Cherry Yeast Pie - Sweet Temptation! Recipes of different yeast cherry pies: open and closed

Cherry Yeast Pie - Sweet Temptation! Recipes of different yeast cherry pies: open and closed

Yeast cakes with cherries will never be superfluous!

Baking is juicy, bright, soft and aromatic.

You can cook pies at any time of the year from fresh, canned, frozen berries.

Here is a selection of the most successful recipes.

Yeast Cherry Pie - General Cooking Principles

For the test now mostly dry yeast is used. Raw pressed yeast is extremely rare, as they are more capricious in work and storage. Dry yeast can be simply mixed with flour or diluted in a warm liquid. In addition to water, the dough is prepared with milk, kefir, sour cream.

What else put:

• salt, sugar;

• eggs;

• fats;

• flour.

Bones from cherries are always removed. Since the berries are quite sour, they are sprinkled with sugar. Sometimes for the filling you need to boil a little cherry or sweat in your juice. Often other berries or fruits, cottage cheese, chocolate are added to it.

Cherry pies can be closed and consist of two layers of dough or open. Sometimes they make a mesh of dough, cover the top with sprinkles.

Recipe 1: Yeast Cherry Pie Open

Open yeast and cherry pies fascinate with a mysteriously looking filling and always look appetizing. Cherry in syrup is used for this cake, which is very easy to prepare.


• 0.12 liters of milk;

• 0.3 kg flour;

• 7 grams of yeast;

• 20 grams of sugar in the dough;

• some salt;

• 1 egg;

• 30 grams of oil;

• 70 grams of sugar;

• 700 grams of cherries;

• 200 grams of sugar for the filling;

• 2 tablespoons of starch;

• 2 spoons of lemon juice;

• vanilla.


1. We combine bulk ingredients: flour with yeast, sugar and a pinch of salt. You can immediately pour a little vanilla to make the dough more aromatic.

2. We drive milk, preheated, add an egg with butter. Knead the dough thoroughly and leave for an hour. 3. Take a cherry. Remove the bones from the berries, cover them with sugar, add 40 ml of water and cook under a lid for 10 minutes. Cooling filling. Put starch and lemon juice. To taste, you can add a spoonful of brandy or any liqueur.

4. Roll out a large flat dough from the dough, lay out in a form with sides, let the edges hang down. Then take a knife and carefully cut them in a circle. The resulting strips until postponed.

5. Inside the cake, put the cherry in the syrup.

6. We take pending strips and cut into any ribbons. We spread on the cake mesh. It can be rare or frequent, it all depends on the desire and the number of scraps.

7. Bake the cake at 220 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Recipe 2: Closed yeast cake with cherry dough on milk

Recipe for the simplest cake of yeast dough with cherries, which can only be prepared at home


• 0.5 kg of cherries;

• 300 ml of milk;

• 1 egg;

• 240 grams of sugar;

• 10 grams of yeast;

• 50 ml of any oil;

• flour;

• 2 tablespoons of starch.


1. Heat the milk. Add 40 grams of granulated sugar and prescription yeast, stir.

2. After five minutes, put an incomplete teaspoon of salt, then pour in vegetable oil or melted margarine.

3. Pour the flour and prepare the usual dough of medium consistency. It should not stick or be too cool. Leave for two hours.

4. We wash the cherries, remove the bones and leave to wait in the wings, preferably in a colander.

5. We roll out two flat cakes out of dough, for the top we make puff a little less than for the bottom.

6. Spread a larger layer on a baking sheet.

7. Cherry stir with sugar, which remained. Immediately add starch.

8. Close the pie, pinch the edges. From above we make small holes. Leave for twenty minutes.

9. Beat the egg, lubricate the billet and bake at 200 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.

Recipe 3: Yeast cake with kefir dough cherries

For the preparation of such a yeast cake with cherries, you can use not only kefir. Sour yogurt, natural yoghurt, unclaimed ryazhenka or other available product are also suitable.


• spoon of yeast without a hill;

• 250 grams of kefir;

• 500 grams of flour;

• 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• 3-4 tablespoons of sugar;

• 2 eggs.

For filling:

• 0.15 kg of sugar;

• half a kilo of cherries;

• 1 yolk.


1. Kefir should be warm. Add to it all the other ingredients in the recipe. For even distribution, beat three minutes with a whisk.

2. Add flour, here we knead the dough with our hands. We make a round bun, put it in a bag, send it to the fridge and forget about it for 3 hours. If you need to quickly get the dough, then you can hold it in a warm hour.

3. Cherries are mixed with sugar before forming the cake.

4. Roll out two flatbreads, lay the stuffing between them, twist the edges tightly together.

5. Give the cake up on the pan.

6. Lubricate the surface with yolk and bake to a rosy color at 200 ° C.

Recipe 4: Yeast Cake with Cherries and Sprinkles

Recipe for a yeast dough cherry pie with crispy topping. Preparing is quite simple, it turns out always delicious.


• 1 spoon of yeast;

• 1 glass of milk;

• 4-4.5 cups of flour;

• 2 spoons of sugar;

• 2 eggs;

• 2 tablespoons of starch;

• 0.1 kg of oil (melt);

• 0.4 kg cherries.

To sprinkle 120 grams of butter, a glass of flour and 0.5 cups of sugar.


1. We make yeast dough on warm milk. To do this, dissolve salt, sugar in liquids, add butter, shaken up and add flour. Remove the mass to lie down for an hour.

