Pork with Bulgarian pepper: recipes and cooking details. How to cook delicious pork with bell peppers

Pork with Bulgarian pepper: recipes and cooking details. How to cook delicious pork with bell peppers

Due to its bright rich taste and aroma, Bulgarian pepper is widely used in cooking.

It is added both to hot first and second courses, and to salads, snacks: there are many recipes. One of the most appetizing combinations is pork with bell peppers, and we'll talk about dishes with these two main ingredients today.

Pork with Bulgarian pepper - general principles of cooking

Bulgarian pepper has a pleasant savory taste with sweet notes, while perfectly complements and emphasizes the taste of pork. This is a wonderful light side dish, which not only does not make the meat dish heavier, but also reduces its calorie content.

For many, the first thing that comes to mind in the words “pork and paprika” is stuffed peppers. Of course, this dish is delicious, but it is not the only thing that can be prepared from these two products, so Bulgarian pepper is good because it can be subjected to any heat treatment: frying, baking, boiling, and in tandem with pork the taste of the finished dish will be truly delicious .

1. Pork with Bulgarian pepper: roast recipe


• 200 grams of pork pulp;

• onion;

• 3 potatoes;

• carrot;

• Bulgarian pepper;

• 150 milliliters of tomato sauce;

• a pair of bay leaves;

• Provencal herbs;

• tomato sauce;

• salt;

• black pepper;

• sunflower oil.


1. Pour vegetable oil into a frying pan and set it on fire.

2. Pork is cut and spread in hot vegetable oil. Fry until golden brown.

3. Onions and carrots are cleaned, cut. Stir fry with pork.

4. Add chopped potatoes.

5. Pepper, salt. Add spicy spices, bay leaf.

6. Cover with a lid. Cook for about fifteen minutes.

7. Bulgarian pepper is washed, cleaned, cut and mixed with other ingredients. Cook for 15 minutes.

8. Tomato sauce is poured into the roast, mix well.

9. The fire is turned off after a few minutes, the prepared dish is drawn for 5-6 minutes before serving under the lid.

2. Braised pork with bell peppers


• 800 grams of pork;

• 800 grams of tomatoes in their own juice;

• 500 grams of sweet bell pepper;

• onion;

• salt;

• ground black pepper.


1. Meat, onion, Bulgarian pepper is carefully cut.

2. Heat vegetable oil in a saucepan over high heat. It is fried pork until golden brown crust literally within 2-3 minutes.

3. Roasted meat is temporarily put on the plate, fire is reduced.

4. Place onions in the same pan in the same oil. Roast it for about five minutes.

5. Add the Bulgarian pepper, stir fry, stirring for another five minutes.

6. In the pan add pork, mashed tomatoes with juice. Pepper, salt.

7. Pour 250 milliliters of hot water.

8. Bring over high heat to a boiling state.

9. The flame is reduced to the minimum. Cover the pan with a lid. Stew pork with Bulgarian pepper to a soft state for about an hour.

3. Pork with bell pepper in the oven


• 300 grams of pork;

• 50 grams of cheese;

• Bulgarian pepper;

• half a teaspoon of table salt;

• a quarter of a teaspoon of black pepper;

• onion.


1. To prepare take pieces of pork, taking into account the number of servings. The weight of each piece should be about 100 grams. Pork is washed, let it dry, beat off with a hammer.

2. Sweet pepper washed, wiped dry.

3. A small onion is cut into half rings.

4. Bulgarian pepper cut into thin pieces.

5. Heat the pan over high heat. Pork pieces are fried on it for a couple of minutes on each side. Meat salt, pepper.

6. Spread onion on a baking sheet, on it - fried pieces of pork. The meat is placed Bulgarian pepper, salt. The last layer is a plate of hard cheese.

7. Pork is baked in the oven on medium heat for a little more than half an hour.

4. Pork with Bulgarian pepper in a slow cooker


• 500 grams of pork pulp; • 250 grams of Bulgarian sweet pepper;

• 100 grams of hard cheese;

• onion;

• 25 grams of butter;

• salt;

• ground pepper;

• parsley.


1. Onion peeled, washed and finely chopped.

2. In the multicooker turn on the “Frying” mode. In a bowl stack butter. Chopped onions are fried for 5-10 minutes.

3. Bulgarian pepper is cleaned, washed, cut into thin strips.

4. Hard tinder cheese on a coarse grater.

5. Pork flesh is washed, dried, cut into slices. The meat is placed in the multicooker bowl on top of the roasted onion, salt and pepper. To it add the Bulgarian pepper, grated cheese.

