Black cake - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook Black cake.

Black cake - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook Black cake.

Black cake - general principles and methods of cooking

What does black cake mean? Of course, the chocolate taste, which provides him with cocoa powder made from cocoa beans. But initially the product, opened in Mexico and Peru, was first used not only for cooking, but also as money - they were paid for the goods brought in exchange to South America. Many nations treat cocoa drink, expressing friendliness and hospitality. He came to Europe only in the 17th century, but gained popularity much later than coffee or tea. Local pastry chefs could not taste the taste of cocoa, until they began to mix it with vanilla.

Today we know that cocoa is not only a valuable ingredient for confectioneries, but also a very useful product for people suffering from, for example, hypertension. He is able to lower pressure and improve mood, stimulate performance and mental activity. Many have probably heard that a bar of dark chocolate increases vitality and contributes to the production of joy hormones - endorphins. It turns out that thanks to cocoa, we can become a little happier.

All this applies to the black cake, because it is precisely because of the content of cocoa rich in melanin that it got its name. Although cocoa is a high-calorie product, it has the peculiarity to quickly saturate the body, therefore it is difficult to eat a lot of chocolate product. So, you can not worry about those extra pounds. So, we remove stress - we prepare an exquisite, elegant, delicate and insanely chocolate Black Cake!

Black Cake - Food Preparation

In addition to the classic composition for biscuit and cream (flour, eggs, sour cream, sugar), we need cocoa powder. In grocery stores you can find this product from a large number of brands, but sometimes we get it without flavor and taste, clotted in lumps. It is impossible to assess the quality of the powder in the package, but if you are still worried about the taste of the cake, check the cocoa at home by opening the pack. The mixture should be fragrant and rich. If you rub it between your fingers, the dust does not peel off. Grinding should be very fine and without the presence of grains. The use of defective cocoa powder is unacceptable; in a properly prepared drink or other cocoa product, it is useful not only for adults but also for children from two years old. Black Cake - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Black Currant Cake

Black chocolate for the base, black currant for the filling and decoration, black coffee for impregnation - the cake fully justifies its name. Airy dark sponge cake very simple cooking. The biggest investment of time (4 hours) for soaking is to spend only an hour and a half on making a cake, and send a festive dessert to infuse in the fridge.



Eggs (4 pieces), sugar (130 g), flour (60 g), starch (1 tbsp. L.), Cocoa (50 g), baking powder for the dough.


Strong coffee (100-150 grams).

Chocolate cream

Dark chocolate (200 gr), heavy cream (preferably 35%, 100 ml), sour cream (200 ml), sugar 45 gr.

Currant cream

100-150 ml black currant jam (100-150 g), cream cheese (100 g), rich cream (100 ml), sugar (45 g), white gelatin, black currant liqueur.

Cooking method

1. Sponge cake. Beat eggs with sugar until airy white foam. Mix together all the dry ingredients and mix them into the eggs with a wooden spoon. We place the dough in the form, previously made of parchment, and send it in the oven for about 45 minutes. Cut into layers.

2. Chocolate cream. Grind dark chocolate. Bring fatty cream to boil and pour into chocolate. Stir until chocolate is completely dissolved.

Mix the sour cream with sugar and add to chocolate, mix until a homogeneous mixture, whisk.

3. Impregnation cakes. Soak the bottom cake in the form of strong coffee, the next layer is chocolate cream, again the cake, impregnation and cream.

4. Currant cream. Whip cream with sugar, separately mix the jam with cheese. Soaked in cold water, gelatin is mixed with slightly heated liquor, and then with a currant mixture. In all this, add stirring whipped cream. We grease the top of the cake with the obtained cream and smooth it. Impregnation - 4 hours in the refrigerator.

Recipe 2: Black Cake with Chocolate Icing

The undoubted plus of an incredible chocolate cake made from simple products is quick preparation, and the taste is like that of an expensive confectionery product. Ingredients:

Dough: flour (150 grams), eggs (4 pieces), butter (50 g), sugar (100 g), cocoa (50 g).

Cream: yolks (2 pieces), powdered sugar (200 g), milk (1 cup), chocolate (100 grams), flour (1 teaspoon), butter (100 grams).

Frosting: cocoa (2 spoons), milk (3 spoons), sugar (2-3 spoons), butter (1 tbsp. L.).

Cooking method

Grind butter with sugar, add cocoa and yolks, gradually, stirring after each egg, at the end add flour and whipped whites in a cool foam.

Mix, divide into two parts, and lay out in two forms. (You can bake one cake and cut into two plates). Forms are pre-coated with grease. We bake 30 minutes at 200 degrees. Be careful not to overdry the cakes, as they are baked very quickly.


Beat yolks with powdered sugar, add flour, milk and grated chocolate, set on a small fire. Cool, stirring. Beat the butter, mix with the cream. We coat the cakes with cream.

Sweet. Combine components and warm to boil. Lubricate the cake with fudge.

Cut this solid chocolate pleasure will be after complete solidification.

Recipe 3: Black Cream Cheesecake

This cake can be made as easy as possible, a great recipe for a delicate chocolate and cottage cheese delicacy from low-fat cottage cheese and cream. It contains almost no flour. In general, easy and sweet holiday!

Ingredients: eggs (4 pieces), sugar 6 tbsp. l + 0.5 tbsp.), Cocoa (3 tbsp. Spoons), flour, (3 tbsp. L.), Soda (at the tip of the knife), low-fat cottage cheese (550 g), curd sweet mass (200 g, filler - raisins or candied fruit), gelatin (10 g), cream (250 ml), dark chocolate to decorate the cake.

Cooking method

Biscuit. Separate the yolks, add sugar and grind well. Squirrels whip with 5 tbsp. spoons of sugar. Protein mass is mixed with whipped yolks, cocoa powder, flour, quenched with vinegar or lemon juice, soda. Quickly and gently mix with a mixer at low speed. We spread in the greased with vegetable oil form, bake for 30 minutes. Check the readiness of the cake should only be at the end, so that the dough does not fall. Cut into two uneven cakes with a long strong thread or a long knife. We put a thin cake in a mold covered with cling film, thick cut into square pieces. Filling. To make the curd homogeneous, mix it with sugar and grind it in a food processor. Gelatin is diluted with fruit syrup (in half a glass), in a water bath we withstand until complete dissolution. Mix the curd mixture with a sweet curd mass, gelatin, cream. All mix. Add fruit. Put the biscuit cubes in the filling, mix for the last time and pour into the form. Ready to put the cake in the fridge to freeze overnight. We cover with glaze in the morning. On a small fire, dissolve the floor of the chocolate bar in a little water, pour over the cake with a spoon. Back in the fridge for freezing.

The cake is ready, can be cut. The most interesting is obtained in the section, neat black puff piece, delicious, smelling chocolate.

Black Cake - useful tips from experienced chefs

You can invent your signature Black Cake recipe by inventing a combination of filling and cream. Here are some more options:

- Impregnation for the cake: mix sugar syrup with 50 grams of brandy, bring to a boil.

- Chocolate-cherry cream: melt the floor of the chocolate bar with 50 gr. butter, add sugar and vanilla, two eggs, two tablespoons of flour and 100 grams of cherry juice. Bring mixture to a boil and wait until thickened, cool.

- Chocolate chips for decorating the cake: melt the floor of the chocolate bar in a water bath, spread it on a plate with a thin layer, let it harden. Stroke long chips and decorate the cake on the sides and top.

Bon appetit and tasty life!

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