Dukan Candy

Dukan Candy

Diet, developed by Pierre Ducane, is popular not only because of its effectiveness in losing weight and long-term preservation of the results achieved. She is chosen for the opportunity to use various desserts without risk to the figure. These include even candy. Sweets, allowed on the Dukanov diet, cannot be purchased at the store - they are prepared according to special recipes. Dukan sweets can be made only at home. There are several recipes for such delicacies for each of the stages of the diet.

Cooking Features

By preparing sweets for consumption while following the Dukan diet, you can experiment by creating your own recipes for treats. It is only important not to violate the principles of the Dukanov diet.

  • The Dukan Diet is divided into 4 stages. The first is the toughest, “Attack”. At this stage, you can eat lean foods rich in protein, including eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, milk (including dried), kefir, yogurt, and oat bran. At the second stage, corn starch and a small amount of defatted cocoa (without sugar) are allowed. From the third stage, the menu can include most of the berries and fruits, candied fruits. Later, almost all bans are lifted. Choosing or making a recipe for sweets, it is necessary to check the list of products that are allowed at a particular stage of the Dukanov diet.
  • Some foods on the Dukan diet are allowed in limited quantities. When determining how many sweets to eat during the day, consider how many extra foods were used to make them.
  • One has to forget about sugar during the observance of the Dukan diet. It is replaced with low-calorie sweeteners. They are available in different forms. For the preparation of sweets it is convenient to use sugar substitutes in the form of powder. If you are using a preformed drug, it must first be kneaded to a powder.
  • To make jelly candies, you need a silicone mold - it will be easy to extract frozen confectionies from it without damaging their integrity.
  • Gelatin for making sweets needs to be of high quality, otherwise the dessert may have a subtle unpleasant taste. Before preparing the dessert, gelatin is dissolved in cool water and only after swelling it can be heated until completely dissolved. Gelatin can be replaced with agar-agar.
  • It is advisable not to use a blender or a mixer for all types of candies according to Ducan. Many of them have a rather dense texture, it is more convenient to mix them with a spoon.

The recipes for candies by Dyukan are varied. Almost everyone will be able to find the option of delicacy to your liking. In order to avoid mistakes when cooking dishes, you need to carefully study the recommendations accompanying a particular recipe.

Milk sweets according to Dyukan


  • skimmed milk powder - 80 g;
  • low-calorie sweetener - 6-8 tablets;
  • low-fat milk - 150 ml;
  • Caramel flavoring (optional) - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Pour the powdered milk into the pan. Put on medium heat. Warm up, stirring with a spatula, until the milk becomes caramelized.
  • Crush tablets of sweetener, mix with liquid milk. Add a few drops of flavoring, although you can do without it.
  • Pour liquid milk into dry milk, whipping the mixture.
  • Cook, stirring, until the mixture has a thick dough.
  • Transfer the milk mass to a blender, whisk. It is necessary that the mass was not lumps.
  • Spread the prepared composition into the cells of ice or candy molds. It is better to use silicone, but the usual plastic will do.
  • When the mixture has cooled to about room temperature, put the mold with it in the freezer.
  • Let stand in the freezer for at least 6 hours. You can leave for the night.
  • Remove the form from the freezer, remove the candy from the cells. From the silicone container, they are removed without effort. Plastic form first you need to put in warm water, then extract from her sweets will be easier.

Candies made according to the above recipe remind “Cow” in taste and appearance. You can eat these sweets at any stage of the Dukan diet, including “Attack”. From the given amount of ingredients you get a portion of dessert, which should be distributed for two days.

Ducane Chocolates


  • skimmed milk powder - 60 g;
  • skim whole milk - 80 ml;
  • low-fat cocoa (powdered) - 20 g;
  • sweetener - 6 tablets.

Method of preparation:

  • Grind the sweetener in a coffee grinder to a state of powder.
  • Mix dry ingredients.
  • Add whole milk, mix thoroughly.
  • Fill the resulting mass with a pastry syringe.
  • Wrap the board with cling film.
  • Squeeze the chocolate mass onto the board with small mounds.
  • Store the board in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours.

After it remains to remove the candy from the film and put in a vase. The recipe can be used starting from the second stage of the Dukan diet. It is recommended to stretch the portion of candies prepared according to this recipe for 2-3 days.

Dukan jelly candies


  • black coffee without sugar (espresso) - 60 ml;
  • soft cottage cheese (fat-free) - 40 ml;
  • gelatin - 5 g;
  • cocoa powder (fat-free) - 20 g;
  • vanillin (optional) - to taste;
  • sweetener - 6-8 tablets.

Method of preparation:

  • Chop a sweetener in a coffee grinder. Mix with cocoa, mix well.
  • Make coffee, strain, cool. Put the gelatin in it. Leave it for 10-15 minutes.
  • Place the coffee container in the water bath. Heat by stirring until the drink begins to thicken.
  • Remove from heat, add vanilla, cocoa, cottage cheese. Stir to get a homogeneous composition.
  • Spread the fragrant mixture in ice tins, place in the freezer for half a day or overnight.
  • Remove the candy from the molds, put it on a plate.

Delicacy reminds coffee and chocolate marmalade to taste. Dr. Ducan permits to eat such candies, starting from the “Alternation” stage, but in moderation. Cooked for this recipe sweets should be enough for at least two days.

Dukan sweets are prepared according to special recipes, but they are no less tasty than shop delicacies. The choice of recipe depends on what stage of the diet you are at, as the list of permitted products expands with each stage. Despite the fact that sweets are obtained dietary, they can be consumed in limited quantities.

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