Strawberries with sour cream - in the world of tenderness! Amazing strawberry desserts with sour cream for the summer menu

Strawberries with sour cream - in the world of tenderness! Amazing strawberry desserts with sour cream for the summer menu

For some reason, everyone has a duet of strawberries with cream. In fact, sour cream, favorite berries are combined just as good. From them you can make a lot of amazing desserts, salads, sweet soups and even a cake. But more about that below.

Strawberry Desserts With Sour Cream - General Cooking Principles

For desserts only ripe and juicy strawberries are used. If it is used whole or in pieces, then you need to choose dense berries. For mashed potatoes, sauces and sweet soups, you can take soft, over-ripe and crushed strawberries.

Sour cream for desserts, you can use any fat, if the percentage is not specified in the recipe. The density also does not matter if it is not specified.

Strawberries are simply combined with sour cream and light desserts are prepared. Or they add cookies, chocolate, marshmallows and other various ingredients that allow you to prepare delicious treats.

Strawberries with sour cream and vanilla

The easiest version of the dessert of strawberries with sour cream. It can be used in the same way, served in pancakes or pancakes, used for other desserts. The amount of sugar can be changed to your taste.


• 0.3 kg of strawberries;

• 0.1 kg sour cream;

• 0.5 bag of vanilla sugar;

• 3 spoons of powdered sugar.


1. We wash the berries, previously cleared of tails and choose a few dense and ripe specimens.

2. Fill the rest of the strawberries into a bowl, add sugar powder, vanilla and sour cream to it. Grind with a fork or whisk blender.

3. We shift the resulting dessert into a beautiful, suitable for the size of the vessel.

4. Cut the left berries into slices and decorate the delicacy. If the strawberry is not large, then you can put the berries whole.

Dessert from strawberry with sour cream and gelatin

For a strawberry jelly dessert with sour cream, it is better to use dense berries so that the pieces retain their shape. Gelatin needs instant.


• 0.25 kg sour cream;

• 2 tablespoons of gelatin;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• 120 ml of water, you can take milk;

• 0.2 kg of strawberries.


1. Fill with water prescription gelatin. If it is instant, then it is enough to stand for about ten minutes. For the usual gelatin is better to allocate half an hour. 2. Whip sour cream with sugar, you can immediately take the powder.

3. Cut the washed strawberries into slices.

4. Swollen gelatin is heated in a water bath. You can just send for a few seconds in the microwave. But it is very important to ensure that the mass does not boil.

5. Combine gelatin with sour cream, add strawberry slices. That's all!

6. The mass can be left in one container or poured into small molds. We send for freezing in the fridge and after 2 hours you can enjoy dessert.

Strawberries with sour cream, bananas and white chocolate

Recipe puff dessert of strawberries with sour cream, for which you need white chocolate. It is better to collect a delicacy in transparent wine glasses with legs or in glasses. Yield - two servings.


• 0.18 liters of sour cream;

• 4 tablespoons of powder;

• 1 pinch of vanilla;

• 50 grams of white chocolate;

• 100 grams of strawberries;

• 1 banana.


1. Make a cream of sour cream with powder and vanilla.

2. Chocolate freeze, then rub with chips.

3. Peel the banana, cut into slices and lay out in two dishes. We grease with sour cream, we sprinkle with chocolate.

4. Spread strawberries on top, if they are large, then you need to cut.

5. Pour the remaining sour cream into both portions and thickly fall asleep with chocolate chips. And dessert can already be consumed!

Strawberry Dessert with Sour Cream and Biscuit

The option of hearty treats, which can serve not only as a dessert, but also as a breakfast. In the summer this dish will be very useful and will diversify a boring diet. Cookies can take any, but better shortbread.


• 0.1 kg of cookies;

• 0.15 kg of strawberries;

• 0.2 liters of sour cream;

• 50 grams of powder.


1. We break the cookies in small pieces and put them in a bowl.

2. Add to it the strawberries cut in half.

3. Next, throw the powder and lay out sour cream.

4. Dessert quickly mix, put in two bowls and serve immediately. No need to wait for the cookie to soften.

Strawberries with sour cream and cornflakes

Recipe for an unusually delicious strawberry dessert with sour cream, which will make you take a fresh look at the usual cornflakes. It is better not to cook it in advance, we do it before use. Sour cream is better to take the liquid.

