foil and brush with butter. Lay out the wings, and generously grease them with sauce. Bake 40-50 minutes.

4. Fried wings in mayonnaise with garlic


Wings 12 pcs.

Margarine for frying 180 g


Dry white wine for marinade 250 ml Pepper

Cognac 150 ml

Mayonnaise 200g

Lemon? PC.


Dill, fresh


Prepare the wings: stabbed on a fork, tar, holding over an open flame; wash, blotted with a napkin. Fold the meat in a plastic bag. In wine, add pepper or other spices, to taste. Pour the wine into the bag of meat, tie it tight and put it in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours. After that, blot the wings again so that when frying them in margarine, avoid splashing the fat.

Fry the chicken pieces from both sides on high heat. Turning the meat over to the other side, throw a pinch of salt into the pan. When the wings are ready, slightly reduce the heat and pour brandy. Set a long match on fire. Make sure that there are no inflammable items near the pan. Flambirovanie - a very simple technique in cooking, giving ordinary roast meat a unique taste, but when making flambé indoors, you need to follow safety techniques.

Prepare a cold sauce based on mayonnaise. Finely chop the leaves of dill, remove the zest from half a lemon and squeeze the juice (2-3 spoons), chop the dill. Punch all these ingredients with a blender, combine with mayonnaise, add salt and pepper. Serve the sauce over hot flambe wings.

5. Wings in mayonnaise onion “pillow”, baked in foil


Hard cheese 300 g

Wings 8-10 pcs.

Onions 500g (net)

Pepper Mix

Olive oil

Mayonnaise (67%) 250 g




Cut a sheet of foil: it should be twice as long as the form to cover the second half of the sheet of meat. Place the sheet on a baking sheet, grease with oil. Chopped onion, put under chicken wings, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cover the dish with mayonnaise and grated cheese. Cover with the free half of the sheet, seal the edges tightly. Bake at 180-200 ° C by placing the baking tray in a preheated oven. After 30-40 minutes, remove the top layer of foil, put the meat in the oven for a few more minutes, so that the cheese crust browned.

6. Wings in mayonnaise, breaded, deep-fried


Mayonnaise 150g

Corn Starch 90g

Eggs 3 pcs.

Paprika (dried pieces) 50 g

Sesame 200 g

Wings 10-12 pcs.

Chicken seasoning

Flakes (oatmeal or corn) 150-200 g

Lemon juice 100 ml

Deep Fat Oil


Cut off the extreme phalanxes of the wings, sprinkle the prepared semi-finished products with lemon juice, sprinkle with seasoning. Leave for a couple of hours in the cold for marinating.

Beat the eggs, combine them with mayonnaise and starch. Combine the flakes with the pieces of paprika and sesame, pre-stretching them in a plastic bag. Stir the dry mixture. Dip the wings alternately in the liquid mixture and breaded, and immediately immerse in boiling oil, fully immersed. Be careful, use tongs. Fry until golden brown.

Wings in mayonnaise - tips

The grinded poultry meat is much tastier, after processing by fire on the skin there is not even the slightest trace of plumage. Even if you buy pre-packaged semi-finished products, be sure to carefully process the wings, legs or legs. If there is no special burner, tar over the gas burner, remove the cap from the nozzle, use dry alcohol. Pin the pieces on the fork, and hold them over the flame, then wash them well, rubbing them with a hard brush.

Poultry meat must be soaked before cooking, so that the broth is always transparent. This stage of processing is important for another reason: unfortunately, often unscrupulous manufacturers or sellers process meat with preservatives to increase the shelf life, to hide the characteristic odors of stale goods, add gelled solutions to increase the weight of the product. Keeping the meat in water, you can rid the body of harmful additives in the diet of chicken meat.

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