2. Making the dressing. To do this, simply grind the flour with butter and sugar. For the flavor you can add a little vanilla.

3. From cherries we get stones, it is better to remove the juice.

4. Roll out the layer of dough, straighten on a baking sheet. Bumpers can not do. 5. Sprinkle with starch, and then lay out the cherry berries. Sugar is not needed.

6. It remains to cover the cherries with cooked flour and the pie can be put in the oven.

7. It is prepared at 180 degrees to half an hour.

Recipe 5: Cherry and Cottage Cheese Yeast Cake

Recipe for a yeast dough cherry pie with curd filling. Very appetizing delicacy for home tea. The dough is prepared on a mixture of milk and water.


• 100 ml of water;

• 100 ml of milk;

• 1 half spoonful of yeast;

• 0.1 kg of melted butter;

• 800 grams of flour;

• 0.1 kg of sugar;

• 1 pinch of salt;

• 1 egg;

• 1 yolk;

• 300 grams of cherries;

• 300 grams of cottage cheese;

• sugar in the filling to taste;

• vanilla.


1. Heat the milk with water. Or simply dilute the milk with hot water. Add the yeast with sugar, stir.

2. After five minutes, we drive in an egg, pour in melted butter and salt. Add flour, knead and send the dough to rest for two hours, it will be ready after the second rise.

3. Cottage cheese sweet to your taste, well rubbed. Add the cherry berries, stir.

4. Divide the dough in half and form a closed pie with curd filling in the middle. If you have a little dough, you can make jewelry.

5. Lubricate the yolk, send it to the oven and bake until it is rosy color. Cooling down.

Recipe 6: Yeast Cake “Logs”

An interesting way to form a yeast cherry pie. You can take any dough for it, for example, prepare one of the above recipes.


• 0.9 kg of dough;

• 0.4 kg of cherries;

• 1 egg;

• 120 grams of sugar.


1. We divide the dough into three parts and from each piece roll out a long strip of 10 to 25 centimeters.

2. We lay out a row of berries without stones, sprinkle with sugar and spin into a log. It is better to pinch the tips so that the juice does not leak out when baking.

3. We form two more logs from dough and cherries. 4. We put on a baking sheet, but not tightly to each other. We leave at least a centimeter so that the logs have a place to climb.

5. Leave the billet to stand warm for about half an hour. There should be no drafts in the room, otherwise a crust will form on the formed product.

6. It remains to smear the cake and in the oven! Cook at 190.

7. After baking, the cake is cooled, cut across the logs. Similarly, you can cook pastries in the form of small balls. For this, flat cakes are rolled out, cherries are put into each, and edges are plucked. The balls are placed on the baking tray with the smooth side up.

Recipe 7: Cherry and Chocolate Yeast Cake

Another recipe for yeast cake with cherry, for which you can take absolutely any dough. Chocolate is better to use bitter with a high cocoa content.


• 0.8 kg of dough;

• 0.3 kg of cherries;

• 0.1 kg of chocolate;

• 80 grams of sugar;

• 1 egg.


1. Roll out a pound of dough into a thin cake, send it in a round shape.

2. We take out the stones from the cherries, chop the chocolate into small pieces and send them to the berries.

3. Add sugar, mix and lay out on a dough cake.

4. Roll out the remaining dough with a long ribbon and cut into strips one centimeter wide. We lay on the cake. You can make an ordinary mesh, but not necessarily. Spirals, zigzags and arbitrary figures also look cute.

5. Lubricate the edges of the cake and mesh egg.

6. We bake at 200 degrees to 20 minutes.

Recipe 8: Yeast pie with cherries and apples on water

For this cake recipe, the dough is cooked in ordinary water and requires the cheapest products. A fragrant filling compensates for the taste of simple baking.


• 0.5 liters of water;

• 2 eggs and one protein;

• 15 grams of yeast;

• flour;

• 60 grams of sugar;

• 100 ml vegetable oil or melted margarine.

For filling:

• 3 apples;

• 0.3 kg of cherries;

• 3/4 cup of sugar; • yolk for lubrication.


1. Run sugar, yeast and a glass of flour into warm water. We forget about the brew for half an hour.

2. Add all other ingredients: a teaspoon of salt, butter, eggs, add flour.

3. Forget about the dough for another 1.5 hours.

4. Peel apples, cut into cubes.

5. Cherry free from seed. Sugar is not adding anywhere.

6. Divide the dough into two parts, but not in half. One piece do a third more. We roll it out, we lay the bottom and sides of the form.

7. Spread a layer of apples, then sprinkle with sugar, a layer of cherries and sprinkle with sugar again.

8. Close the cake, make a few holes.

9. Give up a little, then lubricate with yolk and bake.

Yeast Cherry Pie - Tips and Tricks

• Yeast dough does not like cold and drafts. The room should be warm, quiet and humid.

• Flour for dough requires mandatory sifting, it’s not just a litter. During the procedure, the product is enriched with oxygen, it is easier to combine with other ingredients, and the dough is easier to climb.

• You can lubricate the pies not only with an egg, but also just with a yolk, sugar syrup. If, before sending to the oven, the product is not smeared with anything, then immediately after baking, you can walk on it with a piece of butter.

• So that the bottom of the cake is not wet with the berry juice, sprinkle dough with starch, breadcrumbs or a small amount of regular flour.

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