Ingredients • 0.2 liters of sour cream;

• 0.2 kg of strawberries;

• 0.12 kg of corn flakes;

• sugar to taste.


1. Wash the berries and just cut into any pieces. If strawberries are small or strawberries are used, then you can throw them whole.

2. Add cornflakes.

3. Next pour sour cream. As already mentioned, it is better to use liquid so that there is enough moisture to soak the flakes.

4. We mix everything well, put it in portion plates and can be consumed in a couple of minutes!

5. Optionally, you can sprinkle a treat with grated chocolate, coconut flakes or just decorate with berries.

Dessert from strawberry with sour cream, orange and marshmallow

A variant of the amazing strawberry dessert with marshmallow and sour cream. Since the ingredients are sweet, sugar is not added to the recipe. Marshmallow is better to use just vanilla without different additives and not in the glaze.


• 0.2 kg marshmallow;

• 0.15 kg of strawberries;

• 1 orange (you can take two mandarins);

• 0.3 liters of thick cream;

• some white chocolate.


1. Dice the marshmallows. If it sticks, then we periodically wet the knife in cold water. We shift in a bowl.

2. We also cut the washed and dried berries, we make the pieces similar in size to marshmallows.

3. Clear the orange, disassemble it into slices and cut each one across. Bones throw away. Sent to the rest of the ingredients.

4. Put sour cream in the dessert, stir it.

5. We shift in a beautiful vessel, can be divided into several portions and spread out in glasses or creamers.

6. Sprinkle with white chocolate and serve.

Strawberry soup with sour cream and mint

Have you eaten strawberry soup? Not? It is easy to fix! The recipe for a light and fast dish, which is also extraordinarily beautiful.


• 0.25 kg of strawberries;

• 3 spoons sugar;

• 0.15 liters of sour cream;

• 3 mint leaves.


1. Purified berries fold into a combine and turn into a puree. Pour immediately into a plate or tureen.

2. Shake sugar with sour cream, it is desirable to dissolve all the grains.

3. Pour the resulting cream into a pastry bag or just into a bag. Cut the corner.

4. Squeeze sour cream on a strawberry puree in a spiral, imitating a snail. 5. Spectacular soup can be served. Or take a toothpick and draw more patterns on the surface, pulling the sour cream from the center to the edges. Decorate with mint leaves.

Strawberry cake with sour cream and gingerbread

A variant of the amazing gingerbread cake with strawberries and sour cream. The dish is very simple, even a child can handle it. It is better to take large berries so that it is easier to lay out the layers.


• 0.2 kg of strawberries;

• 0.13 kg of powder;

• 0.3 kg gingerbread;

• 0.35 kg sour cream thick.


1. Immediately prepare the usual cream with icing sugar. You can pour a little vanilla for flavor. We remove it while in the fridge.

2. Gingerbread cut across into 3 cakes.

3. Strawberries are also cut in small plates.

4. We collect dessert. For this food film lining the bowl.

5. Put a layer of gingerbread on it and lubricate it with sour cream.

6. Now comes a layer of strawberries. It also needs to be smeared with cream.

7. Then again gingerbread, strawberry and so on.

8. We cover the bowl with the future cake with the film and put it in the fridge for at least two hours so that the gingerbread is soaked.

9. Take out the cake, turn on the dish and remove the film. We decorate in any way.

Strawberry Desserts with Sour Cream - Tips and Tricks

• No fresh strawberries? In most sour cream desserts, you can use frozen berries, but they must be thawed and drained excess liquid.

• The best decoration of strawberry desserts is the berries themselves. But it is not necessary to lay them out entirely. You can cut into slices, make thin rose petals. White chocolate sprinkles or coconut chips look spectacularly on delicate delicacies.

• If you need to keep strawberries for several days, then you can not wash them in advance and remove the tails. I dry years laid in a container with a hole and sent to the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. The ideal temperature is up to +3 ° C.

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