6. Set the “Baking” mode. For preparation, they take 45-50 minutes.

7. Before serving, pork sprinkled with fresh parsley.

5. Pork with peppers and nuts in soy sauce


• 300 grams of pork neck;

• 150 grams of chicken breast fillet;

• 150 grams of dark chicken meat (shin or thigh);

• two large red bell peppers;

• one large yellow pepper;

• 3-4 tablespoons of soy sauce;

• tablespoon of sugar;

• vegetable oil;

• hazelnut nuts.


1. All meat is pre-thawed. Then cut across the fibers into thin pieces.

2. Pan with vegetable oil is strongly heated.

3. First roast the nuts.

4. Meat is fried after hazelnuts in small portions for a couple of minutes on each side.

5. Bulgarian pepper cut into pieces of large sizes or thin strips. Fry in the same pan separately from the meat for a few minutes.

6. Pork, chicken, nuts, soy sauce, and sugar are added to the pepper. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Pan closed lid.

7. Pre-fried meat with peppers and nuts stew for another couple of minutes.

6. Pork with bell pepper: a recipe for stew


• 500 grams of pork;

• one large bell pepper;

• 2 medium sized tomatoes;

• 2 bulbs;

• 2 tablespoons of tomato paste; • A handful of green peas;

• salt.


1. Meat of previously thawed and thoroughly washed pork is cut into small pieces.

2. Onions are crushed and fried in vegetable oil. Shift to another container.

3. In the same oil cooked pork slightly fried.

4. Onions are added to the meat.

5. Bulgarian pepper cut into thin strips. Add to the meat with onions.

6. Wash, peel and cut tomatoes. Spread over the rest of the ingredients.

7. Mix the ingredients with frozen or fresh green peas.

8. Salt.

9. Add tomato paste, some water.

10. Stew until full readiness.

7. Pork with bell pepper: a recipe with noodles


• 300 grams of pork;

• 50 milliliters of soy sauce;

• teaspoon oyster sauce;

• 2 tablespoons of soy sauce;

• one carrot;

• 100 grams of noodles;

• onion;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• one Bulgarian red and green pepper;

• celery stalk;

• 60 grams of white cabbage;

• 3 sprigs of cilantro;

• vegetable oil.


1. The meat is cut into small pieces. Placed in a bowl.

2. Pour in soy sauce, oyster sauce. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Capacity cover with a lid and put in the refrigerator overnight.

3. Cut all the vegetables (Bulgarian pepper, onions, cabbage, carrots), boil in slightly salted water until half cooked, throw in a colander.

4. Preheat pan with vegetable oil. Pork is fried on high heat until golden brown.

5. Onions are added to the meat. Stew, stirring, for about 1-2 minutes.

6. Add vegetables.

7. Additionally, pour in both types of sauce (soy and oyster), mix. Stew 5 minutes.

8. Add noodles, another tablespoon of soy sauce. Stir. Stew a couple of minutes.

9. The finished dish is sprinkled with fresh herbs.

8. Pork with bell pepper: soup recipe


• two tomatoes;

• three potatoes;

• sweet pepper;

• a pair of cloves of garlic;

• carrot;

• three liters of water;

• zira, salt, pepper mixture; • vegetable oil;

• pork ribs;

• onion;

• greenery.


1. Pork ribs divide, simultaneously cutting off excess fat.

2. Fry the meat in hot oil in a cauldron until golden.

3. Onion chop, carrot tinder, pepper cut into strips.

4. Spread all the prepared vegetables for pork, fry all together, stirring constantly, 2-4 minutes until softened.

5. Add chopped large potatoes and tomatoes. Stir 2 minutes.

6. Pour in boiling water. After boiling seasoned with spices and salt.

7. Boil the pork with Bulgarian pepper for 30 minutes, then inject garlic squeezed through a press.

8. Remove the soup from the heat, pour it into plates, decorate with greens.

Pork with Bulgarian pepper - tips and tricks

• You can easily and quickly cook a simple roast made from only two ingredients with added spices: fry the pork pieces to a blush in a frying pan, put them in a pot, put the peppers cut with thick rings on top, spice them with spices, pour them at 180 gr. 40 minutes.

• Any dish will be more colorful if you use pepper of different colors.

• Meaty pepper varieties are sweeter, while those with fine pulp are specifically bitter.

• If you are cooking soup from pork and bell pepper, do not forget to remove the foam formed during cooking, so the broth will turn out beautiful, and the dish will be delicious.

• Do not be afraid to experiment, add new ingredients, spices, herbs to the dishes: both pork and pepper are perfectly combined with almost any food.

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